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Each a Cup Menu Singapore with Prices

Each a Cup Menu Singapore

Each a Cup Menu Singapore has tea that is probably one of the most popular beverages. It can be enjoyed hot or cold, with or without milk and sugar, and it can be sweet, spicy, fruity or earthy.

But there are some teas that take things to a whole new level. These rare teas are so special they deserve their own menu—a menu that you can order from and savor at home or in a tea shop. 


That’s exactly what Each a Cup Tea Singapore Menu have created: a collection of unique teas that will make you want to order one for each guest at your next party!

Each a Cup Menu Prices

How much are the menu items at Each a Cup?

You’ve probably heard of the cafe, but you might not know what to expect from the menu. Here’s their complete list of prices, so you can make an informed decision about how much you want to spend on your drinks!

Each a Cup Menu Singapore offers a wide range of drink options for every occasion. Whether you’re looking for a quick drink or an extravagant one, they’ve got something for everyone. Scroll down to see their full menu:

Each a Cup Popular

Milk TeaS$ 3.60
Milo Ice BlendedS$ 3.80
Oreo CrushS$ 3.60
Brown Sugar Pearl Milk TeaS$ 4.50
Peppermint Milk TeaS$ 4.00
Chocolate OreoS$ 3.80

Each a Cup Classics

Ice Cream Milk TeaS$ 4.80
Three Gems Milk TeaS$ 4.80
Caramel Milk TeaS$ 4.30
Hazelnut Milk TeaS$ 4.30
Oolong Milk TeaS$ 4.20
Roasted Milk TeaS$ 4.20
Honeydew Milk TeaS$ 4.00
Honey Milk TeaS$ 4.00
Lychee Milk TeaS$ 4.00
Mango Milk TeaS$ 4.00
Peppermint Milk TeaS$ 4.00
Strawberry Milk TeaS$ 4.00
Green Apple Milk TeaS$ 4.00
Peach Milk TeaS$ 4.00
Chocolate Snow ShakeS$ 3.80
Strawberry Snow ShakeS$ 3.80
Honeydew Snow ShakeS$ 3.80
Milk TeaS$ 3.60
Jasmine Milk TeaS$ 3.60

Each a Cup Fruit Smoothie Series

Milo AvacadoS$ 8.00
Strawberry Coconut SmoothieS$ 7.40
Brown Sugar AvacadoS$ 8.00
Strawberry Yoghurt AvacadoS$ 8.00
Coconut SmoothieS$ 6.50
Fresh Milk AvacadoS$ 7.00

Each a Cup Brown Sugar

Brown Sugar Pearl Matcha Fresh MilkS$ 5.50
Brown Sugar Boba MilkS$ 5.00
Brown Sugar Jasmine Pearl Milk TeaS$ 4.90
Brown Sugar Pearl Milk TeaS$ 4.50

Each a Cup Cheese

Strawberry CheeseS$ 7.10
Mango CheeseS$ 6.60
Cheese Milk MatchaS$ 4.80
Cheese Milk Black TeaS$ 4.20
Cheese Milk Amber OolongS$ 4.20

Each a Cup Ice Blended

Mango Passion Pop SmoothieS$ 4.90
Milk Tea Ice BlendedS$ 4.60
Coffee OreoS$ 4.20
Strawberry SunriseS$ 4.10
Green Apple SunriseS$ 4.10
Mango SunriseS$ 4.10
Mango Passion SmoothieS$ 4.00
Azuki Beans ExtremeS$ 3.80
Chocolate Ice BlendedS$ 3.80
Milo Ice BlendedS$ 3.80
Peppermint OreoS$ 3.80
Strawberry OreoS$ 3.80
Honeydew SmoothieS$ 3.80
Strawberry SmoothieS$ 3.80
Green Apple SmoothieS$ 3.80
Taro Ice BlendedS$ 3.80
Chocolate OreoS$ 3.80
Strawberry Lychee Ice BlendedS$ 3.60
Oreo CrushS$ 3.60

