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Best Crab Singapore 2023 – Some with Crab Delivery

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Best Crab Singapore

Crab delicacies are among the most well-known and most requested dishes in Singapore. The sweet taste of the meat along with a variety of Asian sauces is what makes the whole world crazy for a Singaporean crab dish.

People should not miss out on the famous crab delicacies that are the talk of the town. Besides, it is not necessary to travel hundreds of miles to find the best crab in Singapore – because there are a lot of great restaurants to try!

Crab Restaurants Near Me

Give it a shot if you want to taste the best crab dishes in town and take a look at this ultimate guide on the best crab of Singapore.

Top 5 Best Crab Restaurant Singapore

JUMBO Seafood 

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You won’t have a hard time looking for a branch of Jumbo Seafood in Singapore, because they have expanded their branches across the island. They are most known for their sumptuous chili crabs that would make you want to order more!

Dining at any of Jumbo Seafood’s branches is always cozy, especially when you try the alfresco dining at the Riverside. You’ll see birds flying across the sky as you enjoy a delicious crab dish with you.

Best KnownAward-winning chili crabs
Kind of DishChilli Crab
PriceS$72 Approx. 800g
S$98 Approx. 1kg
S$118 Approx. 1.2kg
Contact DetailsJUMBO Seafood Waterfront – 6440 3435
JUMBO Seafood @ NSRCC – 6552 3435
JUMBO Seafood @ Dempsey – 6479 3435
JUMBO Seafood (East Coast) – 6442 3435
JUMBO Seafood Riverside – 6532 3435
JUMBO Seafood Gallery – 6534 3435
Operating HoursOpening hours depending on outlet/branch.


Taste and texture:  “The dish is very tasty and savory. It blends with its spiciness. The crabs are scrumptious and superb. The meat was tender and succulent. Its flavor is perfect.”

Price: It wasn’t cheap at 800 gms, but it was worth it. Customers will be satisfied with the price as it complements its size.

Size: The crab is terrific in size. Seeing the giant crab, you won’t be able to complain!

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Service: The service over the phone and upon pick-up was courteous and speedy. They also provide aprons for the customers to stay clean while eating delicious, messy food. Overall, customers had a wonderful experience!

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Long Beach Seafood

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Long Beach Seafood is the oldest seafood restaurant in Singapore, and dining here would make you appreciate how great the Singaporean cuisine is. If you’re up for a seafood feast like a whole king crab, this seafood restaurant can get all your cravings for you.

Best KnownBest Black Pepper Crab
PriceS$106 Approx. 900g
S$118 Approx. 1kg
S$142 Approx. 1.2kg
Contact DetailsDempsey: 6323 2222
UDMC: 6448 3636
IMM: 6566 9933
Robertson Quay: 6336 3636
Operating HoursOpening hours depending on outlet/branch.


Taste:  “The black pepper crab taste was amazing. It tasted like smoked barbecue. The strong black peppery sauce around the crab added to the flavor. You may get a little sloppy, but it will contribute to the evening’s flavor!”

Price: The price is a little high for 900g, but the taste tells us it was good since it gives justice to the flavor.

Size: The largest size of the crab serve is enough for two people, which does indicate that they have satisfactory servings.

Service: It is well known for having the best black pepper crabs. Keep up with the latest and most convenient pick-up and delivery options.

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No Signboard Seafood 

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Since 1981, No Sign Board Seafood has been creating the best White Pepper Crabs that you would ever find in Singapore. The great thing about this restaurant is that they offer a lot of promotions and you can set an appointment online too.

Best KnownBest White Pepper crabs in Singapore
Location8 Raffles Avenue, #01-14/16 Esplanade, Singapore, 039802
PriceS$96.30 Approx. 900gS$154.08 Approx. 1.1kgS$179.76 Approx. 1.3kg
Contact Details+65 6336 9959


Taste:  The gravy is a powerful coating of crushed white pepper that produces a consistent flavor without overloading your tongue. Its mild flavor is a better infusion of the delicate richness of sumptuous crab meat. The flesh is juicy and meaty. The crabs are really fresh and flavorful – the white pepper incorporated into the crabs is truly a culinary feat.

Price: It was a little expensive for a single dish.

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Size: The size of the crab is a little small for a 900g, so I advise going for a 1.1kg crab as it satisfies your cravings.

Service and Ambiance: Outstanding customer service! Simply put, it’s a foodie’s dream, suited for both mainstream business and social occasions.

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Crab at Bay Seafood Restaurant

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Best KnownSignature Crab Bee Hoon
Location540 Macpherson Road Singapore, Singapore 368223
Type of CrabSri Lankan Crab
PriceS$48 Approx. 400-500gS$68 Approx. 550-650gS$88 Approx. 700-800gS$108 Approx. 800-900gS$188 Approx. 1.2-1.3kg
Contact Details+65 6743 8366
Operating HoursOpening Hours11am-2.30pm4.30pm-10:30pm


Taste: The crab provided is usually sweet, and the Bee Hoon is wonderfully drenched in the sweetness and flavor of the crab! It is usually new, delicious, and juicy. Simply delightful!

Price: With an absolutely exquisite meal at a very reasonable price. The cuisine was of high quality.

Size: The crab with noodles was far too large for two people.

