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Types of Popular Instant Noodles Singapore 2022

Best Instant Noodles Singapore

It’s no secret that Singaporeans love instant noodles since they are both delicious and comforting at the same time. These steaming hot bowls, which are ready in a matter of minutes and never fail to fulfill your hunger, are quick and convenient. One of the most important foods in our diet, especially during the COVID-19 pandemic, when you had to stay at home.

We are all aware that instant noodles are one of the best late-night snacks when it comes to taste and convenience. It is the ideal food for those who have pulled an all-nighter and need to refuel their energy after a long night of work.


Instant noodles are particularly ideal for those occasions when we need to eat something delicious quickly and efficiently when pressed for time! These are the reasons why instant noodle products are so much sought after in today’s marketplace.

Chek out our favourites Korean Instant Ramen and Japan Instant Ramen here.

There are hundreds of instant noodles available, and consumers are always thrilled to purchase them. And also, there are various instant noodles available that have noodles from different countries, you don’t have to fly around the world to experience their signature noodle dish. In this article we will present you some of the best instant noodles in Singapore that you can buy online

Top Instant Noodles Singapore

Best Instant Noodles SingaporeKey FeaturesPrice:
Tseng Noodles Scallion with Sichuan Pepper FlavorMade from durum wheat
Thick noodles
With real sichuan pepper and scallions
Has low glycemic index
Ottogi Jin RamenThicker and chewier noodles
Infused with kimchi and meaty flavor
Nissin Tokumori Kitsune Udon Bowl Noodles – Japanese Cup NoodlesMade with traditional Japanese spice mixture
With strong flavors of kelp and bonito
Maggi 2-min Curry NoodlesHas 11 secret spices
Includes real chilies
Bouncy noodles
Szechwan Hot & Spicy Instant Glass NoodleHigh levels of spiciness
Made from fresh sweet potatoes
Has peppery and savory sauce
Lucky Me! Instant Pancit Canton Chili-mansi (Chow Mein)With sour and savory lime flavor
Little bit of spiciness
Red Chef Sakura Prawn Soup NoodlesAromatic scent from fresh prawns
Fresh and natural ingredients
Hai Chi Jia Suan La FenSpicy with hints of vinegar
Large choice of sauces
Indomie Mi GorengFried noodles style
With hints of spiciness and intense savory flavor
Comes with garlic bits
Kiki Scallion Instant NoodlesWith uniquely blended scallion sauce

Tseng Noodles Scallion with Sichuan Pepper Flavor

Top Selling Instant Noodles Singapore

Taste the savory flavors of Tseng Noodles Scallion with Sichuan Pepper Flavor, which was named one of the Ramen Rater’s Top 10 ramens of 2016. Served with thick noodles and topped with onions and Sichuan Chili Pepper, this flavorful bowl of ramen is sure to soothe your senses.

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Those concerned about their blood sugar levels will be relieved to know that these noodles have a low to medium glycemic index. In addition, it is strong in protein and free of any preservatives or additives. Noodles are prepared with durum wheat, which has been sun-dried and handcrafted to perfection.

Durum wheat is a good source of dietary fiber as well as minerals such as zinc, copper, iron B vitamins, magnesium, and antioxidants.

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Ottogi Jin Ramen Hot 5’s

Warm yourself with a bowl of the Ottogi Jin Ramen , which would be ideal for a cold and wet day. Ottogi Jin Ramen is one of the most popular Korean Ramen brands, and it has now made its way to the Singaporean market.

They are thicker and chewier than ordinary ramen noodles because they are prepared with wheat flour, a traditional Korean Ramyun ingredient. The soup has a fiery kick to it and has been infused with a combination of meat and kimchi flavors.

Adding veggies, mushrooms, eggs, or any other dish that comes to mind is the greatest way to finish it off.

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Nissin Tokumori Kitsune Udon Bowl Noodles – Japanese Cup Noodles

Best Selling Instant Noodle in Singapore

One of the locals favorite Udon from Japan is the Nissin Tokumori Kitsune Udon Bowl Noodles.  Tofu (kitsune) and wheat flour noodles (nabe) are served in this hearty bowl.

With a little fishy flavor, the soup is sure to be filled with all of those wonderful flavors. Finally, the dashes of schichi-mi togarrashi, which is a traditional Japanese spice mixture made up of seven components, helps to bring all of the aspects of the dish together in one harmonious bowl.

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Maggi 2-min Curry Noodles

Best Selling Instant Noodles Singrapore 2021

A favorite instant noodle amongst Singaporeans is the Maggi 2-Min Curry Noodles. Among Singaporeans, this dish is a favorite because of its 11 secret spices, which include real red chilies, and the exquisite flavor of curry.

