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Haidilao Menu Singapore with Prices 2023

by Gelyn
Haidilao Menu Singapore

Haidilao is a chain of hot pot restaurants that has grown to become one of the most popular in China. The Haidilao menu Singapore offers an authentic experience with an emphasis on fresh ingredients, as well as a wide variety of options for vegetarians and vegans.

The menu currently features over 100 different items ranging from meats like lamb and beef tendon to seafood like crab and squid. The entire menu is available at each location so there’s no need to worry about missing out on your favorite dish!

There are more than 300 locations across China, and it recently opened its first international location in Singapore. It is located in Marina Bay Sands and features a modern design with both indoor and outdoor seating options.

Haidilao Menu Price Singapore

Haidilao is a Chinese restaurant that serves authentic Sichuan cuisine. They have outlets in China, Hong Kong, Macau, Singapore and other places around the world.

The Haidilao menu Singapore prices vary depending on the location and the time of day when you visit the restaurant. In this section, we will share with you all the information about the Haidilao menu price list in Singapore.

Haidilao Popular

Sliced U.S. Beef 美国肥牛S$ 14.01
Sesame Oil & Curshed Garlic 香油蒜泥S$ 4.00
Signature Beef 精品肥牛S$ 19.01
Asparagus Lettuce 青笋S$ 4.00
Sesame Sauce 麻酱(内含花生酱)S$ 4.00
Featured Chilli Sauce 特色辣椒酱S$ 4.00

Haidilao Delivery Set Meal 外送套餐

Economical Beef Combo A(Half Portion) For Two People 牛肉经济套餐A(半份菜量)2人S$ 98.05
Economical Beef Combo B(Half Portion) For Four People 牛肉经济套餐B(半份菜量)4人S$ 128.06
Economical Pork Combo A(Half Portion) For Two People 猪肉经济套餐A(半份菜量)2人S$ 98.05
Economical Pork Combo B(Half Portion) For Four People 猪肉经济套餐B(半份菜量)4人S$ 128.06

Haidilao Soup Base 锅底

Single-Flavour Soup Base 全鍋S$ 0
Double-Flavors Soup Base 双拼锅底S$ 0

Haidilao Signature Dishes 特色菜类

Signature Mashed Shrimpwah 捞派虾滑S$ 12.50
Sliced Fish 嫩鱼片S$ 9.50
Chicken Slices 嫩鸡肉片S$ 7.00
HaiDiLao-flavored Beef 捞派滑牛肉S$ 10.00
Fresh Pig Brains 猪脑花S$ 8.50
HaiDiLao-flavored Layered Beef Tripe 捞派千层毛肚S$ 9.00
HaiDiLao-flavored Beef Tripe 捞派鲜毛肚S$ 9.00
Cheese Tofu 芝士豆腐S$ 5.01
Fish Curd 鱼腐S$ 5.01
Homemade Tofu Pudding 捞派豆花S$ 4.50

Haidilao Beef, Mutton & Meat 牛羊肉类

Iberico Pork 西班牙黑猪肉S$ 12.00
Black Pork 黑猪肉S$ 12.00
Sliced U.S. Beef 美国肥牛S$ 14.01
Signature Beef 精品肥牛S$ 19.01
Sliced Pork Belly 五花猪肉片S$ 9.00
U.S Wagyu Beef 美国和牛肉S$ 28.02
Aussie Sliced Lamb Shoulder 澳洲羊肩肉S$ 12.00
Wagyu Japanese Beef 日本和牛S$ 54.03
Pork Jowl 猪颈肉S$ 8.01

Haidilao Seafood 海鲜河鲜类

Fish Maw 鱼鳔S$ 8.01
Cod Fillet 鳕鱼片S$ 12.50
Arctic Surf Clam 北极贝S$ 11.01
Chinese Bullfrog 田鸡S$ 5.50
Vannamei Shrimp 南美白虾S$ 12.00
Frozen Scallops 冰鲜贝柱肉S$ 20.01
Golden Pomfret 金鲳鱼S$ 22.01
Fresh Prawn 游水虾S$ 9.00
clams 花啦啦S$ 10.00

Haidilao Meatball & Mashed Meat 丸滑类

Mushroom Meatball 香菇贡丸S$ 6.00
Pork Meatball 猪肉丸子S$ 7.51
Handmade Fish Balls with Fish Roe 手工鱼籽鱼丸S$ 5.50
Fish Ball with Roe 鱼包鱼蛋S$ 6.00
Pork Meatball 包心猪肉丸子S$ 6.00S$ 7.00
Fortune Bag 鱼籽福袋S$ 10.00

