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Why You Should Buy A Motorcycle Camera In Singapore 2023

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Wondering if you should buy a motorcycle camera in Singapore? Here’s a guide on why you should buy a motorcycle camera in Singapore.

You must have heard about cameras inside a car, but have you heard about cameras installed in motorbikes. Well, yes, there has been a new trend of having Camera on Motorcycles which is started by motorcyclists to keep an eye on their trips. 

As per the retailers of cameras, there has been an increase in sales of cameras mounted on the helmet or on motorcycles by up to 30% in few months. This is considered as a very well move by the safety experts and Insurance carriers.

In fact to support the same, Insurance company named NTUC income has offered $100 discount on the premiums to the policy holders if they provide the video recordings helping in the settling of the claim.

Almost 5% of all the motor claims have a video recording attached to it which is up by about 3 % from previous year. According to the Vice president of the motor insurance company, “ Video recordings can help in eliminating discrepancies occurred due to both party statements. If any fraud is there, it can be identified with the help of video evidence”.

A motorsports company, Unique Motorsports have 3 motorcycle Camera products costing in between $329 to $599 said to have increased in sales from last year. The sale has seen an uptrend and every month it increases by 5-10%. Another company, Wow! Gadgets have seen an increase of 1/5th on the sales of their only camera model costing $398.

Another Motorcycle giant, Motoworld sells two camera models ranging between $300 to $480 has seen an increase in sales by over 20% in last 4 years.

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Here Are Some Motorcycle Camera Front and Back For Singaporeans

AliExpress.com Product – HD Motorcycle Dual Camera DVR Motor Dash Cam with Special Dual-track Front Rear Recorder Motorbike Electronics Moto Waterproof
AliExpress.com Product – SYS VSYS C6 Dual Motorcycle Action Camera Recorder DVR Front and Rear View Waterproof Motorcycle Dash Cam Black Night Vision Box
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MotoWorld sales Executive, Alex Ooi, said that most of the time Motorcyclists are blamed for an unusual incident or accident. With the camera installed on the motorcycles, they would have proof of cars colliding with them or fail the blind spots leading to accidents.

There would be an extra advantage to the motorcyclists of having a front and rear motorcycle camera letting them know beforehand if they would be hit from the back says Bernard Tay, Singapore Road Safety Council chairman.

Gerard Pereira, Operations Manager of Singapore Safety Driving Centre supported the move stating, Till the camera does not come in the way of the vision of the rider, it is a good move.

A Motorcyclist and cookie shop owner Dinie Abubakar (28 years old) is driving the motorcycle from past 8 years, have installed two cameras, one in front and one in back of the motorcycle two and half years back. According to Dinie, cameras were installed to protect from any mishap. Further stating, Dinie says that sometimes car drivers, miss the blind spot and in haste are not able to change the lanes leading to a collision while some of the car drivers bully the motorcycle riders on the road.

Helmet Motorcycle Camera Singapore

AliExpress.com Product – Widely use dual lens waterproof motorcycle helmet camera

A local Automaker, Alife Air Automobiles did a survey on motorcycle safety and found that of every 4 motorcycle riders, 3 of them have been in an accident before. All the survey takers admitted accidents because of their poor judgment or via tailgating.

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The Traffic police figures currently showcase fatalities has decreased by around 30% of motorcycle accidents while the registered motorcycles are still stagnant at 1,44,000. Around 78 deaths have been registered which is marginally low from 80 deaths in 2012 and 106 deaths in the year 2011.

But the traffic violations by motorcyclists have seen a surge from 21,032 in the year 2012 to 26,640 in 2013.

How To Choose A Motorcycle Camera? 

Since motorcycle cameras have become useful to riders, it’s best to know the right option in choosing the perfect motorcycle camera. Remember that not all these kinds of cameras have similar features. Most of them are small and go well with helmets or at the front of motorcycles. So, it’s essential to check your helmets and motorcycles, too.

There are tons of factors that you need to consider when you choose a motorcycle camera, especially when there is a wide range of options in the market. The most important thing to look at is the camera’s quality and portability. Some minor things to also take into consideration are its battery life and design. 


A camera shouldn’t be a hassle to riders while driving, so it is better to choose one compact in size and lightweight as much as possible. Though one can find a small camera, sometimes it could be a little heavy to carry on while driving, especially to those cameras attached to the rider’s helmet. Another thing is its steadiness to avoid a shaky or blurry recorded video. 


Since motorcycle cameras are helpful to keep track of your travel, it’s also important to check their record quality to make sure that everything that is recorded is clear. If, in any case, there are accidents around, this will help determine what clearly happened on the record. 

Battery Life

The least things one can consider as well are battery life and design. If a rider uses a motorcycle camera for long trips, it’s good to see if its battery can be used for long hours or take some spare charged batteries with you. However, extra batteries will be an additional cost to that.

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Design is another least important factor to consider, though most cameras are in black and square. If you have a color in mind, you can customize or look for the specific color in the market.

Should I put a camera on my motorcycle?

Motorcycle cameras can be a great addition to your motorcycle, providing a new way to document your rides and capture memories along the way.

If you’re an avid rider who enjoys exploring new places or just wants a record of their trips, then investing in a camera can be a great choice.

With a camera onboard, you can keep footage of your rides, which can be great for safety, if you ever need to share the road with vehicle drivers.

Besides, when used daily, motorbike cameras can help monitor for warning signs such as brake light malfunctions, wheel spin, and more.

All in all, a motorcycle camera can be a great addition to your bike, and can not only provide you with valuable ride footage, but also a peace of mind.Why You Should Buy A Motorcycle Camera In Singapore, Best Motorcycle Camera Singapore, motorcycle camera front and rear, motorcycle camera installation singapore, best motorcycle camera singapore, hp motorcycle camera, innovv motorcycle camera, motorcycle dash cam singapore, blackvue motorcycle camera, wifi motorcycle camera,

Which camera is used by bikers?

Bikers typically use action cameras to capture their riding experiences. Action cameras like GoPro’s Hero 8 Black or the DJI Osmo Action are popular among bikers because they are easy to use, can be mounted on a bike or helmet, capture high-quality video, and are waterproof.

Moreover, some of these cameras have features like time-lapse, slow-motion recording, interchangeable lenses, and image stabilization that can help produce stunning footage.

Bikers also may have additional accessories like stabilizers, add-on lenses, and travel cases to help protect their gear when taking it on the road.

Finally, bikers must also consider the cost of their camera as some of the higher-end options can come with a hefty price tag.

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