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Best Home Bakers Singapore 2022


Since the circuit breaker, we’ve been treated to unusual bakes and creative delicacies thanks to the influx of home-based bakeries in Singapore. However, promoting home-based bakeries has a good impact on the community in addition to providing tasty pastries. 

Dine-in restrictions have been imposed on numerous small food-related enterprises as a result of the pandemic. As a result, assisting people with their residence bakery (or other businesses) can assist them in getting through these difficult times.

There’s bound to be a home baker that has something you’ll like, from personalized cakes to exquisite brownies and cookies.

Furthermore, you won’t be capable of sustaining the sweets made by home-based bakeries. Because they don’t make enormous batches of cupcakes or tarts, each one is handcrafted with care. Check on for the list of best bakers in Singapore whether you want to support local bakeries or merely get your hands on delectable treats!

Top Home Bakers Singapore 2022

1. Liberty Bakes

Liberty Cakes is the finest choice if you’re looking for a baker that can produce dessert tables for your next big event while also taking bespoke requests. With so many options, you’ll be able to fulfill everyone’s appetite. They have over 10 sweet dishes to choose from, as well as modern and classic sweet dinners, to ensure everybody at your birthday celebration is satisfied.

Liberty Cake is a multi-award-winning home bakery that produces some of Singapore’s most gorgeous cakes. The cakes are made with true care, utilizing only fresh ingredients and skilled cake artistry. You can taste the joy that has gone into the exquisite pastries with each bite.


Location: Order online only

Contact Information: +65 9771 8316

Availability: Best to inquire

2.  Butter Studio

Butter Studio was formed on the principle that every life milestone is worth commemorating.

We’re dedicated to honoring the heritage of handmade crafted goodness while infusing a distinctly local and whimsical spin on classic home-style bakes, inspired by moment recipes from our grandmothers.

Butter Studio was formed on the principle that every life milestone is worth commemorating. We’re dedicated to honoring the legacy of artisan homemade deliciousness while infusing a distinctly local and whimsical spin on classic home-style bakes, inspired by moment recipes from our grandmothers. 

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Butter Studio delectable baked goods are not only photogenic but also made with much care and consideration. They wish you happiness on every occasion!

Butter Studio enjoys creating wonderful pastries and bakes with just awareness for the society for all to share, with a dedication to hand-made bread in small batches and working with very fresh fruit.


Location: May vary 

Contact Information: 6294 7115 /  6734 6153 / 62616198 /  65384881

Availability:  Best to inquire

4.  Therese Pastry

Image Source: therese_pastry

If you are vegetarian, vegan, low-carb, or gluten-free, finding a cake may be tough. While this company may be a misery for vegetarians in Singapore, it is a cause for celebration for all vegans in the country. You can just un-guilt your pleasure and eat as much as you like of their tasty and delectable pastries.

Therese Pastry may be a happy couple, but their preferences are never compromised. This company’s customers never tire of praising them, and while high-quality services are unusual, negative feedback is almost non-existent. Each taste of their scrumptious food is really nothing short of heavenly; Therese Pastry utilization of ingredients and mastery with which they create their goods is praiseworthy.


Location:  Order online only

Contact Information: +65 98588183

Availability: Contact for more information

5. Julie Bakes

Julie Bakes is the spot to go if you only have a few tranquil hours to enjoy in a nice neighborhood shop with a slice of scrumptious ondeh ondeh cake. This small, friendly establishment serves some of the best pastries in town. They provide a friendly and personal atmosphere to compliment your meal, which will have you coming back to this bakery.

Julie Bakes bakery’s name alludes to the strong demand for its goods. It is widely regarded as one of Singapore’s best bakeries. When you see their extensive range of scrumptious pastries, you’ll want to try them all. This bakery offers a wide range of products, from more classic to more daring and unique.

The prices are reasonable, and their polite service exudes an old-school charm and nostalgia that quickly turns most first customers into regulars. Try the chempedak dessert if you go; it’s a beautiful blend of joy that will make your entire being thank you.

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Location: 14 Baghdad Street (Between Arab Street & Bussoroh Street) Spore (199653)

Contact Information: +65 9647 9027

Availability: Tuesday to Sunday from 12:00 pm to 09:00 pm

6. KY Patisserie

Image Source: @kypatisserie

KY Patisserie, a home bakery with a French influence, makes some of the most beautiful tarts and cookies. The artisanal French pastries are made with carefully chosen ingredients and flavor combinations. Pastries with a variety of textures and Asian elements will have your sense of taste engaged and satisfied.