Each a Cup Daily Dose

Dong Ding Oolong Fresh Milk TeaS$ 5.00
Yakult Apple Jelly Green TeaS$ 4.80
Alisan MacchiatoS$ 4.20
Oolong MacchiatoS$ 4.20
Honey Lemon with AiyuS$ 4.10
Cranberry Apple Fruit TeaS$ 4.10
Citron Lemon with Basil SeedS$ 4.10
Korean Citron JuiceS$ 3.60
Grape Red TeaS$ 3.60
Green Apple Green TeaS$ 3.60
Honey Green TeaS$ 3.60
Honey Black TeaS$ 3.60

Each a Cup Mind Booster

Ice Cream Fresh Milk TeaS$ 5.90
Amber Oolong Fresh Milk TeaS$ 5.00
Winter Melon Milk TeaS$ 4.60
Caramel CoffeeS$ 4.30
Hazelnut CoffeeS$ 4.30
Mocha CoffeeS$ 4.20
Peppermint CoffeeS$ 4.20
Vanilla SnowshakeS$ 3.80
Fresh Lemon Earl GreyS$ 3.80
American Milk CoffeeS$ 3.80
Black Tea MacchiatoS$ 3.60
Green Tea MacchiatoS$ 3.60

Each a Cup Weight Lite

Amber Lemon Green TeaS$ 4.70
Fresh Grapefruit Green TeaS$ 4.70
Fresh Passion Fruit Green TeaS$ 4.70
Golden Buckwheat Tea with Aloe VeraS$ 4.60
Fresh Lemon Green TeaS$ 4.20
Alisan TeaS$ 3.80
Oolong Green TeaS$ 3.80
Peach Oolong TeaS$ 3.80
Peach Melon TeaS$ 3.80
Pu-er Chrysanthemum TeaS$ 3.80
Peach Green TeaS$ 3.60
Peach Red TeaS$ 3.60
Purple Plum Tea with AiyuS$ 3.20

Each a Cup Forever Young

Yakult Lemon Green TeaS$ 4.80
Passion Lime Lychee Green TeaS$ 4.70
Passion Lime Green TeaS$ 4.40
Yakult Green TeaS$ 4.30
Strawberry Jelly Oolong TeaS$ 4.20
Chamomile Milk TeaS$ 4.20
Plum Lime JuiceS$ 4.00
Lemon Lime JuiceS$ 4.00
Osmanthus Green TeaS$ 3.80
Rose Lychee Black TeaS$ 3.80
Sakura Green TeaS$ 3.80
No. 1 Jasmine Green teaS$ 2.90

Each a Cup Energy Burst

Azuki Brown Rice Pearl Milk TeaS$ 4.90
Rooibos Tea LatteS$ 5.00
Chocolate Milk TeaS$ 4.20
Taro Milk TeaS$ 4.20
Fresh Plum Green TeaS$ 4.00
Brown Rice Milk TeaS$ 4.00
Earl Grey Milk TeaS$ 4.00

Each a Cup Extra Large (1000CC)

Taiwan Fresh Fruit SlingS$ 8.20
Strawberry Jelly Fresh Grapefruit JuiceS$ 8.20
Old School Plum JuiceS$ 5.40
PeachyS$ 5.40
Blue LagoonS$ 5.40
Winter Melon BlissS$ 5.40

Top 5 Must Try Each a Cup Singapore Menu

We know you’re busy. We also know that you love tea. So why not make it easy on yourself and get the best of both worlds?

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That’s where the Top 5 Must Try Tea in Each a Cup Singapore Menu comes in!

We’ve got you covered with some of the best teas around, so you can enjoy a cup of your favorite without having to go searching for it. Whether you want something light and fruity or earthy and rich, we’ve got the perfect blend for you.

Osmanthus Green Tea

Best Seller Each a Cup Menu Singapore
Image Credit: @Instagram

A favorite of the Chinese, osmanthus green tea is a delicate blend of traditional green tea and sweet osmanthus flowers. The flowers are known for their sweet, citrusy scent and are often used in teas, perfumes, and desserts. In this blend, the floral notes of the osmanthus are paired with a subtle green tea base to create a delicate flavor that’s perfect for drinking alone or with your morning meal.

The sweet, floral scent of osmanthus green tea is a natural mood booster. Its subtle taste is like a warm hug from your best friend, and it’s sure to make you feel all warm and fuzzy inside.

