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Best Durian Delivery Singapore 2022

Best Durian Delivery Service Singapore

The popularity of durian fruit in Singapore is unfathomable, and no words can adequately describe it. The people adore this fruit, which they consider to be their national fruit. 

Despite the fact that it is grown in a different part of the city, Singapore is completely overwhelmed by the season every year.


The foul smelling, stinky fruit is widely regarded as the “king of fruits” because of its strong odor. During the months of June to August, the state enjoys its full feast season, with a minor season occurring between December and February. 

The fruit’s widespread popularity can be attributed to its high nutritional value as well as its numerous health benefits.

If you are one of those people who enjoys durian but is unable to go out because of the virus that is spreading, we have compiled a list of the best durian delivery services in Singapore just for you!

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What is the tastiest durian?

Musang King or Mao Shan Wang  is known as the ‘King of Fruits’. This variety of durian is the most famous durian in Malaysia, because it has eye – catching golden yellow flesh which is really tasty, creamy, and extremely satisfying.

Is durian good for your health?

Durian fruit contains a high concentration of beneficial nutrients, such as Vitamin c, b Vitamins, fiber, plant compounds, good fats, and minerals.

Because of its high potassium content, durian is also believed to be good for the heart. Potassium is a mineral that the body uses to regulate your heartbeat and blood pressure, as well as to improve your blood circulation. 

Small serving size of durian can help you maintain healthy potassium levels and avoid heart disease.

When is the durian season?

Typically, the durian season takes place in between the months of June and September. Throughout durian season, you would then notice a significant increase in the number of durians available at fruit stalls all over Singapore, sometimes even tripling.

Top Durian Delivery in Singapore

1. Durian Delivery

singapore top durian delivery 2022
Image Source: @duriandelivery

Durian Delivery, as the name implies, delivers the items directly to your door — originating from the business’s farm in Pahang, Malaysia. With no requirement for a minimum order, you won’t have to worry about persuading everyone else to join you in the pig out. 

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It also provides same-day shipment for fresh de-husked durians, as well as free replacements for any seeds that are damaged or immature.

These include the Mao Shan Wang, the Pahang Signature Black Gold, and the Pahang Old Tree, which are all house specialties. 

Additionally, Durian Delivery Singapore offers a variety of cakes and pastries filled with rich durian filling that can be given as a present for special occasions and also when you don’t want to get your hands dirty. 

They’re prepared with 100 percent genuine durian filling, which ensures that every bite is bursting with flavor.

Delivery Fee

Same-day delivery: $9.70

Express delivery: $13.70

Free delivery for orders above $100

Website: https://duriandelivery.com.sg/shop-all/

2. Durian Villa

singapore top durian delivery
Image Source: @thedurianvilla

The Durian Villa has over 25 years of experience and knows exactly what is needed to grow the creamiest, tenderest, and most luscious durians for you. Indeed, the majority of their durians pass even the most severe of inspections with little waste. 

At the Durian Villa, they provide consistent, timely delivery of fresh, exquisite-quality durians to customers all around the island of Mauritius.

In addition, the Durian Villa provides same-day delivery. Get your durian fix in a hurry with our durians, which are supplied from local farms. We offer same-day and next-day delivery to your home or business location.

Because they have direct access to private plantations, they are confident that the durians they sell are of the highest quality. Even in the unlikely event that you receive a bad durian, they would replace it at no additional charge!

Delivery Fee

Same-day delivery: $10

Free delivery for orders above $95

Website: https://thedurianvilla.com/

3. The Durian Times

durian delivery singapore 2022
Image Source: @theduriantimessg

The Durian Times is a well-known durian stall in the Khatib district. The durians are harvested from their own plantation in Tangkak, Johor, where they grow their thick fleshed durian.

They sell a variety of durians, including their best-selling D101, golden phoenix, gang hai, shu kong, D13, and the Mao Shan Wang (MSW), which is recognized as the business’s ranked no.1 durian.

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As long as the orders are placed by 6 PM ,they can also provide same-day delivery.

Delivery Fee

Same-day Delivery: $10

Free delivery for orders above $200

Contact No.

