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Best Tingkat Delivery Singapore 2022

Best Tingkat Delivery Singapore

Tingkat all the way! You probably have been saved by Tingkat during no time for food preparation seeing how you are here looking for the best delivery for them in Singapore. However, if you heard it for the first time in Singapore you could perhaps be puzzled about what “Tingkat” represents. 

Tingkat meal delivery is a perfect substitute for western processed food, eateries, or even other courier services. A tingkat meal is remarkable in that it is designed to include both sustenance and wistfulness in the heart.


With Singapore’s incredibly quick environment, countless foodservice organizations have acknowledged that most of us do not possess the moment to serve a wholesome family meal.

As a result, they’ve opted to introduce Tingkat meal service into their businesses, giving scrumptious, home-cooked meals to their client’s homes and offices.

However, with the growing numbers of delivery services in Singapore, how can we decide which services can deliver us the adequate nutrition we necessitate? Well, here is the answer to your confusion. After exploring Singapore, we’ve assembled this list of the best tingkat delivery providers to serve as your reference in ordering for tonight’s dinner!

singapore best tingkat delivery
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Top Tingkat Delivery 2022

1. KCK Food Catering

tingkat delivery singapore
Image Source: kckfoodcatering

Let us start the list with a tingkat delivery that offers budget-friendly yet superb meals. Since 1991, KCK Food Catering has been a well-known food company.

Tingkat delivery, buffet dinners, bento boxes, as well as other services are among their highlights. KCK Meals Catering is deeply dedicated to providing tasty, cost-effective cuisine as well as courteous service quality.  

On top of that, KCK Food Catering uses only minimal MSG, low sodium, and nutritious fat to guarantee that all of its meals are wholesome.

You can additionally reap the benefits of their loyalty rating system to claim rewards goodies such as a complimentary pizza for every 20-day transaction.

KCK Food Catering is undoubtedly one of the biggest tingkat delivery services in Singapore if you are hunting for Muslim-friendly food courier services and meal subscription packages. Customer’s feedback: 

“Value for money tingkat. For the amount you’re paying for two for dinner, it’s worth three. Simple, affordable and customisable. They can deliver 3x a week leaving my Mon and Fri for gatherings. In addition you can request for no bones fish, no bitter gourd, which I think it’s great and cute too. Customer Service officer is friendly too! Just need to ensure to renew monthly so you won’t miss the meals.” – Xavier Goh

Food/Services Offered: 

  • Chef’s Healthy Bento Box
  • Mini Gathering Buffet Set
  • Mini High Tea
  • Mix and Match Buffet
  • Tingkat
  • Value Bento
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Location: 8A Admiralty Street #06-21 FoodXchange@Admiralty Singapore 757437 

Contact Information: 64435723/ order@kckfood.com 

Availability: Mondays – (Fridays 9:00 am – 6:00 pm)

Saturday (9:00 am – 1:00 pm)

2. Healthy Meals Catering

tingkat delivery singapore 2022
Image Source: healthy_meals_catering

Healthy Meals Catering brings nutrient-dense, tantalizing dinners to your household every day in Singapore. Bringing a delectable array of homemade delicacies to sustain your nourishment continuously. Moreover, Healthy Meals Catering will provide several simple food recommendations depending on your taste that will not make you feel hungry. 

Healthy Meals Catering advocates a sophisticated, comfortable style to dining delicious fresh homemade takeout Ting Kat Meal directly to your porch, instead of encouraging a restrictive eating plan.

It’s why Healthy Meals Catering concentrates on acknowledging and giving a thrill to Asian home-cook cuisine by rendering them healthier, highly personalized, and upfront about their nutrient content while preserving their flavor. 

“Good price and good portion but delivery is a bit too early sometimes. Soup is good, today’s salmon tastes nice. Thanks for the prompt reply on delivery status.” – Joey Lim

Food/Services Offered: 

  • Single Packages
  • Dual Packages


Location: 175A Chin Swee Road

Contact Information: 8383 3048/ sales@healthymealscatering.com 

Availability: Best to inquire

3. The Great Ballroom

sg tingkat delivery
Image Source: The Great Ballroom

Our next stop is not only an expert in providing you with healthy cuisines but also in offering you affordable outdoor experiences with an aesthetic theme that will surely suit your event preferences. Presenting you, The Great Ballroom!

By wanting to bring nutritionally balanced Chinese specialties to your home, The Great Ballroom introduces a good spin on conventional meal premium services. Experience home-style Chinese recipes in the convenience of your residence by combining exclusively quality ingredients, purest products, ecological goods, and nourishing cooking techniques. Gourmands and customers alike will fall in love with their delicacy. The Great Ballroom presents a one-of-a-kind culinary experience. Customer’s feedback:

“Big thanks to Staff and her team from Great Ballroom for creating the perfect environment. was very attentive and responsive throughout the whole process to make sure she delivered exactly what I wanted for the wedding. I received plenty of compliments for the flowers. Highly recommend to any bride (or groom) to-be. Don’t stress over wedding decoration, let the professional handle that for you ;)” – Malcolm Ong

Food/Services Offered: 

  • Wedding Packages 
  • Meetings and Events
  • Venue Rental
  • Daily Meal Menu
  • Premium Meal Menu
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Location: 175A Chin Swee Road

Contact Information: 8822 0547/ tingkat@thegreatballroom.com  

Availability: Monday – Friday (10:00 am – 7:00 pm)

4. Hewtop Catering

sg tingkat delivery 2022
Image Source: Hewtop Catering Pte Ltd | Best Price Guaranteed at FoodLine.sg | Tingkat available

Hewtop Catering launched out as a humble food company that brought dinners to the worksite and industrial facilities, however, it has presently transformed into a filled to the brim catering corporation that serves banquets for meetings and conferences and private events, as well as tingkat offerings for residences.

