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12 Affordable Staycation Hotels in Singapore Under $100 for a Quick Getaway

Affordable Staycation Hotels in Singapore Under $100

Planning to have a staycation with family or friends? We have listed the affordable staycation hotels in Singapore under $100 for you to check out!

Sometimes there will come a day that you feel so overworked and stressed but you cannot just pack your bags and go all out on a vacation. Well, no need to fret because there are some of the affordable staycation hotels in Singapore under $100 that you can spend a sense of peace, calmness and tranquility even for a short period of time.


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Cheap Hotel Staycations in Singapore

These budget hotel staycations are able to provide high quality services and accommodation without breaking the bank. We’ve listed some of the best luxurious hotels that you can enjoy while taking a temporary reprieve in Singapore. There is no need for you to scroll through and compare a number of hotel websites as you book affordable staycation hotels in Singapore under $100.

Furama Riverfront Hotel

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Rooms starts at $115

Unwind in one of the most strategically located hotels in Singapore here at Furama Riverfront Hotel. You can enjoy the nightlife around the Quays area and the shopping district in Orchard. And visit iconic places of interest in Chinatown to experience the cultural Chinatown in just a few steps.

The hotel also boasts in their elegant restaurants where you can choose to indulge yourself with international and halal buffets. You can take a dip, relax by their outdoor swimming pool surrounded by greens, and have few drinks.

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Hotel Boss Singapore

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Rooms starts at $93

Delight yourself with the city’s panoramic view and spend your precious staycation in an elegant hotel at an affordable price while staying in Hotel Boss Singapore. You can start your day by having an a la carte breakfast, burn a few calories at their state of the art gym facility, or you can always choose to leisurely hang out by the sky terrace and outdoor pool.

The rooms are all equipped with a fast internet connection, cabled TV, a mini fridge, hair dryer and coffee and tea making facilities. They also have 24 room service to make your stay more convenient and comfortable.

Strand Hotel Singapore

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Rooms starts at $128

One of the best things to do during a vacation is making a few trips to museums to appreciate history and art. If you want to take on an artistic journey, Strand Hotel is only a few blocks from Singapore Art Museum and the National Museum of Singapore.

You can also make the most out of your staycation by enjoying the hotel’s amenities. You can enjoy getting a hearty meal at their café or you can always just stay and lounge around your room, have a great bath and stay connected through the hotel’s Wi-Fi.

V Hotel Lavender

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Rooms starts at $93

Take a moment and take solace at V Hotel Lavender. You can enjoy the city view with their rooms that come with complimentary beverages and toiletries, internet connection, room service, cabled TV, and crisp linens.

The café, gym and swimming pool is always accessible if ever you find yourself not in the mood to go out and explore the city. If you find yourself staying longer than expected, you can always use the coin-operated laundromat to save some cash on shopping for clothes.

Hilton Garden Inn Singapore

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Rooms starts at $92

If you are spending a day or two in Singapore’s Little India district, choosing Hilton Garden Inn is suitable for you. You can walk a few meters to Mustafa Shopping Center and travel less than 10 kilometers from downtown tourist spots such as the Singapore Flyer and Gardens by the Bay.

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Staying in the hotel gives you access to their outdoor swimming pool, fitness center, and business center. You can also ring room service and order breakfast in bed or spend your lunch and dinner at the Garden Grille.

Park Avenue Rochester Hotel

affordable staycation hotels in Singapore under $100

Rooms starts at $67

If you want to take a few blocks away from the central business district, you can always get a room at Park Avenue Rochester Hotel. You can enjoy the natural light and the soft plush duvet in their rooms that also comes with free internet access, bathroom amenities, electric kettle, coffee and bathtub.

The hotel is not short of amenities that you can enjoy. You can enjoy using their gym, swimming pool and lounge around the sky terrace. There also serviced offices that you can use if ever you want to get a few work things done while on vacation.

