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Best Bladeless Fans in Singapore 2020

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With most afternoons getting hot and humid here in Singapore, keeping our cool can be quite a challenge. Both literally and figuratively. An AC may be the perfect solution, but let’s face it – it can be very costly over time. The next best alternative? The good ‘ol fans. But, we’re not just talking about the usual stand, desk, wall, or ceiling fans here. Say hello to the bladeless fans.

What are bladeless fans?

Today’s latest trends include bladeless fans – fans that have no blades and relatively push out air through hollows or splits. This results in an amplified airflow with less power consumption.

What are the benefits of bladeless fans?

  • Even airflow distribution

Bladeless fans have better and far stronger airflow than their bladed counterparts. This means that they can create continual breeze and definite temperature within a room . Big thanks to the novel technology that allows them to work more efficiently.

  • Requires lesser space

Since these fans don’t have blades, it takes relatively lesser space required on ceilings or floors. This means you’ll have more area to place other furniture or fixtures. Most bladeless fans come with lights, too so you may disregard lamps or ceiling lights, as well. Aside from less space, cleaning is also made easy since you don’t have to worry about dusting the blades anymore.

  • Sleek and elegant

Come to think of it, almost all standard fans look the same, right? Most bladeless fans, on the other hand, are aesthetically pleasing to the eyes. They usually sport sleek and elegant designs. Bladeless fans add a touch of sophistication in any home, something that would definitely impress your guests.

Top Singapore Bladeless Fans

Here are 10 of our top picks for bladeless fans in Singapore:



europace bladeless fan singapore


  • 8- hour timer
  • Integrated ionizer
  • Night Light Control
  • 3 wind speed settings


  • Can be a bit noisy

This slim and sophisticated-looking tower fan is equipped with a detachable filter and ionizer to keep the air cool and fresh, at the same time. It has a remarkable 8-hour timer, which you can set through a remote control . The Europace bladeless tower fan also digitally displays the room temperature for easy adjustment.

Price is at $109.

Dyson AM07 Tower Fan

dyson tower fan singapore


  • Air Multiplier Technology
  • Energy-saving
  • 10 airflow settings
  • 60% quieter than stand fans


  • A bit on the pricey side

Like most bladeless fans, the Dyson Tower Fan is safe for children. The Air Multiplier Technology also generates a dynamic airflow for a more balanced cooling experience. The Dyson bladeless tower fan is equipped with a sleep timer and 10 airflow settings.

Price is at $399.50.

Ion PureAir Leafless Tower Fan

ion pureair bladeless fan


  • Built-in Air Purifier with Hepa Filter
  • 10 speed setting
  • Safe and easy to maintain
  • Modern design


  • Some find it not powerful enough

With the built-in air purifier, you are guaranteed a fresh and clean breeze all day long. It has a remote control with 10-speed settings for easy access. The design is also safe and modern so you won’t have to worry about maintenance anymore.

Price is at $179.


dyson purifying bladeless fan singapore


  • HEPA Air Purifier
  • WiFi-enabled
  • SmartHome compatible
  • Air Multiplier Technology


  • On the pricey side

Using Air Multiplier Technology, this bladeless fan can give you and your family a cool breeze while effortlessly sensing pollutants and capturing them for cleaner and improved air This technology can capture allergens from dust, mold, pollen, and pets. It works well with Amazon Alexa and Siri with its SmartHome compatible application. To use while sleeping, turn on the night-time mode and enjoy quiet settings with a dimmed light screen.

Price is at $599.

Pureflow QT7 Quiet Turbo Bladeless Fan

Pureflow QT7 Quiet Turbo Bladeless Fan


  • Adjustable oscillation
  • 12-fan speed
  • Direct airflow
  • Versatile
  • Compact
  • 9-hour timer
  • Energy-saving


  • A bit noisy

The Pureflow bladeless fan boasts of extreme versatility so you can use the fan whatever and wherever you like. You can easily tilt the fan up, tilt it to standing level or use it as a desk fan if you like – anything goes as it can still effectively circulate air all throughout the room on its oscillation mode. Direct airflow technology also allows it to provide a fresh breeze to a specific space by turning the oscillation mode off. This bladeless fan has 12 fan speed settings, which you can conveniently adjust through remote control.

Price is at $99.

