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Must Visit Bistro Bars Singapore 2023

Best Bistro Bars Singapore

At times when we are feeling gloomy, chilling out with friends or even alone is the key to relieving what’s on our mind.

Doing window shopping, sightseeing beside the beach, and eating at our favorite restaurant are just some of the typical moves we do, right?


However, it sometimes becomes boring, especially if you reside in Singapore because, despite the hundreds of shopping malls they have, the offerings are just generally carbon-copy wherever you go. 

Instead of wandering around a tremendous shopping plaza with a range of retailers along with fast food joints and some other services, why not consider going into a tiny bistro bar that provides tasty food and refreshing beverages at a decent cost in a place with a simplistic atmosphere? 

If you have no idea which one to go when bonding with your girlfriend or boyfriend, coworkers, old buddies, or whoever you want to be with relaxing for a romantic special dinner, having a couple of bottles while drinking to conclude your complex and challenging workday, I will give you the list so you do not have to worry!

I assure you that the bistro bars in Singapore listed below offer wonderful delicacies and wines, plus unexpected friendships from other guests, and the best accommodation that everyone craves to experience!

Sit back, scroll, and enjoy the best bistro bars you can visit in Singapore through this article. 

Must-Visit Bistro Bars In Singapore

Lighthouse Bistro 

best bistro singapore 2022

I found it amazing when I learned that Lighthouse Bistro was established in 2003 by the Singapore Maritime Officers’ Union (SMOU) to contribute attention to the maritime sector by presenting it as a routine gathering spot for the personnel of the said group and the commercial industry. 

The fact that dining at this astonishing area while knowing that maritime professionals have been conducting their meetings in this particular bistro just adds spice to the thought of enjoying their food and service.

This features a casual yet stunning meal adventure at a modest rate.  Expect to be delighted by Lighthouse Bistro’s extraordinary and inventive food culture. You’ll applaud the originality and innovation with which they merge several regional cuisines with standard Western meals. 

I also suggest you book a reservation before your actual visit because you will never know how many people could line up just to be their customers. 

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best bistro singapore

For a complete reference on what they offer, you can proceed to:  MENU — LIGHTHOUSE 

To be updated on their latest updates, you may visit: Lighthouse Bistro (@lighthousebistro) • or LIGHTHOUSE 

Location: 75 Jellicoe Road, Wavelink Building, #01-00, S208738 
Contact Number: +65 6390 1699 
Operating Hours: 12:00 pm – 10:30 pm (Monday – Saturday)
My Rating: I would give it a 4 out of 5 because the interior is cozy and the foods are appetizing. 

One Bistro Wine Bar

top bistro singapore 2022

The ambiance of this diner tends to create a comfortable and lovely atmosphere for a dinner to bond with the people you treasure the most. 

You’ll recognize the blissful culinary sensation and admire the way this bistro is designed with primitive Italian architecture, giving it an excellent setting for lounging and getting drunk. 

One Bistro Wine Bar seems to have a dedicated reputation because of its broad cuisine, which includes products prepared with the finest standard ingredients and cooked flavorful right after your request.

top bistro singapore

For a complete reference on what they offer, you can proceed to:  

Food Menu: OUR MENU | onebistro
Beverage Menu: WINE MENU | onebistro 

To be updated on their latest updates, you may visit: https://www.facebook.com/onebistrowinebar/  or One Bistro Wine Bar 

Location: 14 Jalan Pari Burong, Singapore 488680
Contact Number: 6243 6266
Email Address: one.bistro.pte.ltd@gmail.com
Operating Hours:
12:00 pm – 3:00 pm and 6:00 pm – 12:00 am (Monday – Friday)
6:00 pm – 12:00 am (Saturday and Public Holiday)
My Rating: I would give it a 3 out of 5 because I do not like their location that much but the beverages they have surely caught my attention.

Thunderbird Bistro

bistro in singapore 2022

Thunderbird Bistro delivers modern Asian Latin-style food with something like a flair, along with some of the greatest beers around. 

There are also a diversity of refreshments and a complete liquor collection to select from for the incredible journey lovers.

This lounge has the impression of an antiquated tavern, with superb treatment and an intriguing creative brewery selection. 

Be prepared to be overwhelmed when choosing what to order from their scrumptious meals and refreshing beverages. I bet you’ll be clamoring for an extra platter just like I did and come out with a bloated tummy!

bistro in singapore

For a complete reference on what they offer, you can proceed to here.

To be updated on their latest updates, you may visit their website or social media account.