Hotel Grand Central

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Rooms starts at $118

Cannot get enough of Singapore’s shopping district? Hotel Grand Central is the perfect accommodation for those who take peace and relaxation with shopping. This hotel has the perfect rooftop swimming pool that lets you enjoy the city’s skyline while leisurely hanging by the pool.

As for your accommodation, deluxe and executive rooms with comfortable executive chairs, bathroom amenities, coffee and tea, and thick comfortable duvet will make you wish to stay here forever. The room has a SMART-GC box that allows you to access your own content from your devices on the TV screen.

Changi Cove Hotel

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Rooms starts at $135

Another place to take your mind off from the busy scene of the central business district is here at the Changi Cove Hotel. Their standard and deluxe room amenities include toiletries, a Nespresso Machine, internet access and flat screen TV. You can also get hold of their front desk that is open 24 hours.

The access to Changi beach club lets you enjoy the sunrise and the sunset in a more serene way. Different beach water activities can also give you a different kind of adventure. Changi cove will give you the freshness of air greenery away from the city.

Champion Hotel

affordable staycation hotels in Singapore under $100

Rooms starts at $65

One of the most affordable hotels to spend your staycation is Champion Hotel. If you are staying on the east side of the city this place is perfect for you. It has numerous halal food options around the area. This area is perfect for those who want to spend their day lounging in bed or do food trips with friends.

The rooms come with internet access, complimentary bottled water, toiletries and cabled TV. You can also use the self-operated laundromat anytime of the day.

Great stay for Solo Travellers too.

Hotel Soloha

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Rooms starts at $118

This newly built boutique hotel in Chinatown is the ultimate millennial-gen z staycation place. Its stylish neon art pop design blends perfectly to its urban chic minimalist interiors. The rooms are equipped with a 4K SMART TV that is perfect for Netflix and chill.

The en suite bathroom is separated by a figured glass that encourages one to delve into their sexy and sensual side. A room with an outdoor bathtub is currently the hotel’s most booked at the moment. The bar and other social spaces decorated by different arts encourages guests to get together and enjoy the exhibits.

Hotel G Singapore

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Rooms starts at $118

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Another themed hotel has made it to our list. Hotel G Singapore showcases beautifully what industrial and vintage interiors would look like when mixed together. The hotel is within a few steps from MRT stations and to different major tourist attractions in the city which makes it accessible from different areas in the city.

Their rooms have internet access, cabled TV, complimentary access to newspaper and magazines and a coffee and tea set. It also comes with complimentary water in boxes that suits its contemporary and minimalist vibe. The fitness center interior will also surely pump you up in losing a few calories.

Hotel Mono

affordable staycation hotels in singapore

Rooms starts at $77

When talking about aesthetically pleasing hotel interiors, Hotel Mono will surely be part of the list. This boutique hotel looks straight out of a sci-fi, dystopian movie with its minimalist black and white interior design. From its vintage architecture exterior to its front desk, everything looks neat and modern.

Its strategic location in Chinatown gives you access to many restaurants, speakeasy and other cool shops and cafes. The rooms are equipped with cable TV, Wi-Fi, bathroom essentials, King Koil mattress and clean and crisp linens. This hotel will definitely make it on your perfectly curated social media feeds.

Heritage Collection in Chinatown

affordable staycation hotels in Singapore under $100

Rooms starts at $93

For any short term or long term stay, Heritage Collection in Chinatown is your companion. All their apartments and accommodations are equipped with all the essentials you need, which is absolutely perfect for your staycation. The rooms are cozy and spacious, 

Just minutes away from the Heritage Collection, you’ll find numerous places and attractions to visit. If you’re feeling hungry, then dine in to one of the best food hubs around the place. This way, your staycation is absolutely guaranteed to be the best. 

