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Best Wedding Gown Rental Singapore 2022

wedding gown rental singapore

Every bride wants to be beautiful in their wedding dress. Once they plan for their wedding, one of the highlights is the wedding dress they will wear. A wedding dress will complete the perfect wedding that all the girls want to have. 

A wedding dress plays a significant role in every bride’s memorable day. Sometimes it’s kind of overwhelming to choose which wedding gown would be excellent and beautiful for you. A lot of gorgeous wedding dresses are in the lineup, but without information about the wedding dress will indeed fret you and will take your time to decide. 

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Wedding Gown Rentals Singapore

If you are looking for your ideal wedding gown in Singapore that best suits your body type and wedding concept, we are here to assist you! Here are ten bridal gown rentals in Singapore to help you in your search for the perfect dress you’ve always wanted.

Korea Artiz Studio


This shop started operating in Busan, Korea, and now it is providing fashionable wedding dresses in Singapore. It is known to be a shop that gives original Korean-style wedding photography. Some famous influencers wore their wedding dress. Well-known celebrities also endorse it.

Korean Artiz Studio was also featured in global media channels worldwide such as Elle. To those who want to look like a beautiful Korean bride, try their shop. You’re going to love their studio’s collection of wedding gowns. One of their achievements is being crowned as Singapore’s Largest Indoor wedding studio. Their collection of wedding dresses is very stylish and has an intense design.

Address: 76 Bras Basah Road #01-02, Singapore 189558

Website: https://www.artizstudio.sg/ 

Phone: +65 6250 7252

Opening hours: Wed – Mon (11am – 9pm)

The Gown Connoisseur


This shop’s objective is to provide exceptional service in the wedding industry. If you want to enjoy finding your dream wedding gown, then this is the right shop for you. They offer an affordable wedding package. Aside from the gown rental package, they also have a Gown, makeup, and photography package. Booking with them will make you happy as they give quality service.

When it comes to the wedding gown details, they provide a classic to a fashionable collection. Their gown rentals are inclusive of complimentary bridal accessories rental and delivery. The Gown rental period of the shop is usually four days, inclusive of delivery and collection, so you won’t worry if the next day you won’t be able to return it.

Address: 3 Ang Mo Kio Street 62 #02-04, Link@AMK, Singapore 

Website: https://www.thegownconnoisseur.com/ 

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Phone: +65 9150 9120

Opening hours: Wednesday – Friday (1pm – 9pm)

          Saturday – Sunday (10am – 9pm)

Louvre Bridal Couture

This top bridal shop in Singapore provides elegant wedding dresses to couples. If you want a unique wedding dress, this shop is near you. They are not only allowing couples to rent beautiful wedding dresses, but they also provide bridal services like Pre-wedding Photoshoots.

Every wedding has a different concept. This shop gives you various wedding concepts with the right wedding dress. The wedding dress has Korean, Japanese, and Singapore vibes. Plus, it will give you confidence while walking in the aisle. They have every design that exceeds your expectation.

Address: Given after appointment is made

Website: https://www.thelouvrebridal.com/ 

Phone: +65 6337 7808

Opening hours: Monday – Friday (11 am – 8 pm)

                          Saturday (10 am – 7 pm)

        Sunday (Closed)

The Gown Warehouse


Like most bridal shops, this boutique provides a broader range of gorgeous yet straightforward gowns for weddings. This shop will reassure you that all their wedding gowns are beautiful and high-quality. Right when you’re choosing your wedding gown, they also advise on the choice of dress that would suit you.

The shop also has an affiliate partner; you can also choose their photography, makeup artist, florist, and jeweler, along with renting your wedding gown. With the help of their partners, you’ll surely experience a comfortable wedding event. In the end, you’re going to go out of the store in the best wedding dress that’s just right for you.

Address: 25 Lichfield Road Singapore 556845

Website: https://www.thegownwarehouse.com/ 

Phone: +65 6734 3998

Opening hours: Monday – Friday (11am – 8pm)

        Saturday and Sunday (11am – 7pm)

Frieda Brides


If you’re looking for a minimalist yet affordable gown, this shop is just the right place for you. The international designer makes their wedding dress with the Bohemian and Romantic theme. The designs are made to complement the unique yet simple look of the bride.

The shop also offers a design service if you have a wedding dress in your mind that you’d like to make. You have to pay for their assistance with the starting price of SGD 2,800, including alterations. In renting your wedding dress, they have one month’s preparation for alteration and dry cleaning before the wedding. You might check this shop for your desired sizes; they have a more comprehensive range of sizes.

Address: 45A Kampong Bahru Road, Singapore 169360

Website: https://friedabrides.com/ 

Phone: +65 6220 0941

Opening hours: Tuesday – Friday (12pm – 8:30pm)

        Saturday (10am – 6pm)

Yvonne Creative Bridal

Yvonne Creative Bridal is the oldest bridal boutique in Singapore. They’ve been in the industry for over twenty-three years, so their expertise in providing dazzling gowns is proven throughout time. Brides will look best in their white dress since this shop has a lot of wedding gown variations that would emphasize the bride’s looks.

