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9 Crazy and Weird LAWS in Singapore

weird laws in singapore

Singapore is a strange country. She has one of the best economies some of the healthiest happiest and most educated people. Furthermore, she is one of the cleanest places in the world but it also contains some of the strangest and weird laws which are enforced by archaic forms of corporal and capital punishment.

It’s the laws that helped make Singapore a first world country in the middle of the developing world but at the expense of a few freedoms the rest of the world takes for granted.


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#1 – No Obscene Songs

Singapore the country has a ban on singing obscene songs in public if caught you can receive three years imprisonment while we know obscene is subjective the government defines it as any violent salacious or profane lyrics.

This means that 90% of popular tea music would be outlawed in case you’re wondering why more rappers go play Singapore what even Katy Perry is banned.

#2 – No Feeding Pigeons

Secondly no one has the chance to feeding pigeons. Feeding pigeons is banned because of the health risks the birds post pigeons can spread harmful diseases.

Their droppings are also harbingers of bacteria besides health concerns. the general feel that pigeons cause is not copacetic to Singapore cream freaks feeding the birds is a $500 fine.

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#3 – No Wifi Hacking

3rd crazy law in Singapore of which were handed out in 2015 alone using Wi-Fi connecting to someone else’s Wi-Fi even if unlocked is considered hacking and the penalty is steep in 2007.

A 17 year old boy was the first victim of the law he was sentenced to 18 months probation for the offence of Wi-Fi tapping. 6 months was served in a boy’s home he was also ordered to perform 80 hours of community service.

Worst of all he was banned from using the internet for the entire 18-month sentence.

#4 – No Spitting

Spitting like with the pigeons it’s known that spitting can spread disease and make the streets disgusting spitting is gross and it’s all too common in many countries in Singapore.

A first offence for spitting on the ground is a fine of $1,000. If you have to spit it’s recommended that you spit into a tissue and throw it in the garbage make sure you don’t miss or you’ll be charged.

With the next crime littering littering is one of the worst offences and clean conscious Singapore fines littering encompasses most. Some meanest violations it’s much more prevalent and a lot harder to enforce but the government still managed to hand out 31,000 tickets in 2016.

The original punishment was compulsory cleaning of the area that you contaminated but the stakes have since increased a first sign is $2,000!

#5 – No Nude

Can you believe you’re paying 10 grand being nude in your own house so we can maybe understand some of the public laws because while harsh they improve society.

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But really Singapore you’re saying we can’t ditch the pants and be free in our own houses? That’s right in Singapore it’s illegal to walk around your house in the bus even with such a thing as curtains the Singapore government thinks it’s too risky but someone might see you!

#6 – No Vandalism

This could cost you a whopping $2,600 graffiti if you commit this in Singapore. The seriousness of the crime is unmatched in other countries the first offence generally result in a fine but the second will get you corporal punishment that means caning.

This has caused international tension that bordered on crisis in 1994 an 18 year old American was arrested in Singapore for spray-painting cars he was charged with six strokes from the cane but after pressure from Bill Clinton the government reduced it to four strokes.

#7 – No Peeing in Public

It’s true however that if you are caught in Singapore using a public toilet and not flushing after he will be fined! We’re not sure who’s hired to catch people in the act but they definitely make parking enforcers look a lot more dignified.

#8 – No Alcohol after 1030pm

With the new changes in the law – yes it is! 👌 Liquor control rules were tweaked on January 18th, to allow consumers to freely buy and eat food containing alcohol after 10.30pm. This change also means that those below 18 years old can now freely and legally buy food products containing more than 0.5% alcohol throughout the day. 

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#9 – No Chewing Gums

We’re also not sure how often tickets are handed out but depending on the person a violator is slapped with either a shameful or hilarious story chewing gum.

This is the big one often the only thing Westerners know about Singapore well. Singapore banned gum in 1992 after then senior minister Lee observed the mess it made of the city. Selling is now punishable by one hundred thousand dollars or two years in prison in 2004.

Singapore loosen the ban by legalizing nicotine and dental gum so the act of chewing isn’t illegal but selling smuggling or spitting it somewhere that’s a caning NO NO.

So beware…

When you make a trip to Singapore the next time, hope you can be aware of the news.

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