Haidilao Classic Hot Pot Dishes 经典火锅菜

Quail Eggs 鹌鹑蛋S$ 6.00
Crab Stick 蟹味棒S$ 5.01
Luncheon Meat 午餐肉S$ 5.50
Pork Intestines 肥肠S$ 7.00
Mini Cheese Sausages 芝士脆皮肠S$ 6.50
Fried Crispy Fish Skin 炸鱼皮S$ 6.00
De-Boned Duck Webs 脱骨鸭掌S$ 12.00
Pork Liver 猪肝片S$ 5.01
Mini Sausage 脆皮肠S$ 4.50
Pork Stomach 猪肚S$ 8.01
Fish Roe Stuffed Beancurd 腐皮鱼籽夹S$ 3.50
Fishball 鱼丸S$ 5.01
Pork Kidney Slice 腰片S$ 6.00

Haidilao Root Vegetables & Mushroom 根茎与菌类

Golden Enoki Mushroom 金色金针菇S$ 5.50
Rice Cakes with Cheese 芝士年糕S$ 4.00
Shiitake Mushrooms 香菇S$ 3.50
King Oyster Mushrooms 杏鲍菇S$ 5.01
Sweet Corn 甜玉米S$ 4.00
Taro 黄金芋头S$ 4.50
White Radish 白萝卜S$ 2.50
Sliced Bamboo Shoots 竹笋片S$ 4.00
Kombu Seedling 8秒海带苗S$ 4.00
Chinese Yam 山药S$ 3.50
Lotus Root 藕片S$ 4.00
Black Fungus 木耳S$ 3.50
Potato Slices 土豆片S$ 3.00
Winter Melon 冬瓜S$ 2.50
Tender Tips of Bamboo Shoots 竹笋尖S$ 4.00
Asparagus Lettuce 青笋S$ 4.00

Haidilao Vegetables 叶菜类

Cabbage 玻璃生菜S$ 3.50
Chinese Cabbage 大白菜S$ 4.00
Spinach 菠菜S$ 4.00
Leaf Lettuce 油麦菜S$ 4.00
Assorted Vegetables Platter 田园时蔬拼盘S$ 10.00

Haidilao Soybean & Flour Products 豆面制品

Frozen Tofu 冻豆腐S$ 4.00
Fresh Tofu 嫩豆腐S$ 3.00
Sweet Potato Vermicelli 红薯宽粉S$ 4.00
Tofu Skin 豆腐皮S$ 4.00
Konjac Thread 魔芋丝S$ 4.50
Beancurd Sheet 腐竹S$ 4.00
Fried Tofu Skin 炸豆皮S$ 6.50
Thin Vermicelli 细粉丝S$ 3.00

Haidilao Side Dishes 小吃类

Instant Noodle 快熟面S$ 2.00
Meat & Chives Dumplings 猪肉韭菜饺S$ 4.00

Haidilao Condiment 自选类

Sesame Sauce 麻酱(内含花生酱)S$ 4.00
Sesame Oil & Curshed Garlic 香油蒜泥S$ 4.00
Soya Sauce 自制酱青S$ 4.00
Fermented Beancurd Sauce 豆腐乳酱S$ 4.00
Featured Chilli Sauce 特色辣椒酱S$ 4.00

Top 5 Must Try Haidilao Menu Singapore

If you’re a fan of Chinese cuisine, then you know that Haidilao is a must-try.

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This chain is known for its hotpot dishes and its extensive menu. From the chilled soup noodles to the spicy peanut sauce, there’s a lot on offer at this restaurant that will have you coming back for more!

We’ve put together a list of our top 5 must try Haidilao menu Singapore in order to help you make an informed decision about what to order the next time you visit this restaurant.

Deep Fried Crispy Pork

Best Seller Haidilao Menu Singapore
Image Credit: @Instagram

This is one of our favorite dishes in the whole city. It’s crispy, and it’s fried, but it’s not greasy. This is a dish you can eat on a first date and not be worried about spilling any sauce on your clothes. The pork is soft and juicy, yet it has a nice crunch to it from being deep-fried in flour. It’s not too salty, which is great for people who don’t like their food too salty (like me!).