Whatsapp: +65 97851068

4. Durian Culture

durian delivery singapore
Image Source: @durianculturesg

Durian Culture is the next generation of a family business tradition that has now extended nearly half a century in Singapore. You have to admire the brand’s dedication to the spiky fruit! 

It has been in the family business since 1969, delivering fresh durians to retail stores and supermarkets shops, so you can be confident in the product’s superior quality.

This durian hotspot is open 24 hours a day, seven days a week and delivers throughout the island to fulfill your midnight hunger pains.

Black Gold durian spread is the perfect way to impress your friends. Customers who spend more than $120 on Mao Shan Wang and Wang Zhong Wang will receive free delivery.

Delivery Fee

​​Free delivery for orders above $120

Website: https://www.durianculture.com/

5. Ah Seng Durian

singapore best durian delivery 2022
Image Source: @ahsengdurian

Ah Seng, the owner of Ah Seng Durian, began selling traditional kampong durians in the 1980s, alongside his younger brother “Ah Chung,” as part of their family’s provision shop business.

Ah Seng imports only the finest durians from Malaysia, including D13, Golden Phoenix, and Mao Shan Wang, to sell in Singapore. In addition, puree and ice cream made from Mao Shan Wang are available for purchase. 

Additionally, it assesses the sweetness and bitterness of each kind on the website so that you may shop according to your preferences.

Due to the strong demand for Ah Seng Durian and the popularity of this durian business, it is difficult to order at this durian store. If you want to place an order at this shop, you must book a delivery slot as soon as possible.

Delivery Fee

Lalamove: $10 – $20 per trip

Website: https://www.ahsengdurian.com.sg/

6. 99 Old Trees

singapore best durian delivery
Image Source: @wcn_ni

The harvest grade of durians varies all through the season, thus you know you’re having the excellent stuff when a merchant has only durians in restricted amounts.

There are 99 old trees in total. Durian only offers stock that has passed their quality inspections, so you can rest assured that D24, S17, Jin Feng, and MSW you’re purchasing will be of high quality.

Each 700G package costs $40, and you can acquire 1KG of durian pulp for $48 if you want to prepare durian delicacies at home, such as mousse and puffs.

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Black Gold Mao Shan Wang, Jinfeng, Red Prawn, D13, and others are among the varieties that they have.

In addition, Mao Shan Wang pulp and durian sweets are available to fulfill your sweet needs.

Delivery Fee

$8.90 island wide delivery fee

Free delivery for orders above $150

Website: https://www.99oldtrees.com/

7. WTF Durian – Wow That’s Fresh

best durian delivery singapore
Image Source: @wtfdurian

In a prime location in the heart of Singapore, WTF Durian provides the highest quality durians as well as other seasonal exotic fruits, either in person at their welcoming store or via delivery to your doorstep.

Fresh D13 Red Prawn, Fresh Mao Shan Wang, and Fresh XOD24 Sultan King are the three varieties of durian available at this location. 

Aside from that, they have Mangosteens, Fresh Thai Coconuts, durian pastries like durian mochi and crispy puff, and MSW gelato. 

They also provide free same-day delivery with no requirement for a minimum order.

Delivery Fee

Islandwide Same Day Delivery: Free with no minimum order

Website: https://wtfdurian.com/

8. Durian Papi Singapore

best durian delivery singapore
Image Source: @durianpapi.sg

Durian Papi is a Malaysian company that specializes in MSW durians that are harvested directly from their plantation in Pahang.

One of their distinguishing characteristics would be that they vacuum-seal and they also freeze their durians as soon as possible after dehusking, allowing the fruit to remain fresh for longer periods of time after harvesting.

As a result, their durians can even be stored for up to one year without being opened, making them ideal for whenever you want to enjoy the durians even during off-season.

Each 400-gram box costs $45 and that can be shared by two to three people at a time. Anyone interested in keeping an MSW supply in their freezer will be pleased to know that for each order of 6 boxes, they will receive an additional box for free.

Delivery Fee

All orders are free, orders that are made before 6pm will be delivered in the same day


Durian Delivery Singapore - JustDurian.com The Best Durian

Visiting a durian store and huddling around an unopened durian to taste its fresh thick flesh is the best way to celebrate the arrival of durian season. 

However, for the time being, staying at home and receiving durian delivered right through your door is the safest way to satisfy your durian cravings.

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