Five-, ten-, and twenty-day noon and supper packages, along with traditional Chinese cuisine, are featured. Meals comprise cereal prawns, chicken with prawn paste, and pork curry The dinners are alternated every 2 weeks to maintain diversity. To sustain the nutritional perks, the foodstuff is flavored with minimal salt and sweets than regular. Customer’s feedback:

“I’ve been ordering this for my mom who stays alone. The service via WhatsApp is very good – prompt and friendly. The food is ok, can’t complain as they are willing to deliver to one pax for 3-day week. When I told them no bean products they could accommodate my request too.” – E.V L

Food/Services Offered:

  • Caterers
  • Tingkat
  • Bento/Packed Meal
  • Cakes
top tingkat delivery singapore
Image Source: Hewtop Catering Pte Ltd | Best Price Guaranteed at FoodLine.sg | Tingkat available


Location: 05-27 Kaki Bukit Rd 1, Singapore 415934

Contact Information: 100 0029/ hewtop@foodline.sgfoodline 

Availability: Monday – Friday (9:30 am – 6:00 pm)

5. Cucina Restaurant and Catering

top tingkat delivery singapore 2022
Image Source: Cucina Tingkat

How about trying some mixed and personalized meals from your favorite Asian countries? Sounds nice, right? Cucina Restaurant And Catering deliver a diversified array of Western, Japanese, Malay, Chinese, and contemporary delicacies. To make your dining encounter more interesting, you can even mix and match your regular meals.

Greatest of everything, Cucina Restaurant And Catering just demands a three-day initial purchase requisition, more than most other enterprises. Malay gastronomy features chicken rendang,nasi lemak, and lontong;

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Chinese cuisine includes omelet and sweet and sour chicken; and Western dining comprises spaghetti with oxtail stew, spaghetti, and chicken gratin. Most especially, in Cucina Restaurant and Catering, monosodium glutamate, lesser seasoning, and extra fat are not utilized in the processing of foods. 

popular tingkat delivery in singapore
Image Source: Cucina Tingkat

Food/ Services Offered:

  • A la Carte Menu
  • Confinement Menu


Location: 12 Kallang Avenue, #02-10 Singapore 339511

Contact Information: tel:(+65) 6702 2629/ http://www.orderonline.cucina.sg 

Availability: Monday-Friday (11:30am-3:00pm) (6:00pm-10:00pm) 

Saturday, Sunday & PHs (5:00pm-10:00pm)

6. Hong Choo Pte Ltd

popular tingkat delivery in singapore 2022
Image Source: Hong Choo Pte Ltd

Hong Choo Tingkat is a family-owned business that concentrates on food delivery services such as buffets and Tingkat dinners. It was incorporated in 2000. Several tingkat deliveries still use MSG despite claiming not to.

However, Hong Choo Tingkat’s menus are produced with high-quality resources and very little sugar and salt, plus they vigorously oppose the abuse of MSG in our cuisine.

Mr. Kam, the restaurant’s proprietor, has been catering since he was 16 years old and has painstakingly hand-picked every delicacy on the smorgasbord and Tingkat Menu.

He sincerely aspires that the food they prepare will be a soothing supper that evokes hard-working Singaporeans of their mother’s or grandmother’s cooking. This is undoubtedly the primary reason for their sustainability, even though they exclusively specialize in home-cooked Chinese cuisine with no MSG added. Customer’s review:

“Tried the 20 days package from them for 3 pax. Portion is enough for family of 2 adults and 2 kids. Food suits my family taste and the soup are not bad. Dont understand the low ratings on Google, initially i was skeptical due to the reviews but decided to try after seeing thier reviews on Foodline.sg as the reviews there are more recent and only people who paid and ordered through the platform can leave reviews hence its more honest i feel. Anyway would like special thank kimberly for her great service for accomodating to my requests. Will definitely order again” – Chin Mei Chan

Food/Services Offered: 

  • 20 Days Packages (MICROWAVE BOXES & TIFFIN)
  • 10 Days Trial Packages (IN BOXES ONLY)


Location: No. 5 Lorong Bakar Batu Macpherson Industrial Complex 348742

Contact Information: 6858 3170/ enquiry@hongchoo.com.sg 

Availability: Monday – Sunday (8.30 am – 6:00 pm)

Is Tangkal worth it? 

Best Tingkat home cooked food delivery in Singapore? Royal Cuisine Catering

Finally, if you’re hunting for a substantial and healthy meal, above are 10 of the greatest tingkat services in Singapore to explore. We anticipate that rather than having mostly the same cuisines, burger places, or cafes you should discover these great tasting dinner preparation options available. Enjoy the comfort of homemade food without the hassle of preparing to cook! 

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