The serving size is also perfect: it’s not too big or too small—it’s just right! You can order this with some rice or noodles if you’re feeling like a noodle soup rather than a fried dish. It also comes with a side of veggies that are lightly seasoned with soy sauce and a bit of oil; they’re really delicious! We love the way they do their vegetables here—they’re always cooked perfectly!

Pork Belly with Mala Broth

Best Haidilao Menu Singapore
Image Credit: @Instagram

If you’re looking for a place that serves up some of the best pork belly in town, look no further than Haidilao. I went there recently and ordered their Pork Belly with Mala Broth.

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I was blown away by how delicious, tender, and flavorful it was! The meat literally just fell apart in my mouth, and the broth had this really interesting spicy-sweet flavor that made me want to keep eating more. The dish is served with rice noodles (which are gluten-free), so if you have dietary restrictions or allergies, this is definitely a place where you can find something that satisfies your cravings.

The result is an amazing combination of flavors that stays with me long after I’ve left the restaurant.

Fried Mantou with Condensed Milk

Famous Haidilao Menu Singapore
Image Credit: @Instagram

Fried Mantou with Condensed Milk is a delicious dessert that will leave you wanting more!

It’s hard to describe the taste of Fried Mantou with Condensed Milk. It’s like eating a crispy, sweet donut that has been dipped in condensed milk. The condensed milk is so rich and smooth, it almost reminds me of warm caramel.

Fried Mantou with Condensed Milk is perfect for any occasion—whether it be a party or just an afternoon snack. It’s quick and easy to make so you’ll never be without this delicious treat again!

Haidilao Hot Pot

Great Haidilao Menu Singapore
Image Credit: @Instagram

It’s a traditional Chinese dish with a variety of broth bases and toppings. The mala soup base is spicy and light, while the mushroom soup base is more savory and robust.

The chicken broth was delicious—very flavorful without being too salty or overpowering. It’s also great for people who are looking for something lighter than beef broth.

The cheese beef balls were my favorite part of this meal! They were crispy on the outside, soft on the inside, and filled with gooey cheese that melted in your mouth. You could tell they were fresh because they didn’t taste like those ones you get frozen from Trader Joe’s that are rubbery or stale-tasting after thawing out (I’ve been there).

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The shrimp balls were also good—they had a nice texture similar to fish cakes with a slightly crunchy exterior coating that would make it easy to eat these by themselves without needing anything else except maybe some soy sauce if you wanted more flavor than just straight up shrimp (not that there was anything wrong with that!).

Sweet Pumpkin ‘Rice Cake

Most Popular Haidilao Menu Singapore
Image Credit: @Instagram

The Sweet Pumpkin ‘Rice Cake is a delicious way to enjoy the pumpkin season. It’s sweet, it’s crunchy, it’s healthy—and it’s totally vegan!

This cake is made with all-natural ingredients, so you can feel good about eating it. The rice cakes are baked in small batches with organic cinnamon and nutmeg. They’re then coated in a sugar glaze that tastes like pumpkin pie filling—you know that stuff that makes your mouth happy when you eat it? Yeah, this tastes just like that!

You’ll love the taste and texture of these rice cakes. They’re great to have on hand if you’re craving something sweet, but don’t want to ruin your diet by eating candy or other processed foods. One of these cakes will satisfy your craving for something sweet without any regret or guilt later!

Haidilao Soup Base Menu

Soup Base Haidilao Menu Singapore
Image Credit: @Instagram

Haidilao’s soup base menu is designed to make your hot pot experience as enjoyable as possible, and we’ve got a few options for you!

Signature Hot Pot-Mushroom Soup Base: This soup is a great choice for when you’re in the mood for something hearty and bold. The mushrooms add depth and flavor to this classic hot pot base while still allowing you to enjoy the other ingredients in your bowl.

Haidilao-Styled Bai-Yu Hot Pot: Bai-yu is a spicy, numbing sauce that originated in Sichuan Province. It’s made from chili peppers, Sichuan peppercorns, and garlic—just what you need to kick off your meal with a little heat!

Popular Soup Base Haidilao Menu Singapore
Image Credit: @Instagram

Sichuan Spicy Hot Pot: Sichuan cuisine is known for being spicy, but this soup takes things up a notch with chili oil and Sichuan peppercorns. If you’re looking for some extra heat in your meal, this is the way to go!

