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Best Yoga Mats in Singapore

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Whatever your workout is, a good yoga mat is essential. Why risk injury on a slippery floor when you can stretch, work on your yoga poses, and do burpees on the best yoga mats in Singapore?

When I started doing yoga, I practiced on a mat that I got for a really cheap price. It was really thin and slightly glossy, but I thought it was enough for me–I was just trying it out, after all.

Boy, was I wrong. Not only that, but my experience with that mat made me think yoga wasn’t for me. My knees hurt and I kept slipping on the mat.

I learned later that beginners like me need a little more time to get stronger and get used to close contact with the floor, so a thicker mat that provides good cushioned support is ideal. I also needed something that has a textured surface to help me with my grip.

I did a little more research on yoga mats, and eventually found a couple of highly recommended mats that helped me get back on track. They were more expensive than my first mat but they were just what I needed.

They’re still with me today, several months later. I keep one in my home workout corner and the other I bring along with me for outdoor yoga. Lesson learned: Invest in a good yoga mat right from the start!

Things to Consider When Choosing Your Yoga Mat

Having your own yoga mat means you have a safe, non-slip surface that would meet your specific workout needs and personal preferences, especially in terms of size, thickness, colour and design, texture, and material. Also it’s a lot more hygienic than using the mats your gym or yoga studio offers for public use.

Here are some general guidelines and things to consider to help you choose the mat that’s right for you.

Mat Thickness

  • The thinnest yoga mats give you a solid connection to the floor and are ideal for practising balance or stability poses.
  • A slightly thicker mat is ideal for back support during inversions, core work, and other poses where your bones really dig into the ground.
  • If you’re not sure which to get, go for a mat with a standard thickness of 1/8 inches or 3.3mm.
  • The thickest yoga mats are recommended for therapeutic practice and beginners who are just learning different forearm and kneeling poses.

Mat Texture

  • Mats with texture allows for greater traction and is ideal for those who sweat a lot.
  • If you don’t like mats with texture, choose a smooth yoga mat with an absorbent surface or moisture control mechanism to help you avoid slipping.

Mat Material

  • PVC mats are made from plastic-based materials. They are easy to clean, extremely durable, and offer good floor grip. They can be slippery because they are non-absorbent however, so if you sweat heavily, this is probably not the best yoga mat for you.
  • TPE mats are made of a blend of rubber and plastic polymers, making them more friendly to the environment than PVC mats. They’re a good alternative to PVC mats, but they may be less durable.
  • NBR mats are made of water-resistant synthetic rubber and tend to be thicker. They provide good padding and are best for poses where you are seated or lying down.
  • Eco-friendly mats usually come from a variety of natural sources such as natural rubber, jute, and organic cotton. They’re not as good as PVC and TPC mats in terms of floor grip, but they do offer good traction and sweat absorption, thanks to their material and natural texture.

The Top Yoga Mats in Singapore

Here’s a selection of the best yoga mats in Singapore you can purchase online. Check them out and be on the lookout for price-dropping promotions!

Spiritual Revolution Yoga Combo Mat

yoga mat singapore


  • Topped with absorbent cloth to increase grip
  • Non-toxic and eco-friendly materials
  • Eye-catching design
  • Comes with a carrying strap


  • Needs to be washed often

The Spiritual Revolution Yoga Combo Mat bursts with a kaleidoscope of colours that can instantly get your energy up. It’s made of natural tree rubber and topped with a suede cloth top that is ultra-absorbent and helps increase grip as you sweat, so it’s perfect for hot yoga, hatha yoga, ashtanga yoga, and pilates. The seven-chakra design is said to assist in balancing the chakras during your yoga practice.

Price: S$78.80

KeepFit 10mm Yoga Mat

yoga mat review singapore


  • High-density mat
  • Good cushioning
  • Slip-resistant texture
  • Comes with a carrying strap


  • Not as thick as advertised
  • Not resistant to wear and tear

The KeepFit Yoga Mat is made of a high-density foam material that provides ample support for the spine, knees, hips, and elbows. Both surfaces have a non-slip texture to help with grip even as you sweat. The thick, high-density foam is a good match for tough workouts. Even though the mat is lightweight, made even more portable with an included adjustable carrying strap.

Available in purple, pink, red, blue, and black. You can also purchase a carry bag along with the mat.

Price: S$68.66

Retrospec Laguna Yoga Mat

where to buy yoga mat singapore


  • Moisture-wicking top layer
  • Vegan, PVC-free, and cruelty-free
  • Durable non-slip surface
  • Ideal for hot yoga


  • Funky new mat smell–needs to be aired out for a few days

The Retrospec Laguna Yoga Mat has a top polyurethane layer that wicks away moisture and keeps you from slipping, sliding, or losing your balance even if you sweat a lot, especially during hot yoga practice. The material is free of harsh chemicals and PVC. It’s also vegan-friendly. The mat is durable and doesn’t tear, flake, or chip easily. It’s quite on the heavy side, which helps it stay put, but which also means it’s not as easy to carry as other lighter yoga mats.