Location: 11 Unity Street, Robertson Walk, #01-10 11, 237995  
Contact Number: +65 8816 8301 
Operating Hours: 3:00 pm – 10:30pm (Monday – Sunday)
My Rating: I would give it a perfect 5. No explanations are needed just look how refreshing their outside seats are plus the worthy menus they have are top tier.

Third and Sixth Bistro Bar

must try bistro in singapore

I couldn’t agree more that this bistro is excellent for individuals who would rather go to a comfortable environment rather than in loud ones. 

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You will end up admiring their decadent and delectable patties, conveniently swept away with absolutely tasty beer, and their assortment of 90’s entertainment.

Their hamburgers do not only smell good but they are tender to the extent that your eyes will automatically close while chewing every bite of it. I highly recommend that you visit the Third and Sixth Bistro Bar with your friends to share a good memory and happy laughter. 

must try bistro in singapore 2022

For a complete reference on what they offer, you can browse it here. 

To be updated on their latest updates and book your reservation, you may visit Third & Sixth Bistrobar

Location: 36 Seah Street, 188392, Singapore 
Contact Number: +65 6336 1248 
Operating Hours: 3:00 pm – 11:00 pm (Monday – Sunday)
My Rating: This bistro bar deserves a 4 out of 5 but their hamburgers are for a complete 5! 

Mugshots Bistro 

singapore best bistro

The mugshot is a symbol of disobedience and remembrance. Mugshots Bistro conceptualizes ‘Mugshots’ on the unruly alley of Little India, which is one of Singapore’s longest reminiscence backstreets. 

In the rustic wooden chamber, the counter bends further into the lounge. The yellowish reflection of city lights pours through the sparkles of glass windows. 

Their cuisine integrates features from the West, Iran, and Kerala. Every meal has indeed been handpicked to cater to your sensibilities. 

Mugshots Bistro will bring you on an adventurous gastronomic trip that will leave you returning over and over again once you’re prepared to attempt truly innovative stuff.

A set of tasty dinners, terrific wine and liquor variety, and a bustling vibe will guarantee your money to be worth it!

bistro bar in singapore

For a complete reference on what they offer, you can browse in:

Menu | Mugshots Bistro 

To be updated on their latest updates, you may visit:

Official website: Mugshots Bistro

Official social media account: Mugshots Bistro – Home – Singapore – Menu, prices, restaurant reviews | Facebook  

Location: 120 Desker Rd, Singapore 209639 
Contact Number: +65 9893 6443 
Operating Hours:
5:00 pm – 10:30pm (Monday – Thursday)
3:00 pm – 10:30 pm (Friday)
12:30 pm – 10:30 pm (Saturday – Sunday) 
My Rating: I would love to give it a 5 but I am not a fan of Western foods so I’ll score it a 4. 

Praelum Wine Bistro

singapore top bistro

Elizabeth Lin, a champagne connoisseur, established Praelum in December last 2011. Praelum is mostly about extraordinary vineyards, completely new ingredients, and making positive reviews by providing their clients the best that they deserve. 

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Chef Tan and Low, who are in command of the furnaces, are prepping the Wine experts’ fancies. Whenever you drink champagne here, their collective competence translates into a fantastic encounter. 

You should drop here to the Bistro for a couple of glasses of wine if you’re a wine drinker much like the owner. Do not miss out on this surely memorable taste of their alcohol. 

Reap the benefits of the town’s wide selection of beers and wine and delicious European gastronomy. The diner is also renowned because of its umami octopus grilled in proper heat and marination. Trust me, Praelum Wine Bistro is well worth stopping by for the celebration of your special moment.

singapore top bistro 2022

For a complete reference on what they offer, you can browse in:

Praelum | Restaurant Delivery | Urbanfindr 

To be updated on their latest updates, you may visit:

Official website: Praelum 
Official social media account: Praelum Wine Bistro 
Location: 4 Duxton Hill, Singapore 089590
Contact Number: +65 6238 5287 or +65 9022 0141 (for Whatsapp)
Operating Hours: 12:00 pm – 10:00 pm (Monday – Sunday) 
My Rating: Of course, this is a 5 out of 5! Their interior makes me feel relaxed and loved because of their dominating red paint. The menu is a bonus since they are all mouth-watering!

Final Thought and Reminder 

There are plenty of other bistro bars in Singapore but you should not fail to include the ones above in your list because if you do, you’ll have something missing in your journey. 

Most of them have safety guidelines to follow so make sure you visit their websites before going to the actual diner to avoid unexpected occurrences like not being able to enter. LOL.

I also highly recommend you to bring a companion so you have someone to take a picture of you, especially at their bar counter because that area is very Instagram-worthy! 

Share your experiences with us once you get to try their best-selling food and beverage at an economic price. Cheers to a fantastic date night!

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