Their tarts, on either hand, are spectacular in both appearance and flavor. The Double Valrhona Brookies made Valrhona’s Arriaga Noire 59 percent chocolate with French butter, and covered with Valrhona’s Caribe 66 percent chocolate, is one of their best-selling items. 

The pie is not only visually appealing, however the rich chocolate sweetness pairs well with the French butter for a memorable experience that goes well with a glass of coffee. Additionally, they create their puffy pastry in-house, and as such try to acquire some while it was still available!


Location: 29 Paya Lebar Road, Paya Lebar Office, Center, #01-01, 409005

Contact Information: hello@kypatisserie.com

Availability: Contact for more information

7. Amrita’s Artisan Bakeology

Image Source: amritas_sg

Amrita’s Artisan Bakeology provides burnt cheesecakes among other artisan baked foods. Amrita’s is one of the greatest Burnt Cheesecake bakers in Singapore, employing only the best ingredients.

It has the perfect depth and richness, and it melts in your mouth in the most delectable way. You can also expect the highest-quality chocolate truffles created with milk or cream and dark cocoa.

Amrita’s cakes are authentic. Her scorched cheesecake will delightfully surprise you. A $15 discount is applied to orders above $200.


Location: 18 Joo Seng Rd, Singapore 36001

Contact Information: +65 90610064 / amritabakes@gmail.com

Availability: Contact for more information

8. Sing Hon Loong Bakery

Image Source: Sing Hon Loong Bakery via Facebook

A tiny, relaxed, friendly, conventional, old-fashioned baker that focuses on a variety of bread. Sing Hon Loong Bakery which is open 24 hours a day, has a big number of loyal and satisfied clients. You won’t be able to miss this place since the delicious aroma of fresh bread will entice you and you’ll quickly find yourself eating further than you planned.

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Sing Hon Loong Bakery is certainly worth a visit, with a friendly and welcoming old-school atmosphere, wonderful home-baked bread at reasonable prices, and an incredible assortment of cakes.


Location: 4 Whampoa Drive, Singapore, Singapore 327715

Contact Information: 6256 0878

Availability: 24 hour

9. Mon Cheri Girika

Girika of Mon Cheri is a seasoned baker who has worked at La Dame de Pic, Tiong Bahru Bakery, Dominique Ansel Bakery, and Open Farm Community.  Her delectable sweet confections are both gorgeous and delicious. Try one of their delectable pastries, tarts, or macarons.

Mon Cheri Girikaalso makes custom cakes for special occasions and seasonal delicacies in boxes for the holidays. They’ve just established a deal with The Wired Monkey to offer their handmade products there from March to August 2021! Stop by if you’re from the neighborhood.


Location:  21 Woodleigh Cl, Singapore 357916

Contact Information: 9890 6420 / patisseriemoncheri@gmail.com

Availability: Contact for more information

10. Bud of Joy

Image Source: @budofjoy

This company, as its name suggests, makes your heart flutter with ecstasy. They implement what they preach, using only the greatest quality fresh products to concern your wellness while baking delicious baked goods. If you’re a vegetarian, vegan, or gluten-free, don’t worry; you can still get your cakes fed with this company!

Bread vendors that sell healthful and healthy bread typically stand by it, and this is commended for its nutritional value. Since you’ll feel as if you’ve gone to see a buddy, the atmosphere is rather soothing. Customers like the personnel’s friendliness and enthusiasm. Customers claim that the staff here is exceptional.

Baking classes and organic ingredients are also available, as well as free shipping on Thursdays. So take a look at these; they’re definitely worth your time!


Location: 71 Circuit Road, #01-31, Singapore 370071

Contact Information: +65 6748 7687 / sales@budofjoy.com

Availability: Tuesday to Saturday from 12:00 pm to 05:00 pm

Best Home Bakers Singapore

But be warned: some of these delicacies sell out in a matter of minutes. So, if you have a sweet appetite and some extra income, don’t hesitate to read this article.

Hopefully, this entire list will also greatly assist you in consideration when deciding who to make an order mostly from. It’s not an entire list, so please let us know if you’ve heard of any bakers who fully deserve to be included.

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