The new and enhanced recipe has resulted in noodles that are more bouncy and delicious than before. You can serve these hearty noodles with vegetables and your favorite meat for a satisfying meal with your family.

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Szechwan Hot & Spicy Instant Glass Noodle

Best Instant Noodles Singapore

Enjoy authentic chongqing, China’s famed hot and spicy sour glass noodles that are simple to prepare! It is made with fresh sweet potatoes and a spicy, peppery, and savory sauce that comes in a convenient single package.

The high level of spiciness of this instant glass noodle also causes a numbing sensation, but you can always give it a try to see whether the spice level is too much for you. It’s simple to make a delicious meal for the whole family with this classic noodle dish. You can also top it off with your preferred side dishes.

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Lucky Me! Instant Pancit Canton Chili-mansi (Chow Mein) 

Top Instant Noodles Singapore

Lucky Me! Instant Pancit Canton is a simple and delicious supper that includes a zing of Philippine Lime (calamansi) and a hint of spiciness. It is perfect for an afternoon snack or a late-night snack! 

In the Philippines, this quick noodle dish is one of the most popular among the people. It is also popular in other countries, such as Singapore, where it has made its way onto people’s plates. This chilimansi canton is a one-of-a-kind, but delicious, way to satisfy your taste senses.

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Red Chef Sakura Prawn Soup Noodles

Top Instant Noodles Singapore 2021

Red Chef Sakura Prawn Noodles are made even spicier with the addition of the Spicy level 3 seasoning. During the years 2018 and 2019, these instant noodles were ranked as the No. 2 best instant noodles of all time on the list of the Top Ten Noodles of All Time. Fresh and natural ingredients, as well as a strong aromatic scent from fresh prawns, go into making this product, which results in all of the richness that this pack has to offer.

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The paste that is used to prepare the soup is made with actual prawns, fresh onions, and chiles, among other ingredients. To get a better notion of how delicious these quick noodles are, you can compare them to freshly cooked noodles that are produced from scratch. That’s how fantastic these are, so grab one while you still can!

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Hai Chi Jia Suan La Fen

Most Popular Instant Noodles Singapore

As one of Singapore’s best-known instant noodles, Hai Chi Jia has introduced us to a whole different world of sour and spicy noodles.

When you open the container, the first thing you’ll notice is the large choice of sauce and seasonings packets that are included. After combining all of the ingredients and thoroughly mixing them together, you will have a tasty dish of glass noodles with such a rich unique flavor. Even the aroma of these noodles, which are spicy and sour with a hint of vinegar, is enough to make you crave for more. This dish is highly recommended for individuals who enjoy a rich depth of flavor and who are comfortable with spicy foods such as the Hai Chi Jia Suan La Fen.

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Indomie Mi Goreng

Best Instant Noodles Singapore 2021

In Singapore, it’s impossible to talk about instant noodles without mentioning the Indomie Mi Goreng. These dry noodles, which are praised for their cost and flavor, are an excellent addition to any fast noodle collection.

The Indomie Mi Goreng quick noodle dish, in addition to being delectable, is also a halal alternative. Mi Goreng literally translates as “fried noodles,” and that is exactly what this quick noodle tastes like. Noodles covered in an incredible spice will have your mouth watering and begging for more. Whether you enjoy Mi Goreng or not, Indomie Mi Goreng is an economical instant noodle that everyone in Singapore should taste at least once.

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Kiki Scallion Instant Noodles

Best Selling Instant Noodles Sigapore

Scallions are a popular garnish for noodle dishes in Singapore, according to many locals. The Kiki Scallion Noodles, with its uniquely blended scallion sauce, are the perfect way to close out our list.

The noodles are prepared from scratch and sun-dried giving this dish its original flavor and texture. The scallion sauce is also a standout feature. The demand for this product is so high that it is constantly out of stock and unable to be restocked. Grab a pack of Kiki Scallion Noodles while they’re still available to see what all of the fuss has been about.

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Getting the Best Instant Noodles in Singapore!

It’s no surprise that instant noodles have become so popular in the world’s kitchen because of their accessibility and convenience of preparation. Nowadays, you can get all of the flavors of the globe in a single package of noodles that can be prepared in less than 10 minutes.

Instant noodles are a must-have in any kitchen cupboard since they are convenient to use at any time of day. We hope that our selection of some of the best instant noodles that you can find in Singapore will help you to expand your mind and add some variety to your instant noodle repertoire.

We care about your health as much as you do, so before you get overwhelmed with all of these instant noodles, make sure to always check the calorie counts and sodium content to ensure that you get a satisfying meal.

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