Best Each a Cup Menu Singapore
Image Credit: @Instagram

We love this tea because it can be enjoyed in so many different ways. You can drink it hot or cold, on its own or with some honey and lemon—whatever you’re feeling!

And if you’re looking for a tea that will help wake up your mind in the morning or wind down at night, this is for you. It’s great for any time of day.

Brown Sugar Green Tea

Famous Each a Cup Menu Singapore
Image Credit: @Instagram

Brown Sugar Green tea is a delicious option if you’re looking for something with a little more flavor. If you’re a fan of sweet teas, this one is for you!

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This tea is made from green tea leaves and blackberry leaves that have been roasted with brown sugar until they develop a rich, caramel-like flavor. The taste is sweet and enjoyable, but not overpowering—it’s perfect if you’re looking for something that will help you unwind after a long day at work or school.

Great Each a Cup Menu Singapore
Image Credit: @Instagram

If you’re looking for something new and exciting to try, this is an excellent choice!

Almond Milk tea

Most Popular Each a Cup Menu Singapore
Image Credit: @Instagram

Almond Milk Tea is a delicious, light tea that is perfect for anyone who wants to enjoy a cup of tea without the caffeine. It has a subtle almond flavor that blends well with the other ingredients in this tea.

The leaves used to make this tea are from the Camellia sinensis plant, which is native to China but grows all over the world. The leaves are dried and crushed before being steeped in hot water for about five minutes.

Most Recommended Each a Cup Menu Singapore
Image Credit: @Instagram

Almond Milk Tea has many health benefits. It contains vitamin A, which helps to protect against infections; vitamin E, which can help prevent cell damage; and calcium, which supports bone health.

Jasmine Milk Tea

Top Each a Cup Menu Singapore
Image Credit: @Instagram

Jasmine Milk tea is a delicious drink made with tea leaves, jasmine flowers, and milk. It is a sweet, light, and refreshing beverage that you can enjoy any time of day.

The first thing that you notice when drinking jasmine milk tea is the aroma of the white jasmine flowers. The smell is sweet and floral, but not overpowering. When you sip it, you get a taste of what the aroma promised: creamy, slightly sweet milk with notes of honey and vanilla. It’s a very smooth drink that goes down easily.

Unique Each a Cup Menu Singapore
Image Credit: @Instagram

I recommend pairing it with an almond cookie or two—you’ll be surprised by how well they complement each other.

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Milk Tea

Delicious Each a Cup Menu Singapore
Image Credit: @Instagram

For those who enjoy the taste of a good milk tea, but also want to experience the texture of pearls in their drink, this is the one for you. The flavor of green tea is strong and bold, and the addition of pearl makes each sip an adventure. The texture adds an interesting element to drinking something that you normally try to avoid in beverages–the feeling of eating rice or other grains. 

This makes it easier to drink than other milk teas with pearls, which often require you to chew them before swallowing.And this beverage is best enjoyed on a hot day while sitting outside or near a window with open air conditioning.

History of Each a Cup 

The history of Each a Cup is a living, breathing testament to the power of an idea.

In 1999, a food connoisseur traveled 3,094km from the heartland of Asia to bring bubble tea to Singapore. He had seen the innovative combination of delicious milk teas and chewy tapioca balls called boba in the street food markets, and he knew that it would be perfect for Singapore.

But how could he make his dreams come true? He began by traveling around the city, asking people what they wanted to see in their local bubble tea shops. Then he went back to his kitchen and spent months developing recipes that would excite both locals and visitors alike.

He didn’t stop there; in order to ensure that every cup was satisfying yet reviving and capturing the essence of his brand, “the goodness of each cup,” he also established new criteria for quality control and sterilization.

And that’s how Each A Cup was born!

Each a Cup Outlets in Singapore

If you’re looking for a place to get your bubble tea fix, look no further than Each-a-Cup outlets in Singapore. With 56 locations across the city, you’ll never have to go far to get your favorite milk tea or fruit juice with tapioca pearls.

The first Each-a-Cup outlet opened in Singapore back in 2001, and since then they’ve expanded their presence considerably. You can now find them all over the island nation, including one outlet within Downtown East (1 Pasir Ris Close).

And if you want to find all the outlets of Each a Cup in Singapore, you can check here:

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