The Sichuan Pickles Hot Pot is the most popular of these options, and it includes a variety of vegetables and meat in a spicy broth. It’s made with pickled vegetables, which give it a unique taste that customers love!

Best Soup Base Haidilao Menu Singapore
Image Credit: @Instagram

The Mushroom Soup Hot Pot is also very popular among customers, but has more of an Asian flavor than the Sichuan Pickles Hot Pot. This dish includes mushrooms and other ingredients in a clear broth.

Finally, there is the Tomato Soup Hot Pot—a spicy soup with tomatoes as its primary ingredient along with other veggies like cabbage or onions for added flavor!

Story of Haidilao Singapore

A hot pot franchise called Haidilao Menu Singapore was established in 1994. It has been around for more than 20 years and has grown to be a recognized catering business. In China, Singapore, the United States, South Korea, Japan, Canada, the United Kingdom, Malaysia, Vietnam, Indonesia, and Australia, the corporation operates approximately 935 chain restaurants. In the course of time, Haidilao has successfully created a name for itself as a high-quality hot pot brand by overcoming both market and consumer hurdles.

In several regions of China, hot pots have various qualities, which Haidilao combines. Haidilao upholds business ethics as a sizable chain catering company with operations all over the world. It places the highest importance on consistently enhancing the quality and safety of its food items and producing healthier, safer, and more nutrient-dense food while also offering more considerate services to its clients.

What is the average cost per person for Haidilao in Singapore?

Haidilao is a popular hot pot restaurant chain in Singapore that offers a wide variety of dishes and dining experiences. The cost per person at Haidilao can vary depending on several factors, such as the location, time of day, and menu items chosen.

On average, a meal at Haidilao in Singapore can cost anywhere from $30 to $50 per person. This includes the cost of the hot pot ingredients, as well as any additional dishes or drinks ordered.

However, it’s worth noting that Haidilao offers a range of dining options and prices. For example, they offer a lunch set menu that can be more affordable than ordering à la carte. They also offer premium ingredients such as wagyu beef and seafood, which can be more expensive than standard hot pot ingredients.

Overall, the cost per person at Haidilao in Singapore can vary depending on a range of factors, but it is generally considered to be in the mid-range of dining prices in Singapore.

Why is Haidilao so popular in Singapore?

Haidilao is a popular hot pot restaurant chain in Singapore that has gained a loyal following among locals and tourists alike. There are several reasons why Haidilao is so popular in Singapore:

  1. High-quality ingredients: Haidilao is known for using high-quality ingredients, such as fresh vegetables, meats, and seafood. This ensures that the food is fresh and flavorful, which is a big draw for customers.
  2. Customizable hot pot: Haidilao offers a customizable hot pot experience, where customers can choose from a variety of broths, meats, and vegetables to create their own unique meal. This allows customers to tailor their meal to their preferences, which is a big selling point.
  3. Excellent service: Haidilao is known for its excellent service, which includes a range of amenities such as complimentary snacks, drinks, and manicures. The staff is also friendly and attentive, which creates a welcoming atmosphere for customers.
  4. Unique dining experience: Haidilao offers a unique dining experience that is different from traditional restaurants. The hot pot concept encourages socializing and sharing, which is a big draw for customers looking for a fun and interactive dining experience.
  5. Value for money: Despite its high-quality ingredients and excellent service, Haidilao offers reasonable prices that are affordable for most customers. This makes it a popular choice for families and groups looking for a satisfying meal that won’t break the bank.

Overall, Haidilao’s popularity in Singapore can be attributed to its high-quality ingredients, customizable hot pot, excellent service, unique dining experience, and value for money. These factors have helped to make Haidilao a beloved brand in Singapore’s food scene.

How many Haidilao are there in Singapore?

Haidilao Singapore Outlets

Haidilao is one of the hottest hot pot restaurants in Singapore, and there are many reasons why this chain is so popular. The first reason is that it offers a wide range of dishes on its menu. The hot pot restaurant brand Haidilao has 20 locations in Singapore, one of which is in the Clarke Quay neighborhood.

If you want to enjoy a meal with friends or family members, then you will be able to find an outlet near you. Most of these outlets are located in popular shopping malls. For example, there is an outlet located within Plaza Singapura (which has over 200 shops), as well as another one within Orchard Central Mall (which has over 250 shops).

Another reason why Haidilao is so popular among Singaporeans is because it offers high-quality food at reasonable prices. So, if you’d like to know their specific locations, you can find it here: 

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