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Types of Japanese Rice Brands in Singapore 2023


The Japanese cuisine is undeniably one of the most loved cuisines by Singaporeans. Aside from fresh dishes and savory ramen, sushi is truly heavenly! We cannot deny the fact that most Japanese dishes are made from the freshest and supreme ingredients, and they pay special attention to the quality of their rice.

So, if you are trying to make a sushi party at home, you need to have the best Japanese rice brand in Singapore! Read on as I guide you through the best quality of Japanese rice that you can find in the markets of our beloved country, Singapore!


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Choosing the Best Japanese Rice Brand in Singapore

If you really want an authentic Japanese meal at home, you should look for Japanese rice that has shorter grains. These rice grains are the closest types of rice to Japanese rice.

Japanese take their rice very seriously! So, if you are choosing Japanese rice, you should also check for the quality of the rice you buy. In addition to that, sweetness, stickiness, and texture are also part of the judging process.

The place of production also plays a very important role. However, brand name is not much of a factor while choosing the best Japanese rice. If you want to find out what rice variety suits you the best, you can choose one brand and experiment with rice of different regions from the same brand. 

This will help you explore different types of flavours. The rice selling stores will guide you on which rice is best paired with what food. For example: the coastal area of Niigata Prefecture goes best with seafood, mountain region rice is best with veggies like Sansai Gohan.

Top 10 Japanese Rice Brand in Singapore

10 best japanese rice brand in singapore
Japanese Rice BrandPrice
Niigata Prefecture Koshi Hikari Japanese Rice$24.00
Kitoku Akita Komachi Musenmai Japanese Rice$36.62
Shinmei Toyama Koshihikari Japanese Rice$17.90
Yamadayakome Premium Japanese Brown Rice$11.00
Sake Inn Akita Rice$17.50
Okome Short Grain Rice$12.20
Shokaku Premium Musenmai Rice$10.10
Komeya Tokusen Mai$25.00
KINMEMAI Better Brown$47.00
Iwate Furusato Japanese Rice$41.00

Niigata Prefecture Koshi Hikari Japanese Rice

best japanese rice in singapore

Straight from the Akita rice fields with ideal weather and temperature, we give you the Niigata Prefecture Koshi Hikari Japanese Rice. What you’ll love about this brand is that they only mill their rice upon receiving an order from a customer.

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In that way, all the best flavors and textures of the rice are kept fresh from the farm to your home. The rice is also stored in their local rice storage with optimum temperature and humidity. So, you are assured that once you cook this rice, all your meals would look like they were prepared from a 5-star restaurant!

Other Features:

  • Net Weight: 2kg
  • Milled on order
  • With the fragrant aroma and fluffy texture

This Japanese rice can be purchased at only $24.00.

Kitoku Akita Komachi Musenmai Japanese Rice

best japanese rice brand in singapore

We talked about sushi in earlier, and you would love this Kitoku Akita Komachi Japanese rice for your sushi! The Akita Komachi is one of the most popular varieties of rice in Japan, and thankfully, it has reached our Singaporean shores!

This rice is perfect for making sushi, mochis, and so much more! It is slightly less sticky, so the texture is just ideal for Japanese food. The best thing about this is that you no longer need to wash it, so cook it directly and enjoy it!

Other Features:

  • Net Weight: 5kg
  • No-wash rice
  • Slightly less sticky

This Japanese rice can be purchased at only $36.62.

Shinmei Toyama Koshihikari Japanese Rice

top japanese rice brand in singapore

The Shinmei Toyama Koshihikari Japanese Rice is cultivated from the mountains of Toyama, where fresh spring water flows. The nutritionally-dense water from the spring is used to irrigate the rice fields, giving you the exquisite taste of this rice.

Once you cook it, you would notice that it has a slightly sweet flavor and just the right amount of stickiness. This rice would harmoniously blend with any viand, may it be Japanese or other cuisines!

Other Features:

  • Net Weight: 2kg
  • Sweeter Premium Rice Variety

This rice brand can be purchased at only $17.90.

Yamadayakome Premium Japanese Brown Rice

japanese rice brand in singapore

When it comes to healthier rice, brown rice is the way to go! The Yamadayakome Premium Japanese Brown Rice is a new and rare type of brown rice. Brown rice is known for its dry texture and lack of flavor, but this brown rice is the complete opposite!

The softness and fluffiness are all over your rice bowl as you scoop your freshly cooked rice. It also has an irresistible aroma that would make you have more cups! It also has a subtly sweet flavor that would go perfectly with your savory dishes.

Brown rice has higher fiber content, so it makes your digestive organs work better, and it also makes you feel fuller!

Other Features:

  • Net Weight: 1kg
  • No Soaking
  • Easy Cooking
  • Certified by Health Promotion Board Singapore – Healthier Choice (100% Whole Grains)

This Japanese rice can be purchased at only $11.00.

Sake Inn Akita Rice

top japanese rice in singapore

The freshness of your rice from farm to table is kept under optimum conditions by the Sake Inn manufacturer. Your whole family will be enticed by just smelling the fragrant aroma that comes from the Sake Inn Akita Rice.

It has just the right amount of stickiness and chewiness that gives all your meals a blasting experience. These individual grains are only milled upon the customer’s order, so you are ensured that all the flavors are locked in freshly until the rice is on your plate.

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Other Features:

  • Net Weight: 2kg
  • Specially-cultivated rice

This Japanese rice can be purchased at only $17.50.

