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15 Fun Things to Do at Night in Singapore 2023

Fun Things to Do at Night in Singapore

Planning to have some night bonding with family or friends? Here are some fun things to do at night in Singapore!

Singapore is a hip and happening place. There are plenty of places to visit and things to do. Even for night owls, there is plenty to do in Singapore. Singapore has a lot going on even when the sun sets.


It’s not just the bars and pubs that are open, there are plenty of nighttime attractions for families.

This is the awesome video on night scene in Singapore.


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Fun Things to Do at Night in Singapore

Want to get a view of the city from the sky or race through tracks? There is something to do for everyone in Singapore.

#1 – Gardens by the Bay

[English] Gardens by the Bay - Where Wonder Blooms

In a list of nighttime attractions, Gardens by the Bay is a given. With stupendous lighting and music, the synchronized lights and music show at the gardens will grab your attention and make you stand in awe.

Walk along the Supertree groves and the flower dome and take in the magnificence. You can also take the cruise and see the lights show in full glory from the boat.

Check the promo packages here.

#2 – Singapore Flyer

Singapore flyer the world's biggest sky wheel

Singapore’s skyline is gorgeous in the morning, but it’s even more beautiful in the nights. The Singapore Flyer is a giant Ferris wheel that gives you a breathtaking view of the Red Dot. It takes a good 32 minutes for the Ferris wheel to finish its trip. There is also a food court where you can eat before you take the trip.

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Check Singapore Flyers Promotions here.

#4 – Haw Par Villa in the Night

Haw Par Villa is a solid attraction for those who like history. The guides take you through the past of Chinese culture. The exhibits are beautiful and teach you in detail about the ancient civilization.

The night trail is a bit spooky and the guide takes you through the journey of the deaths of the par’s founders. Get into philosophical discourses about life and death.

SPH Razor team is challenging to debunk the myth! (Watch with care)

Ghost Cam in Haw Par Villa

Check up the update on opening times here.

This attraction is temporarily closed.

#5 – Night Safari

What’s in the Singapore Night Safari? | The Backend Show | ST
Night Safari: Singapore's No. 1 Night Spot

Zoos are always fun, where you can see wild animals up-close. But the Night Safari is even better. The Night Safari in Singapore is the world’s first and you can encounter wild animals that are nocturnal and that cannot be seen during the day. They have over 100+ species of animals.

It’s a must visit for animal lovers.

Check promo rates here.

#6 – Bugis Street Night Market

Bugis Singapore By Night Walking Tour【2019】/武吉士新加坡徒步旅行【2019】

If shopping during the day is not your style, then visit the Bugis Street Night Market for some discount friendly shopping. Keep in mind, this is a popular destination and it gets pretty crowded. It’s known for its snacks and souvenirs.

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#7 – Stargazing at Singapore Science Center

The Singapore Science Center is always a popular destination because of its range of exhibits and artifacts. There are over 1000 exhibits across 14 galleries and each of them will blow your mind. If you are more of an astronomy fan, then you need to get to the observatory at the Science Center.

The powerful telescopes give you a glimpse of the stars beyond our reach.

You can see their timings for the above here.

There are also many fun and family oriented activities to go for.

Just look at the below.

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Omni-Theatre Live Planetarium Show
Phobia2: The Science of Fear Exhibition
Space Next 3D [Trailer]

#8 – Art Museum

Night Light Show at Singapore Art Museum

Museums should always be enjoyed in isolation. Busy and crowded museums take away the fun of the exhibits. Keeping this in mind, the Singapore Art Museum has kept the museum open till 9 PM in the night. Start your tour at 7 PM on a weekday and you are sure to enjoy the exhibits in peace.

Singapore Art Museum is temporarily closed.

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#9 – Bowling under cosmic lights

K Bowling Club: Introducing the new Korean Bowling Craze @ Somerset 313, Singapore

The bowling culture in Singapore is hip and happening. Singaporeans love to bowl and taking this experience to the next level is Cosmic Bowling. Cosmic Bowling is a glow in the dark bowling centre, where your clothes glow while you bowl. If you are a bowler, then you must try Cosmic Bowling.