Xiaomi Mijia Leshow Smart Bladeless Standing Fan SS4

xiaomi bladess fan singapore


  • Intelligent leafless stand fan
  • 11 adjustable wind speed
  • Turbocharged air
  • 8-hour timer
  • High durability
  • Small and compact design


  • Limited wind power
  • A bit noisy

With 11 adjustable wind speed levels, you can conveniently choose the speed and power you need. It also adopts a DC frequency motor for more efficient and more stable wind at an energy-efficient consumption. The 8-hour timing mode can be automatically set using a magnetic remote controller. This bladeless fan has an optimized ABS design that makes it anti-scratch and anti-aging. You can also use the Mi Home APP remotely.

Discounted price is at $180.

YI 32 inch UK Electric Bladeless Fan Home Mute Anion Cooling Fan Ventilator

best portable fan singapore


  • Turbocharger technology
  • Fast moving wings
  • Remote control
  • Rotorless design for safety


  • Can be a bit noisy
  • On the pricey side

This 32-inch bladeless fan uses turbocharger technology to provide a cool and fresh breeze within your home. The fast moving wings guarantee the safety of your young children and your pets, as well. It has a rotation angle of 180 degrees with modeless speed change adjustment mode. You have three choices of wind, namely, normal wind, natural wind, and sleep wind. The base of the fan is equipped with a low center of gravity chassis design to ensure stability and anti-falling.

Discounted price is at $119.43.

Xiaomi Youpin Whirlpool Bladeless Fan

xiaomi bladeless fan review singapore


  • Negative ion purification
  • Dust-proof filtration
  • 12 wind type levels
  • 3 wind types
  • 12- hour automatic timer
  • Remote control


  • On the pricey side

This Xiaomi bladeless fan has remarkable 12 wind type levels to provide you and your family a more comfortable and suitable wind supply all day and night. It has dust-proof filtration and negative ion purification systems for a cleaner air experience. The stable low-noise DC frequency of this fan makes it a bit quieter, especially when you’re using it at nighttime. It also has 3 wind types and a 12-hour timer which you can set for convenient operation on its LED digital display touch control.

Discounted price is at $201.92.

Tefal Tower Fan Eole Infinite VF6670

tefal bladeless fan singapore


  • Eco Auto function
  • Powerful air speed
  • Large coverage
  • Slim design
  • Large diffusion
  • LED Display


  • Can be a bit noisy

Enjoy high performance along with convenience and sophistication with the Tefal bladeless tower fan that boasts of 180-degree oscillation air speed for improved airflow. It has 3 different fan speeds which you can adjust according to your liking. It is also equipped with an auto function that automatically adjusts the speed based on the ambient temperature.

The slim and high design can perfectly fit any interior as it can be easily placed in any part of your home. Bothered with the cords? With the Tefal tower fan, you can store the entire cord with its convenient cord rewinder. The large base of the fan is designed to ensure both safety and stability. You don’t have to worry about cleaning as the removable rear grid means easy-peasy maintenance.

Discounted price is at $99.

Mistral Tower Fan with Remote Control MFD4880R

affordable bladeless fan singapore


  • 6-speed selection
  • 3 convenient modes
  • 12-hour timer
  • LED display
  • Sensor touch control
  • Smart memory autosave
  • 120 degrees oscillation function


  • A bit expensive

The Mistral bladeless tower fan conveniently provides fresh breeze and airflow with its remote control adjustment and sensor touch control panel. It has a 12-hour timer and 6 speed selection which you can easily set. The 120-degree oscillation function allows the airflow to cover larger areas so you can conveniently place this fan in your living room. You can also set the mode from normal to sleep, depending on how and when you’ll use it.

Discounted price is at $158.

How do I choose the best bladeless fan in Singapore?

Fans make humid afternoons relatively cooler, especially during summer. Since air conditioning units are undoubtedly more expensive and require more energy consumption, fans are our best options. With the latest bladeless fan trend, we can finally enjoy cooler and fresher breeze without worrying about the space it will take up and the energy it will consume. Not to mention that it’s actually safer for your children, especially the younger ones.

Most bladeless fans are multi-functional and have ergonomic designs, so convenience is definitely at your fingertips. Don’t worry about the cost, too. While there are indeed expensive selections for bladeless fans, there are several budget-friendly options that are power-packed with numerous features and benefits.

Now that you’re all set to purchase your own bladeless fan, don’t forget to review the pros and cons we’ve discussed on the best bladeless fans in Singapore.


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