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The wedding gown was designed by the director Yvonne Tan. To those who want a perfect silhouette of a wedding dress, this shop will customize it for you to prioritize your choice. They have the best team for wedding plans; they give professional service noting their many years of experience.

Address: 3 Ang Mo Kio Street 62, Link @ AMK #03-08, #03-09 (Show Room), #07-09 (Studio), Singapore 569139

Website: http://yvonnecreative.com.sg/ 

Phone: +65 6292 0342 / +65 6227 8830 (Tel) | +65 8201 6112

Opening hours: Mon, Wed – Sat (12pm – 9pm )  Sun (11am – 8pm )

Giorgia Couture

A bride would love to be noticed and stand out at their wedding. If you’re one of the brides who love to have this kind of wedding dress, Giorgia Couture offers their dynamic and competitive wedding dress. They have lightweight and very comfortable designs for every bride. 

The designer was one of the finalists for the Harper Bazaars Asia Newgen Fashion Award. Truly the designer is famous so you won’t regret trying their different wedding dress. The designs they have are classic to Avant-garde patterns. They’re only using first-class fabric to represent their craftsmanship. The unique thing about this shop is the bold accents that give wedding gowns a brilliant and enticing look.

Address: 244 Simei Street 5, Singapore 520244 

Website: https://www.giorgiacouture.com/ 

Phone: +65 9727 7892

Opening hours: Sun – Thurs (11am – 8pm), Fri – Sat (11am – 9pm)

Stitch by Stitch Co.


Stitch by Stitch Co. is known for its signature bespoke wedding dress. They have a different range of designs and styles for their wedding dress. Some of the inventions are mermaid, ball gown, and A-line. You have a variety of choices for the silhouette and neckline of the dress. When it comes to a style, they have oriental, modern, rustic, bohemian, and minimalist.

The existing design of the wedding gowns can also be changed to personalize it further. It is by changing the design to make it appropriate to your look. I think it’s the best part of the shop. The wedding gown is also incredible because it is modeled according to your personality.

Address: 2B Geylang Serai, Singapore 404002

Website: https://stitchbystitchco.com/ 

Phone: +65 9220 1810

Opening hours: Tues – Sun (11am – 8pm)

Luna Bianca Bridal Boutique


Luna Bianca Bridal is one of Singapore’s most trusted and famous bridal boutiques. They provide an unlimited choice of finest wedding gown rental. Their designs are the most impressive gowns because of their experience in the wedding industry. The bride who wears their wedding gowns feels that they had their dream come true wedding.

Their collection of gowns for rental shows an actual work of a designer. It gives meaningful designs and attracts an audience. They also cater wedding videography, and they capture the best and most truthful stories.

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Address: 21 Tan Quee Lan Street, Heritage Place, #01-02, Singapore 188108

Website: https://www.lunabianca.com.sg/ 

Phone: +65 6388 9839

Opening hours: daily from 12pm to 9pm

La Belle Couture

Confessions Of A Busty Bride

La Belle Couture has over 500 bridal dresses with attractive lace and fabulous silhouettes. It brings you to a new level of excitement as it offers hand-crafted design using quality fabrics. It is also managed by in-house designers who have been experts for more than ten years.

This shop presents the overall solution to your problem with your wedding dress. You can either have an off-the-rack bridal dress rental or a made-to-measure bridal dress rental. The shop assures every bride that the wedding dress is in good condition in any of those. Every year, they create new wedding dress designs that are in line with the trend of the time.

Address: 87A Tg Pagar Rd, Singapore 088508

Website: https://labellecouture.com.sg/ 

Phone: +65 6327 3983

Opening hours: Mon – Sat (2pm-9 pm) & Sun (2pm-9 pm)

Choosing the best wedding gown rental in Singapore

When renting a wedding gown, you have to consider many things. It is indeed really hard to choose given that there are a lot of choices. Renting a wedding gown is the best way to lessen our financial struggle in buying a wedding dress. Here are the things you need to look at to find the best wedding dress. 

Choose Reputable Rentals

If you’re bombarded with many choices of shops, then one thing that you should look up is a shop that is popular and well respected in the wedding industry. It could be some shops that your family or friends recommend.

Identify your style and needs.

Knowing the style and your needs when it comes to your bridal dress, then you’re ready to explore some stores. You have to be prepared to pick what kind of dress you’re up to, it will save your time, and it would be easy to locate the dress you want for your wedding day.

Consider various options

Before choosing the wedding dress for your wedding, you have to think about the perfect dress for you carefully. Don’t just settle with one choice. Try to explore different shops and websites for you to know their bridal gown. It is better to have a lot of options and carefully examine each shop’s style and design.

Know the terms and conditions

Every store has different terms and conditions when renting a bridal dress. You have to know how many days you can keep the dress and the penalty when a dress is damaged. In this way, you will be aware of the policy they have.

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