#9 – Clarke Quay

Guide to Wine, Dine & Rewind @ Clarke Quay

Clarke Quay needs no introductions. If you want to kick back and enjoy the best of Singapore’s nightlife, then head on to Clarke Quay and experience the different bars. There are many types of bars and pubs depending on your mood and style.

Visit the hottest club in Singapore, Zouk and party all night with your friends.

Check our article on Top Nightclubs in Singapore to Dance the Night Away!

#10 – Movies at night

Watching a movie in a theatre might not be on your list when visiting Singapore, but The Screening Room has a different experience. They play cult classics and popular hits and you can sit comfortably on lounge chairs. This is an off the cuff movie-going experience and it’s a must try for movie lovers.

#11 – Henderson Waves Bridge


Above is the day view. Night view will be superb!

Singapore has a lot of spots for taking strolls, but taking strolls under the beating heat can ruin the experience. The Henderson Waves Bridge will give you a nighttime strolling experience, unlike others. The bridge itself is architecturally significant because of the way it’s designed.

If you want to take a romantic stroll, this is your spot!

#12 – Spectra Show – Marina Bay

Spectra - Front Row View | MBS Light & Water Show | Debut Show on 2 Jun 2017 [Full Show, 4K]

The best things in life are free and the same goes for the Spectra Show. The Spectra Show is a fountain and light show along with symphony music. If you are looking for a delight for your eyes and ears, get to Marina Bay South and enjoy this free experience.

#13 – Escape Rooms

Haunted House Reality Escape Room Game at Xcape Singapore

Escape rooms are fun, but at night and with a scary background story, they can be heart racing. If you can fight your fears and problem-solve, then the escape rooms at night is the place to go. It’s an absolutely safe experience, but the simulations can be very scary and this is not for the faint-hearted.

#14 – Sentosa Island Cable Car

Singapore Cable Car - Ride by Night

Cable cars are always fun. They go through the length and breadths of the city and give you a bird’s eye view. The Sentosa Island Cable Car is a unique experience that is open till 9:30 PM. It’s a perfect vantage point to get a view of the city.

#15 – Night Luge Sentosa

Singapore Night Luge | All 4 Tracks |

Last, but not least. The night luge is a fun and thrilling experience. A luge is a cross between a snow-sledge and a go-kart and gives you complete control of the vehicle. Race through the 1.4km course and beat your friends in this thrilling experience.

Things to Do at Night in Singapore

Singapore offers a wide range of experiences for all kinds of travellers. Get away from the blazing sun with these 15 nighttime activities that are also family friendly.

Above spots are good for couples to hang out at night as well.

Where can I take my kids at night in Singapore?

The fun will never stop in Singapore, even at night, and of course, kids can also enjoy some exciting activities! There are many places you can visit and activities with your kids at night in Singapore. Here are some of the best ideas we got for you!

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1. Omni-Theatre

Kids can discover the planets at a Digital Planetarium in Omni-Theatre every Friday night. 

2. Midnight movies

Surely, the perfect way to spend a Friday night with the family. Keep your schedule open for midnight movies. With so many theatres in Singapore, you will surely find one nearby. You can also take your kids to a drive-in movie theatre.

3. Visit a zoo

Kids will surely love animals. You can take them to the Night Safari or to any zoo in Singapore.

4. Museums

Art museums, alive museums, and more. Most museums are open until night, so kids can explore some art, culture, and everything about Singapore.

5. Stargazing

Who doesn’t love stars? At the Singapore Science Center, kids can stargaze and learn about atsrology.

Fun Things to Do at Night in Singapore: FAQs

Does Singapore have good nightlife?

The nightlife in Singapore is always thriving. Whether you’re looking for a delicious cocktail or a captivating club, the country has something for everyone. This includes award-winning bars and world-class music festivals. You won’t want to miss it!

Is Singapore safe at night?

Everyone is usually very safe in Singapore, but one must always be aware. A few tips to stay safe include:
• Never leave your valuables out.
• Keeping them close to you or with a friend.
• Being aware of your surroundings.

What day is Ladies Night in Singapore?

Ladies’ night is every Wednesday with a start time of 10 pm.

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