Price: S$63.30

Atmananda Alignment Yoga Mat

yoga mat choice singapore


  • Made of 100 percent natural rubber
  • Has alignment lines and position guides
  • Available in three sizes to correspond with height
  • Non-slip material for better grip


  • May be too thin for some beginners

The Atmananda Yoga Mat is made of eco-friendly natural rubber. It features hand, feet, and box symbols to assist you in proper alignment, especially in poses such as plank and downward dog. It also has a 45-degree line and triangle print, which is useful for positions such as Warrior 1 that require the back foot to be positioned at a 45-degree angle. There is also a 2nd line marker to help with arm balancing postures. This mat is great for yoga practitioners of all levels but is particularly geared toward beginners learning different yoga poses.

Price: S$131.39

Gaiam Printed Yoga Mat

top choice yoga mat


  • Lightweight
  • Nice print design
  • Non-toxic PVC material
  • Purchases includes a free yoga class


  • Not much cushioning
  • Can be slippery

The Gaiam Printed Yoga Mat is 5mm thick with a firm support. It has a beautiful “Paisley Frost” printed design that puts you in the mood for a meditative workout. The mat is free of harmful chemicals used to make plastic materials more flexible, yet it is highly durable and is even covered by a lifetime guarantee. Purchase of this mat includes a free downloadable yoga class, which is an unexpected plus.

Price: S$34.49

Manduka eKO Superlite Mat 71” Yoga Mat

cheap yoga mat singapore


  • Lightweight and portable
  • Sustainable material
  • No toxic chemicals
  • Ideal for travel


  • Cleaning the mat can be a fussy affair

The Manduka eKO Superlite Mat is made from sustainably harvested tree rubber. This eco-friendly natural yoga mat is also free from toxic chemicals and uses a blend of natural cotton and polyester for reinforcement. Lightweight, it can also be folded, if you’re not the type to roll up your mat. The surface texture of the mat is like an orange peel. It’s non-slip and grippy, but if you sweat a lot a towel is recommended.

Price: S$79.00

Pido TPE Yoga Mat

singapore yoga mat


  • Anti-skid surfaces
  • Lots of colour combinations to choose from
  • Comes with a storage bag and strap for greater portability
  • Available in 2 thickness options


  • Off-putting smell when new

The Pido yoga mat is made of recyclable TPE rubber. Both sides have an anti-skid texture to make sure that the mat stays on the floor, no matter how rigorous your workout is. This yoga mat is available in 6mm and 8mm thickness options, and there are several colours and colour combinations to choose from. There are even variants printed with position lines to assist you in getting your alignment right. Every purchase includes a carrying strap and a bag.

Price: S$66.67 for 6mm yoga mat (Mallow Purple & Blue variant)

Valka Cork Yoga Mat with Strap

durable yoga mat singapore


  • Highly durable
  • Made from eco-friendly materials
  • Reverse side can be used with footwear
  • Comes with a carry strap


  • Printed design tends to fade

The Valka Yoga Mat is made of recycled cork and natural rubber. The cork becomes more grippy the more you sweat, so you won’t have to worry about slipping. The reverse side of the mat can be used with footwear. The 3mm rubber base is thick enough to provide ample support, yet the mat weighs just under 2.3kg, making it perfect for travel. The cork yoga mat resists odour and keeps clean naturally, so you’ll only need to clean the mat once a week. Cork is antimicrobial too!

Price: S$83.01

Yogasana Yoga Mat

cotton yoga mat


  • Made of natural cotton
  • Handmade in India
  • Ideal for warm and humid weather, doesn’t stick to skin
  • Beautiful earth tone colours


  • Tends to slide on a wooden floor, non-slip mat underneath is recommended

The Yogasana Yoga Mat is made of thick, eco-friendly natural cotton. It features a tight weave, and because it’s made of cotton fabric, it gives you a better grip when it’s wet with sweat. The mat weighs just under 1.8kg, so it’s really good for travel. It’s great for indoor and outdoor use, especially for beach yoga. Sun exposure won’t affect the mat’s 15-year warranty. Another thing we like about it is that every purchase supports the education of the children of Yogasana weavers in India.

Price: S$123.16

Alchemist Ultra Grip Travel Yoga Mat

black yoga mat singapore


  • Made of natural rubber
  • Moisture-wicking surface
  • Anti-slip surface
  • Wider and longer than standard mats
  • Comes with a carry bag


  • Limited colour options

The Alchemist Ultra Grip Travel Yoga Mat features a moisture-wicking surface. The open-cell nanoporous membrane lets you have the best and safest grip possible, making the mat a must-have for hot yoga practitioners and those practicing challenging poses. Alchemist actually offers a full refund if you slip on the mat–care to give it a try?

Price: S$60.00

Yoga Mat Care Tips

When you invest in a yoga mat, you need to know how to take care of it so it can serve you for many years. Follow these tips to keep your mat looking and feeling like new every time you work out.

  • Use a yoga mat towel to absorb sweat. A yoga mat towel also has grippy nubs to keep it in place on your yoga mat. It also gives you more traction if your yoga mat gets slippery.
  • Give your yoga mat a good wipedown after every workout. You can use baby wipes, mild soap with some water, or a yoga mat cleanser. Avoid products with essential oils if your mat is made of rubber.
  • After cleaning your mat, let it dry before rolling it up.
  • Store your yoga mat in a clean and dry environment when not in use. Avoid leaving it in direct sunlight.
  • Skip the skin cream, lotion, body butter, body oil, or beauty serum when using your mat because these may transfer to the mat and leave a stain. These products can also make your workout a slippery affair.

Remember, when you take care of your yoga mat, it will also take care of you. We hope this list of the best yoga mats in Singapore helps you find the perfect workout companion. Happy stretching!

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