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Cedele Singapore Menu with Prices

Cedele Singapore Menu

Cedele Singapore Menu is a great place to start when you want to make the most of your dining experience. All of Cedele’s dishes are made with fresh ingredients and they offer many healthy options that can be adapted to meet your dietary needs.Their menu is full of traditional dishes from all over Asia, with a focus on Taiwanese cuisine. 

In 1997 Cedele opened its first store in Singapore. Since then it has expanded across Asia and the world—Chile, China, South Korea, Vietnam and many more countries have become homes for Cedele shops!


They have their own take on fusion cuisine that combines traditional ingredients with modern techniques.Cedele is a fast-casual dining restaurant with its headquarters in Singapore. It serves a wide range of Asian and Western food, such as burgers, sandwiches and thins, salads,pasta,desserts and more.If you are in Singapore, then this is the right place for you.

Cedele Singapore Menu Price

At Cedele,they believe that food is more than just nourishment. It’s a way to bring people together,create memories, and give you a chance to let your hair down and relax. That’s why they’re always looking for new ways to make your dining experience as enjoyable as possible.

Their menu has been designed with the Singaporean palette in mind, so you can be sure that each dish will be both familiar and exciting. They want to give you the best options possible so that you can find something delicious no matter what your preferences are!

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Cedele Popular

Menu ItemsPrice
Grilled Chicken Pesto ThinS$ 14.50
Rosemary Chicken SandwichS$ 10.20
Miso Mirin Salmon Grain BowlS$ 20
Sandwich / Grilled Thins SetS$ 17
BLT SandwichS$ 10.20
Carrot Walnut Cake SliceS$ 10.30

Cedele Popular Set

Menu ItemsPrice
Assorted Cake BundleS$ 34
Gourmet Burger SetS$ 24.50
Grills And Greens Salad SetS$ 25
Sandwich / Grilled Thins SetS$ 17
Pasta SetS$ 25
Soup SetS$ 14.50

Cedele Online Specials

Menu ItemsPrice
Miso Mirin Salmon Grain BowlS$ 20
Sriracha Grilled Chicken Grain BowlS$ 19
Pesto Prawn PastaS$ 20
Portobello & Mushroom PastaS$ 17

Cedele Sandwiches and Thins

Menu ItemsPrice
Grilled Shrimp Avocado Coriander ThinS$ 15.50
Basil Pesto Tofu ThinS$ 13.50
Rosemary Chicken SandwichS$ 10.20
Ham And Cheese SandwichS$ 10.20
Grilled Chicken Pesto ThinS$ 14.50
Smoked Salmon SandwichS$ 12
BLT SandwichS$ 10.20

Cedele Egg Wraps

Menu ItemsPrice
Prawn And Avocado Egg WrapS$ 20
Sriracha Tofu Scramble & Avocado Egg WrapS$ 19
Smoked Ham And Cheese Egg WrapS$ 19

Cedele Brunch

Menu Items Price
Hearty BreakfastS$ 23
Garden OmeletS$ 20

Cedele Pasta

Menu ItemsPrice
Black Pepper Crab PastaS$ 27.50
Beef Meatball Bolognese PastaS$ 24.50
Tofu Miso Pasta (Vegan Friendly)S$ 19
Sea Bass Coriander Pesto PastaS$ 24.50
Empress Chicken PastaS$ 23
Mushroom Arrabiata Vegan FriendlyS$ 19

Cedele Gourmet Burgers

Menu ItemsPrice
Bacon Beef BurgerS$ 22
Chicken Avocado BurgerS$ 19.50
Spinach Lentil And Grilled Mushroom Burger (Vegan Friendly)S$ 18
Mushroom Beef BurgerS$ 21.50
Grilled Beetroot And Avocado Burger (Vegan Friendly)S$ 18

Cedele Kid’s Menu

Menu ItemsPrice
Mushroom Tossed PastaS$ 14.20
Egg Tossed Brown RiceS$ 14.20

Cedele Side’s

Menu ItemsPrice
Sweet Potato FriesS$ 11
Wild Mushroom Soup With BreadS$ 11.50
Truffle FriesS$ 13.50

Cedele Signature Whole Cakes

Menu ItemsPrice
Carrot Walnut CakeS$ 72
Real Dark Chocolate CakeS$ 54
Ondeh Ondeh CakeS$ 54

Cedele Cake Slices

Menu ItemsPrice
Carrot Walnut Cake SliceS$ 10.30
Real Dark Chocolate Cake SliceS$ 9.80
Yuzu Raspberry Cheesecake SliceS$ 9.80
Sea Salt Caramel Cheesecake SliceS$ 9
Strawberry Fields Cake SliceS$ 10.30
Ondeh Ondeh Cake SliceS$ 9.80
Red Velvet Cake SliceS$ 10.30
Chocolate Matcha Cake SliceS$ 10.80
Eggless Chocolate Truffle SliceS$ 9.80

Cedele Tarts and Pastries

Menu ItemsPrices
Apple Blueberry PieS$ 7
Butter CroissantS$ 4.40

Cedele Organic Espresso

Menu ItemsPrice
Long BlackS$ 5.50
LatteS$ 6
MochaS$ 6.50
Iced CappuccinoS$ 7
Iced Flat WhiteS$ 7
CappucinoS$ 6
Flat WhiteS$ 6
Iced Long BlackS$ 6.50
Iced LatteS$ 7
Iced MochaS$ 7.50

Cedele Variety Latte

Menu ItemsPrice
ChaiS$ 6.50
Tumeric HoneyS$ 6.50
Iced Japanese MatchaS$ 7.50
Red ChaiS$ 6.50
Hot ChocolateS$ 6.50

Cedele Lassi

Menu ItemsPrice
Mango Chia LassiS$ 8.50

Top 5 Must Try Cedele Singapore Menu

Cedele is a cafe-style restaurant that serves up delicious desserts, drinks, and snacks. It’s the perfect place to go if you’re craving something sweet after a long day of work or school.

