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Commercial Reinstatement Services in Singapore

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If you run a commercial establishment and you are thinking of reinstatement, then you are in the right place. Commercial Reinstatement is one of the most actions performed by company owners and we will talk about why you should do commercial reinstatement, the benefits and why choose Get Contractor for the job!

Why Commercial Reinstatement?

In Singapore, as most of you would know if you are on a lease and the lease period is over, space has to be reinstated to the original condition. This means, the walls, the flooring and everything should be the same, as it was prior to the lease.

This is part of most of the contracts as the landowner has to bear a huge expense for reinstating the place. Therefore these expenses are mostly borne by the tenant.

Now when it comes to commercial reinstatement, most people think it’s very expensive and it will break the bank. But this is not the truth. Here are some tips on commercial reinstatement.

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If you have a small commercial space and are afraid that it will cost you a huge sum, we are here to say, you needn’t worry. The cost of reinstatement is directly proportional to the size of the establishment. There is a price difference is your office’ size is 750 sqft compared to, if it is 1500 sqft.

So reach out to us today to get a fair quote on your commercial reinstatement

Time Taken

A lot of companies think that a lot of time has to be spent on reinstatement. That is weeks on end. Most reinstatement work gets done in two days. This means you can vacate the property, a couple of days prior to your lease ends. This way, you don’ have to pay double rent for weeks on end.

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Bigger properties and properties with false ceilings and drywall that need to be broken might take some more time, but if your’s is the average office space, the two day rule still holds good.

Work Undertaken

A commercial reinstatement job is completely dependent on what you have in your space. Generally, electrical wiring removal, drywall demolition, vinyl floor removal, wall painting, plumbing tasks are undertaken in a commercial reinstatement. The removal of plug points and also removal of fixtures such as chairs, desks, cubicles are part of the service.

Many services include transport of said fixtures to the new office.

Why Get Contractor

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  • When working on delicate items such as construction, the structural integrity of the building should be maintained.
  • While breaking false walls and false ceilings, care must be taken during the breaking and removal process
  • Our team of professionals are highly trained and qualified and certified
  • They do a thorough job of the work and also post work cleaning

Get in touch with Get Contractor today for the best Commercial Reinstatement Specialists!

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