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Okome Short Grain Rice

top japanese rice brand in singapore

If you have been craving for sushi or onigiri, you mush select the Okome Short Grain Rice before making them! You would have that authentic Japanese taste with this rice’s delectably succulent and soft texture.

What you would love most about this rice is that even if you put it as a leftover on the fridge, it does not completely dry out like regular rice grains. They are also vacuum-packed, so all the freshness is kept inside until it reaches your tables.

Other Features:

  • Net Weight: 4.5 kg
  • 100% whole kernel

This Japanese rice can be purchased at only $12.20.

Shokaku Premium Musenmai Rice

japanese rice in singapore

The famous Shokaku Premium Musenmai Rice is available on Amazon Singapore for you and the whole family. This no-wash premium rice makes it easier to cook a meal because of the convenience that it gives.

Aside from convenience, it gives an alluring fragrance as it cooks, and its pearly white color will surely entice your appetite. It has a slightly sweet flavor and a chewy texture, making your homemade sushi more delicious.

Other Features:

  • Net Weight: 2.5 kg
  • No talc
  • No rinsing needed

This Japanese rice can be purchased at only $10.10.

Komeya Tokusen Mai

best japanese rice in sg

With the Komeya Tokusen Mai Rice, you would feel like you are eating directly from Japan! This high-quality rice is short-grained so that you can expect a nice sticky texture from it. It is also very fluffy and soft, which makes all your meals come alive.

It gives out an exotic but delicious taste that suits every palate of Singaporeans. For storage, you would want to keep the rice in sealed storage and keep the container in a wine cooler or refrigerator.

In this way, you can lock in the freshness and quality of the rice grains, and use it for more extended periods.

Other Features:

  • Net Weight: 5 kg
  • 100% whole grains

This Japanese rice can be purchased at only $25.00

KINMEMAI Better Brown

japanese rice singapore

Since rice is the staple food here in Singapore, we should sometimes treat ourselves with some authentic Japanese rice like the KINMEMAI Better Brown Rice! This rice is an ideal companion not just with Japanese cuisine but with our very own dishes too.

Switch to Japanese and gourmet-quality brown rice for healthier meals. This rice was manufactured through an exclusive and patented processing technology to retain all the nutritional composition of the grains.

It also has an enhanced flavor profile that will suit the palate of your whole family! The Kinmemai Better Brown rice has a beautiful chestnut brown color, which is appealing to the table. The grains are also dewaxed so it can absorb more water during cooking.

You would enjoy a bowl of irresistibly fluffy rice with short grains, without even rinsing them! Brown rice takes longer to cook, but this brand makes cooking time much more succinct. The chewy and sturdy texture of regular brown rice is wholly erased, thanks to this delightful Japanese rice brand!

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Other Features:

  • Net Weight:
  • 100% whole grain
  • Provides 200% of daily whole-grain requirements per serving
  • No rinsing needed

This Japanese rice can be purchased at only $47.00.

Iwate Furusato Japanese Rice

singapore japanese rice brands

Enjoy the sweet and savory flavor of the Iwate Furusato Japanese Rice. This brand is not just highly-valued because of the excellent quality of their rice but also for its safety and environmentally-friendliness.

The rice grains are cultivated from the farms of Iwate, where clean air, pure water, and the perfect climate nurtures the rice fields. The Japan Grain Inspection Association has awarded this brand with high-quality rice grains harvested.

This award-winning rice will surely make you enjoy every cup of rice, and you might ask for more!

Other Features:

  • Net Weight: 5kg
  • Premium short-grain Furusato rice
  • Quality guaranteed

This Japanese rice can be purchased at only $41.00.

Komachi Japonica Rice

Japanese rice brands in singapore

Komachi Japonica Rice is one of the top Japanese rice brands in Singapore. The congee texture of this rice is very fine and lovely to eat after being cooked. Komachi rice needs to be stored in cold room facilities and there’s no fumigation required. 

The best part about this rice is that it’s gluten free and everyone can enjoy it. It’s extremely affordable and is suitable for all Japanese dishes. 

Komachi Japonica Rice is commonly used in all Japanese restaurants and it’s the best to have with miso soup or any other soup based dishes. 

This Japanese rice can be purchased at only $41.00.

How to Preserve your Japanese Rice?

Rice bugs can quickly destroy the quality of your rice grains, so it is essential to store your rice in a rice storage container. The container should be tightly sealed and stored away from direct sunlight, heat, and humidity. ; If you consider not consuming the rice for a long time, you can also save them inside a freezer.

Which Japanese rice is best?

According to surveys, Koshihikari is the best Japanese rice variety that you can purchase for your next meal. You can find this rice variety in most stores in Japan.

Is Japanese rice and sushi rice the same thing?

No, Japanese rice and sushi rice are not the same. Sushi rice is steamed and has vinegar-based flavour which is only used to make sushi. On the other hand, Japanese rice goes along with all the dishes like onigiri, Yakimeshi, curry, etc. 

Is Japanese rice and sticky rice the same thing? 

Most Westerners think Japanese rice and sticky rice are the same thing but they’re not. Sticky rice is one type of Japanese rice. There is a difference between sticky rice and regular Japanese rice cooking methods. Sticky rice is glutinous but not all types of Japanese rice are glutinous. 

How to store Japanese rice?

Store your Japanese rice in an airtight container and order only the Japanese rice that’s required for the month. Store the container in a cool and dry place. You can also store the Japanese in the refrigerator during summer. Avoid storing Japanese rice with other food items as it absorbs odors. 

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