Service and Ambiance: This is a wonderful, cozy restaurant with a really pleasant crew and manager! Always ready to make your meal a memorable one!

Holy Crab

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Best KnownFamous Green Chilli Crab
Location13 Stamford Rd, #01-85 Arcade @ Capitol, Singapore 178905
Type of CrabMud Crab
PriceS$138 Approx. 1.2-1.4kg
Contact Details+65 8444 2722
Operating HoursOpening Hours11:30am-2:30pm5:30pm-10:30pm


Taste: “The green chilli sauce here, on the other hand, had none of that unpleasant bitterness and was packed with flavor from the fragrant spice combination of scallions, candlenut, lemongrass, and two varieties of green chilli. The crab is so tender and tasty. It wasn’t as spicy as I expected, which might be due to the sweetness of the crab flesh.”

Price: They served the biggest size of crabs at a reasonable price and compared to other restaurants, it was the second cheapest crab dish.

Serving: The food serving is fantastic as it caters to two people with just one dish.

Service and Ambiance: It’s fantastic—super-friendly, super-helpful crew and customers had a great experience.

Most Popular Singaporean Crab Dishes

Chilli Crab

This type of dish is the most popular in Singapore. It is because it is made up of a stir-fried crab that’s been smothered in a flavorful blend of spicy and tangy tomato-based sauce. It’s the best due to the obvious rich seafood flavor that comes from cooking the fresh crab.

The sauce has an incredible flavor. It is moderately spicy and has a perfect balance of sweet and savory. Sauce is at its finest.

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Crab bee hoon

This is another delicacy of Singaporean cuisine, along with the well-known crustacean crab. In this kind of meal, rice vermicelli (bee hoon) and luscious Sri Lankan crab meat are combined.

Both are prepared with savory chicken or seafood broth. Depending on the cooking method, the meal might be dry or mushy. With the unique stir-enigmatic fry’s smoky flavors and aroma, it creates a meal of noodles and crab meat drenched in the sauce.

This delicious dish is frequently served in a clay pot.

Black Pepper Crab

Another popular dish is known to be the unofficial national dish of Singapore. Stir-fried, it has a healthy, appetizing flavor and a springy yet juicy texture. 

The spices are one of the secret recipes that combine specifically crafted roasted black peppers, which give the recipe a much-needed edge.

Green Chilli Crab

A cuisine that answers our cravings for mouthwatering crabs. This semi-spicy crab dish is topped with an authentic, distinct savory green chili sauce that is packed with intense, traditional Asian flavors.

It featured a semi-thick sauce that was tasty and perhaps enticing. You can feel the powerful aroma of this dish as it is served.

White Pepper Crab

Many Singaporeans are familiar with the chilli and black pepper versions. However, I advise you to try the white pepper variant. The strong and flavorful crab meat, smooth and creamy crab roe and stunning pepper sauce are the best things about this cuisine.

The seasoning takes this food to a different level. The ingredients create a flavorful taste that balances the savory richness.

Guide to Crabs in Singapore

Health Benefits of Eating Crabs

Crab has all of the appeals of seafood without the fishy flavor that some people prefer. It’s deliciously salty with a hint of mineral sweetness. This crab, which comes in varieties just like Dungeness and Alaskan King, is caught and consumed worldwide.

Crab is high in protein, which is essential for muscle growth and development. Crab is also abundant in omega-3 fatty acids, vitamin B12, and selenium. These nutrients are essential for boosting overall health and preventing a number of chronic illnesses.

Crab’s omega-3 fatty acids provide several heart-health advantages. These essential nutrients may help decrease triglycerides, minimize blood clotting, and lessen the likelihood of developing an irregular heartbeat.

Eating crab dishes really helps our health so grab one crab now!

Why is Singapore Famous for Crab Dishes?

  1. Crabs are caught fresh from a nearby body of water, so they will be juicy and flavorful.
  2. One of the best-known crab dishes in the world is frequently listed as one of the most delicious foods of all time. It’ll probably taste even better if you get it from Singapore.
  3. Crab dishes are a delectable part of Singaporean cuisine.
  4. The flavor combination of the crab recipe is hard to beat.
  5. It has incredible health benefits when eaten regularly.

What side dishes go best with crab?

When it comes to complementing the sweetness and delicate flavor of crab, there are several side dishes that work really well. A classic choice is a side of coleslaw, which provides a refreshing and crisp accompaniment to the rich, buttery crabmeat.

Corn on the cob is also a popular choice, as it’s both slightly sweet and buttery in taste, which pairs well with the crab. For something a bit heartier, mashed potatoes can be a great choice while garlic bread always adds a great crunch.

Finally, a nice side salad – such as Caesar, Greek or Caprese – can provide a fresh and zesty contrast to the crab’s sweetness.

Ultimately, there are many great side dishes to choose from when serving crab, so you can be sure to find something that suits your tastes and preferences.

Crab Restaurant Singapore

Knowing the greatest crab recipes is a shortcut to people’s hearts. Customers constantly want to satisfy their appetites, which is why they look for a different restaurant, and here it is, a guide on where to get the tastiest crabs in Singapore prepared just for you.

Wait no more as you taste the healthiest dishes of crab in Singapore. Giving us enticing and appetizing dishes. Bring your friends and explore the best dishes of the town!

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