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Differences between learning from Udemy vs Coursera

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Learning is a continuous process and there is no prescribed age limit for learning. Now when the world have become digital, there are many options to learn new things. One such thing evolved is the era of Online Learning. There are various online providers who provide free and paid courses, which you can learn at your own pace and space. How cool is that, right! Among such online providers are Udemy and Coursera. Thousands of courses are available from all fields on these online platforms. You simply have to register on the website and start your skillful learning.

Udemy and Coursera are kinds of similar websites but there are some of the features which one offer while the other does not. One can opt for any of them for their online learning but here we will let you know about both Udemy and Coursera and the major differences among the top players.


Aimed at providing access to best education from around the world, Coursera offers courses pertaining to academic topics and a few hobby topics, which can be learned. These courses are learned via videos allowing students to take quizzes and perform certain assignments. These courses are taught by esteemed professors who has been teaching for so long at Universities and colleges. More than 1500 courses are available on Coursera to choose from. Around 20 Million students are registered with Coursera for online learning.


A rather new Online-learning place, Udemy was established in the year 2010 and has gradually carved a niche for itself. Udemy is quite different in working style than Coursera as along with experts and professionals, people around the world can join any course as well as teach any course expanding the network of teachers and students. More than 35000 courses are available on Udemy ranging from academic topics to personal skill development, hobbies etc.

So is there Any Similarity among two?

The only similarity is the way of teaching via Video lectures in both the platforms. Also, expert professors are available in both the platform to teach the students.

Now, the Major Differences between the two:-




Course TypeUdemy offers more practical courses ranging widely from Academic to personal and hobbies courses like Photography, Personal development skills, arts, music etc which are much more familiar in real life.Coursera has more mental ability type of courses based more on the academic front like maths, science, Planning courses etc.
Duration of the coursesUdemy has On demand feature of applying for any of the courses available at any point of time.Coursera does not offer On-demand courses which are like there is a certain time period for the courses accessibility and after that, you might not be able to apply for it.
Courses OfferedThere are more than 35000 courses available in Udemy which can be accessed in 48 different languages with current student base estimated to be around 14 million.Coursera offers more than 1500 courses accessible in 8 different languages to 20 million-student base.
InstructorsUdemy has a combination of Expert Instructors as well as an individual instructor where anybody can apply for a course and teach as well.Coursera has a team of around 150 experts and professionals who have experience in the field of teaching in Colleges and Universities.
Cost of the CoursesThe majority of courses are available for free at Udemy. The paid courses are even not costly as it starts from $ 19 to $299. There are various high-end courses which are available for more than $499. You may also get some discount and coupons for Udemy Courses.Coursera also has the majority of courses for Free. While there paid courses range from $ 15 to $25,000.
Course QualityUdemy offers highly quality courses as being taught by professionals and skilled individuals.Compared to Udemy, Coursera offers much more quality in terms of courses offered as they are taught by experts and experienced instructors. Even certain Universities prefer Coursera content for their program credits.


Both the online Providers are after all profit based organization and have the aim to equip the course takers with the skill they want to learn with the course. Udemy as well as Coursera both offers an excellent learning opportunity to the students. It’s just that Coursera is more Academic leading to mental skill development while Udemy courses are much more practically useful in day-to-day/ real life.

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