Address: 227 South Bridge Rd, Singapore 058776

M Social Singapore

Rooms starts at $149

The hotel itself will give you a pleasing and relaxing vibe, worthy of the staycation you desire. M Social Singapore boasts clean and comfortable rooms that are beautifully decorated. The hotel also features a gym for some workout sessions, a huge swimming pool, and not to forget the delicious dishes served to satisfy your cravings. Make the most out of your staycation by having some cocktail drinks served by professional mixologists! 

Address: 90 Robertson Quay, Singapore 238879

How to get a cheap staycation in Singapore?

Staycation is a way to unwind and forget about stress, simply a day or two of relaxation. Whether you want to go alone or have a staycation with your lover, friends, or family, there are tons of great places and hotels you can go to when you wish to find a place to stay. But, when planning a staycation, for sure, you know about the costs and some things you need for your stay. So, we have some great tips for you on how you can get an affordable staycation hotels in Singapore under $100.

1. Check deals and promotions

Most travel agencies, hotel bookings, or websites offer deals or discounts. These are usually cheaper than availing or booking on the main website, and sometimes they offer some packages and freebies. But, make sure to check a trusted website or agency.

2. Weekdays are better

Most hotels are cheaper when you plan to stay during the weekdays. Better if you plan your leave and book yourself a staycation place on weekdays and avoid the crowd and buzz of weekends. 

3. Look for recommendations

As you are reading this article, you surely did search for the best cheap staycations in Singapore. We have a great list of hotels and places where you can have an affordable staycation.

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4. Nearest place to you

If you want to save on transportation fees, choose a place near you. But if you want to stay away from your home, it’s fine to check out more places outside your area or town.

5. Less than 5-star is fine

Choosing a staycation hotel with an excellent hotel rating is unnecessary. Staycation is just a time for you to relax away from home, and the important thing about it is a place to stay. There are hotels with below 5-star ratings that offer quality services and great amenities. 

Where can I staycation with friends in Singapore?

Are you planning a staycation with friends? Then, there are tons of hotels for you to choose from, and most of them have rooms that can accommodate up to more than three people. From the affordable staycation hotels in Singapore under $100, here are some of the best recommendations for staying with friends.

Hotel Boss Singapore

Hotel Boss Singapore offers accommodation for solo travelers, friends, and families. They have rooms available with twin and triple beds and a family room with a balcony, which is also great for friends. The starting rate for staying at this hotel is $93.

Strand Hotel Singapore

Starting at $128, guests can enjoy all the amenities of Strand Hotel Singapore. They have rooms with two or more beds where you and your friends can stay.

Champion Hotel

The price per night at Champion Hotel starts at $65, a good value for money. It’s a good recommendation for friends and family since they offer rooms with beds that can accommodate three people or more for request.

Choosing a good and cheap Singapore hotel staycation

Getting a short break from a hectic 8-hour job and taking a quick staycation can help you feel relaxed and rejuvenated and keep a healthy mind. Singapore does not definitely fall short in giving options to enjoy the city view and its lifestyle while staying in a high-quality accommodation. These affordable staycation hotels in Singapore under $100 give you access to some of their state of the art facilities such as gym, outdoor pools and open spaces. Their in-house cafes and restaurants also lets you explore your taste palette without paying for too much.

Taking a staycation lets you explore the city in a way that you have not explored it before. It lets you rest and forget about the hustle and bustle of your work life by being a tourist in your own town or area. It allows you to reconnect from the world that you rarely give attention to on your regular working days. These are located in various areas in the city that makes you look at life in retrospect.

Best Cheap Staycations in Singapore: FAQs

Are staycations allowed in Singapore?

Yes, staycations are allowed in Singapore. Whether you plan to stay solo with family or friends, Singaporeans or tourists can enjoy a staycation with up to five guests in one room. Different rules apply for unvaccinated or not fully vaccinated individuals.

What do people do on a staycation in Singapore?

Most people enjoy staycation by simply having a break or unwinding alone or with friends and family. Most of the time, people watch movies, explore the town or dine in on their staycation. On your staycation, you can have fun by doing leisure activities or just relaxing.


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