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Best Cool Offices in Singapore

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In this day and age, a typical cream-walled office with blue cubicles rarely exists anymore. Today, it is about providing the best office environment for your employees to help create a more productive workforce. Being the world’s number one most competitive country, Singaporean companies ensure that productivity is always at its peak. 

As one of the top countries when it comes to having an excellent business climate, Singaporean offices are far from outdated. With technological giants such as Google and Facebook housing their companies in the country, there is certainly a competition with regard to providing the best and most relaxed office. 

Offices that Wow in Singapore

As a digital hub, Singapore has hundreds of companies that provide a very conducive work environment especially curated for those in the creative industry. In these offices, marketing and sales group would definitely be able to come up with fresh ideas to make their products and services better. Check out these offices in Singapore that are notable for being work-friendly and, at the same time, relaxing. 

Google’s Singapore Office

Google Singapore Office Tour (Best Office Ever!) | Laureen Uy

Without a doubt, the tech giant Google provides one of the best offices in the entire world. The company is known for its creative centers and recreational areas. Their offices are even named with Singlish catchphrases, making sure that Singaporean culture is incorporated in the office. 

Google’s office has high ceilings, glass walls, and a concrete jungle-themed lobby, making the atmosphere welcoming and fresh. You can also find the all-to-familiar rainbow-colored Google symbol as you enter the place. 

When it comes to working hours, Google adapts to the preferences of every employee. The company is very flexible in such a way that it allows the workers to work at their own time and their desired places. Whether you want to work in a fixed space, a plug and play area, or even at home, the company will allow you to do so for as long as you get the job done. 

However, with a relaxed office such as with Google, it would be a waste not to enjoy the perks of working in this space. 

Facebook Singapore Office

FACEBOOK WITHIN (FB and Instagram Office Tour)

As the leading social media site, Facebook sees to it that their employees work in a professional and relaxing atmosphere. In fact, the company worth 500 Billion Dollars is in Forbes list of the World’s Best Employers in 2019. 

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Facebook’s Singapore Headquarters is found on the 26th to 30th floor of the Marina One Tower, amounting to over 260,000 square feet of space. Upon entering the office, you will be greeted by four vertical digital screens where you can swipe up and watch emojis bounce around. You can also find data and statistics regarding Facebook, such as the number of users it has all around the world. 

For meeting rooms, you can find that its names are based on pop culture references and other Singlish catchphrases. As a leading tech innovation history, you can book their meeting rooms right then and there through the touch screens located beside the doors. 

Of course, it would not be a billion-dollar company when it does not have something extravagant. If you broke your cellphone’s tempered glass or you need a change of batteries, you can find a vending machine that dispenses not only snacks but items for your electronic needs. Just like Google, Facebook also adopts a flexible work schedule where employees get to pick their working hours.  

Airbnb Singapore Office

Airbnb's Singapore office | Office Envy

Airbnb has certainly made waves in the travel industry with its fast booking transactions. Not only do travelers around the world get to enjoy their vacations, but Airbnb employees also have one of the best office spaces in Singapore. 

Airbnb follows the traditional expectation of an office layout yet incorporates modern vibes. It primarily has an open space concept where employees get to roam around and juggle their creative minds. The company occupies three floors right in Cecil Street, and you will find yourself on a quick trip to the best places around the world. 

The travel theme can be noticed right from the get-go with their meeting rooms designed based on different countries. You can also find various replicas of properties owned by Airbnb hosts. 

If you want to catch a quick snack, their kitchen is styled like a Kopitiam, which is the Singaporean name for a coffee shop. Airbnb’s love for coffees extends to their coffee bar, where anyone can learn how to prepare the perfect coffee mix. The kitchen also provides daily breakfasts and lunch, where staff can bond together.

TripAdvisor Singapore Office

A Day in the Life of the Singapore TripAdvisor Office

Another giant in the travel industry with the best fresh offices in Singapore is TripAdvisor. The online flight and hotel booking platform have been at the top of the office game way back in 2013. Much like its goal to connect people to the world, the office provides a fun environment likened to one virtual playground. 

Upon entering the office, a massive structure of the company’s owl icon can be seen with an accompanying birdcage sculpture. It also has shades of electric and bright colors mixed with oak accents creating a merger between traditional and modern designs.

The company has seven meeting rooms, two of which can be combined to accommodate large groups. Its pantry also symbolizes that of an ancient world map with laminated timber benches perfects the modern rugged atmosphere that the company is going for.

Shopee Singapore Office

Shopee Regional Headquarters Tour in Singapore

Shopee is currently one of the top e-commerce platforms in all of Southeast Asia. As such, their new Singaporean headquarters, which was recently opened on the 3rd of September 2019, is one of the coolest places to work.

Located in Kent Ridge, Shopee dazzles in a six-story building that can accommodate up to 3,000 of its employees. The building comes with a plethora of amenities from free meals, massages, and even sleeping pods. 

First off, you will notice the dominant orange hue of the Shopee logo imbued in every detail of the designs. The office is created to be collaborative; thus, it incorporates an open space concept from lobbies up to working spaces. 

An empty stomach is also a no-no in the Shopee headquarters as their pantry is always fully stocked with a full option from chips, chocolates, and even healthy options such as granola bars. They also provide free coffee throughout the day for those needing an extra boost with caffeine. 

If you want to clear your mind, you can also have a quick exercise session or have a run in their fully equipped gym with over twenty treadmills. Afterward, loosen those tight muscles by enjoying an in-house massage experience. 

 With a supportive environment and a well-furnished office space, Shopee is genuinely building a name by making sure that their employees are treated well. 

Razer Singapore Office

Razer is moving in 2020!

For every game, Razer is a name all too familiar. What started with a simple mouse turned into a billion-dollar company in the gaming industry. As such, being a digital company, it is without a doubt that Razer would have a highly technological office setting. 

Much like its logo, the Razer headquarters features a matte black ensemble with a neon green finish. True to its industry, Razer’s amenities are primarily related to gaming. It has arcades with both digital and old-school gaming machines. 

The company is also not strict with working hours. You are even allowed to play anytime for as long as you can finish your tasks. Employees are also issued with Razer work laptops and get to enjoy free lunches daily. 

However, the company will be moving from the Chai Chee Industrial Estate in the latter part of 2020 to a more prominent building with seven stories located in Singapore’s one-north. 

Other great Singapore companies who invested in office spaces

Other companies such as Goodstuph, The Smart Local, and Singapore Airlines, also deserve a special mention in the list. Singapore Airlines, for example, promotes an active work approach with amenities related to sports such as badminton, tennis, and Ping-Pong courts. They also have swimming pools and gyms available. 

Goodstuph, on the other hand, being a creative company, primarily gives out unique perks such as free waxing and haircut services

Why you should invest in a great office space in Singapore?

 Not many companies realize that the nature of the office space directly affects employee performance. Singapore has one of the most workaholic cultures, which is why their workspaces must be physically and mentally conducive as they spend a third of their day inside. 

Check out on how much it cost to rent a nice office space in Singapore.

Employees make up the most work in every company; that is why every employer should be able to provide them with a conducive work environment. As you can see, even tech giants see to it that their staff gets to enjoy working, and their creative juices will continue to overflow. 

A company is just as good as its employees. If you are an employer seeking to improve your work area, you can always find inspiration from these premium offices in Singapore. If you are an employee wanting to move to a company with a great work area, this list provides the top companies in Singapore where offices are notable for being employee-friendly. 

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