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How to get to Fort Canning and what to do there

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Fort Canning is one of the best destinations to visit in Singapore that has something to offer for every type of traveler. If you are a party buff, then enjoy big celebrations at the concerts and festivals hosted here regularly. On the other hand, history lovers can explore its artificial artifacts and nature lovers can witness its lush greenery and nature experiences.

How to get to Fort Canning 2021

how to get to fort canning

How to get there:


Alight at Fort Canning Station (Exit B), Clarke Quay Station (Exit E) or Dhoby Ghaut Station (Exit B).

  • Clarke Quay Station: Come out from Exit E, turn left and walk along Coleman Bridge. Turn left again at the end of Coleman Bridge and head towards the pedestrian overhead bridge (100m away) along River Valley Road. Cross the overhead bridge and you will enter Fort Canning Park.
  • Dhoby Ghaut Station: Come out from Exit B, cross Penang Road, turn left and keep a lookout for the tunnel leading to Fort Canning Park.

Park Size: 18 hectares

Park lighting hours: 7.00pm to 7.00am

Nearby Parks/Park Connectors:Dhoby Ghaut Green, Istana Park, Raffles Place Park

Top things to do at Fort Canning

Mural Wall

It is a large wall showcasing the historical events of Singapore that take place in the 14th century. All the activities of the Malay culture are depicted in the Mural wall that stretches throughout the pathway in the park. There are many mural motifs in the Fort Canning part that are quite impressive and allow you to have a great look at the visual presentation of the history.

The history buffs will get to know about the Siamese attacks on Singapore that resulted in the death of countless people. Additionally, the park features the fame of the country and how it attracts the people from the Southeast Asia. It will be quite fun to know about Singapore in detail ranging from war to destruction and construction.

Raffles Terrace

how to go to fort canning 2021

Named after the founder of the Singapore, Raffles Terrace is one of the most iconic places to visit in the Fort Canning. It is the site where Sir Stamford Raffles built his bungalow. One can have a beautiful view of the town center from the location.

If you are coming with your lover, then you should have a romantic walk and dwell around the Raffles Terrace. This place is a beautiful gem located next to the Clarke Quay. A visit to Raffles Terrace will give you lots of memorable experiences.

Maritime Corner

what to do at fort canning singapore

Maritime Corner will let you witness the rich maritime heritage of the Singapore. It is a beautiful place that attracts young as well as adults and visitors. It underlines the importance of the sea trade and port in the early part of the 19th century.

There is a flag staff, time ball, and lighthouse at the Maritime Corner that will let you explore the maritime culture of the Singapore. A quick tour of the Maritime Corner will take you the time of the country’s early maritime trade and how important part it plays in guiding ships to the port.

9 Pound Cannons

fort canning singapore

At Fort Canning Park, there are two 9-pound cannons that adds the beauty to the location. These cannons plays were fired three times in a day to announce the hour during the ancient time. Additionally, it was utilized as a warning of town fires and a salute. During that time, the fort was having seven 68 pound guns, two 13-inch mortars, and eight 8-inch guns.

9-Pound Cannons make the perfect location for a wonderful photo-taking shoot that will stay in your memories for a long time. So, don’t forget to click some photos here.

Keramat Iskandar Syah

what to do at fort canning singapore

Keramat Iskandar Syah is a holy place dedicated to the Iskandar Shah, who was the last ruler of the Singapura. He is also known by many other names, such as Sri Tri Buana and Parameswara. According to the legends, Iskandar Shah and his chief minister Demang Labar Duan are buried here.

A walk around to the Forbidden Hill will take you back to the golden age of the 14th century and the era of the five kings. If you want a chance to have an encounter with the ghosts of the past, then don’t forget to visit the Keramat Iskandar Syah.

Archaeological Dig

Archaeological Dig in the Fort Canning is a unique place that will give you a glimpse of the Singapore’s ancient history. It is situated near the path leading from the spice garden. The research on this site starts in 1984 and since then, there are thousands of artifacts from the 14th century founded here that range from glass, pottery, Chinese coins, ceramics, etc.

If you love to see unique and ancient things, then it is a must-visit place for you. You may find something special in the Ancient Dig at the Fort Canning.

Spice Garden

what to visit in fort canning singapore

The majority of us has tasted clove and nutmeg in different cuisines. So, imagine if you get a chance to see their trees, is it not amazing? Spice Garden is one of those sites where you can experience this feeling. It is the first Botanical and Experimental Garden in Singapore, which is started by Sir Stamford Raffles in 1822.

This extensive location offers quick relief from the tropical heat and astonishing panoramic views of Singapore. Spice Garden creates a beautiful environment where you can have the feel of the colonial-era botanical garden.

Gothic Gate

fort canning in singapore where to go

Gothic Gate is one of the most iconic landmarks in Fort Canning Hill. It is an imposing and somber gateway that was built in 1846. The structure is designed by Captain Charles Edward Faber, who was a superintending engineer of the Straits Settlement at that time.

These two Gothic Gates now serves as the gateway to the Fort Canning Green. Exploring this location will let you feel the colonial past of the Singapore. Don’t forget to take a camera with you for clicking some precious memories at the Fort Canning.

Fort Gate

best places to visit in singapore

Fort Canning Gate remains in the same condition when it was newly built in 1859. There is an adjoining wall that shows the beautiful sculptures of the ancient Singapore. The gate works the entry point for visitors who came to the large outdoor concerts organized in the Fort Canning. Some of the recently organized events are Beastie Boys, WOMAD, Singfest, and Muse.

This place offers a very quiet environment away from the hustle and bustle of the Singapore.

The Battlebox

visiting fort canning in singapore

The Battlebox is one of the best tourist attractions in Fort Canning where one can have a powerful sense of history. It is a museum that was built as an emergency bombproof command center during the Battle of Singapore and Malayan Campaign.

The walls of the museum show the pictures and stories regarding the last days of the Battle of Singapore. It is completely enjoyable and exciting to the visit the Battlebox at the Fort Canning.

Armenian Street Park

This new attraction is made to create a new park and public space for larger events. The Armenian Street Park can no hold parties and events to give more happy and memorable experiences to its visitors.

You would also enjoy strolling through the pretty mobile planters that are related to daily lives and food recipes! Plus, you would smell the goodness of potpourri flowers. Cultural heritage is the main theme of this new park, so make sure to visit it today.

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