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Here are our top 5 must try Cedele Singapore menu items:

Spinach Lentil And Grilled Mushroom Burger

Best Cedele Singapore Menu
Image Credit: @Instagram

If you’re looking for a delicious meal that’s also healthier than most, then you’ll definitely want to check out the new Spinach Lentil And Grilled Mushroom Burger at Cedele Singapore.

Best Seller Cedele Singapore Menu
Image Credit: @Instagram

This is a great option if you’re looking to get more vegetables into your diet, but don’t want to have to try and make it happen yourself! It’s got all the flavor of a traditional burger, but with less fat and more nutrients.

Strawberry Fields Cake Slice

Delicious Cedele Singapore Menu
Image Credit: @Instagram

The Strawberry Fields Cake Slice is one of the most popular items on Cedele’s Singapore menu. The strawberry cake slice is made with real strawberries, as well as strawberry jam and a strawberry buttercream frosting. 

Famous Cedele Singapore Menu
Image Credit: @Instagram

The snack is topped off with a layer of white chocolate ganache and fresh fruit. The combination of flavors in this dessert will leave you feeling like you’re eating something out of a dream.

Grilled Beetroot And Avocado Burger

Most Popular Cedele Singapore Menu
Image Credit: @Instagram

The Grilled Beetroot And Avocado Burger is one of the more popular choices on the Cedele Singapore Menu. It features crispy fried beets and avocados topped with melted cheese. The burger is served on a sesame seed bun with lettuce, tomato slices, and a side of fries. 

Most Recommended Cedele Singapore Menu
Image Credit: @Instagram

With a grilled beetroot and avocado burger, Cedele Singapore’s menu is one of the most distinct in Singapore.The combination of flavors makes this burger a must-try!

Rosemary Chicken Sandwich

Yummy Cedele Singapore Menu
Image Credit: @Instagram

The Rosemary Chicken Sandwich is a great choice for those who like chicken. It packs in the flavor and healthy benefits of rosemary, as well as the protein-rich goodness of chicken. The sandwich is served with a dip that combines mayonnaise and chili sauce to add extra spice to your meal. 

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The Rosemary Chicken Sandwich at Cedele Singapore is the perfect choice for anyone who wants something delicious but doesn’t have time to spend hours cooking.This dish will make any day feel like a holiday!

Carrot Walnut Cake Slice

Top Cedele Singapore Menu
Image Credit: @Instagram

This is a slice of cake with two layers: one layer is chocolate brownie while the other layer is carrot cake. The two flavors complement each other nicely and make this dessert taste even better than it looks!

Unique Cedele Singapore Menu
Image Credit: @Instagram

It’s also great for sharing with friends or family because there are so many different flavors in one bite!This dessert has plenty of layers so that each bite has a variety of textures (crunchy exterior and soft interior). It’s also great because it’s easy to eat on-the-go since it doesn’t require utensils or plates!If you’re looking for something sweet with a little bit of crunch then you should definitely try this.

Story of Cedele Singapore 

If there were an award for the most soulful food, they are convinced that Cedele would win it hands down. Founded and run by self-made entrepreneur Yeap Cheng Guat, Cedele has grown from a humble neighborhood bakery at Frankel Avenue to health food empire spanning 24 outlets across Singapore.

When the idea of organic whole wheat bread was essentially unheard of, Cheng took a risk in 1997 and opened a tiny bakery selling healthy baked goods. It didn’t take long before numerous special orders began to stream in: sugarless cakes for a customer with diabetes, a loaf of bread without salt, etc. She had to devise a strategy to satisfy her clients because she was the only baker at the time.

Today, Cedele remains rooted in the same belief it was founded upon, helping others to eat well, be well.They got to spend some time with the womanpreneur behind this mission who grew it into something far bigger than herself.Despite their initial struggles, Cedele has now grown to be one of the most popular bakeries in Singapore and continues to expand globally.

Cedele Singapore Locations

The company was founded in 1997 and has grown to include more than 200 restaurants throughout Asia.Cedele, which means “cereal” in French, is a chain of restaurants that originated in Taiwan.Cedele has stores located all over the world and you can check their website for updated information about where to find them near you.In Singapore, you can find Cedele locations at City Square, Republic Plazal and One Raffles Quay.

The restaurants are designed to be both relaxed and elegant, giving you the chance to feel like you’re dining in a cafe or bistro while enjoying gourmet dishes that have been prepared by trained chefs.With a menu that boasts some of the best traditional food, Cedele offers customers a taste of home in a comfortable atmosphere.

If you want to know all the locations of this restaurant, you can visit this:

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