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6 Ways on How to SAVE on TRANSPORT in Singapore

Ways on How to SAVE on TRANSPORT in Singapore

Do you want to know some ways on how to save on transport in Singapore? Then, we have the best tips for you here!

When it comes to saving big on your travel expenses, relying on concession cards is not your only pick. For the purpose of saving some money on the public transport, you can refer to some of the cleverest hacks in Singapore.



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Ways to Save Big on Transport in Singapore

1. Prefer travelling in free pre-peak-hours:

When you travel in the off-peak hours, a range of benefits might follow you. You will not just avoid the rush but you will also save a big chunk on your travelling bill. You can reach the 18 already chosen MRT stations for free if you tap-out by 7:45 am from the stations. There will be no charge for those commuters. What comes as a great fact is that if you don’t happen to travel before the peak hours & miss the slot by few minutes, then you can still save up to $0.5 on your train ticket, provided you travel between 7:45 am to 8:00 am.

This incentive may end of 2017. Read here for more information.

2. Using fare calculator:

For the purpose of calculating the most effective & trustworthy prices, a proficient fair calculator can be your best pick. These type of calculators help you determine the real cost of your travel and also with the most cost-effective route for your travel. We often miss cost efficient routes due to the extensive presence of MRT lines or buses. You can also determine the time every individual route takes for the completion of your journey. Smartphone app calculators are the new boon for the travelers.

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Mytransport.sg – an initiative by LTA Singapore has such a app here.

3. Consider Travel smart rewards:

Do you know that you can earn points whenever you travel on an LRT or even MRT? Well, as soon as you sign-up for a travel smart reward program, you can earn a point for every kilometer you cover. The program only considers the distance covered during the peak hours by the commuter, for the off-peak hours, for every kilometer a customer gets whopping 3 points. You can en-cash your points in the form of cash rewards and get them transferred to your Cepas card as well. Well, it’s obvious that with the signing up of this reward scheme, you can literally save big on your travelling expenses in Singapore. Also, the number of points awarded might vary in accordance with the respective hour of the day

An programme set up by LTA to track. See here and view how it works.

4. Get an OPP:

OPP stands for Off-Peak pass, getting an OPP can be the best pick for those travelers who prefer travelling during the off-peak hours only. For just $80, your off-peak pass will let you do unlimited travel on the basic buses as well as the train services too. The operation will be obviously applicable during the non-peak hours of 9:01 am to 4:59 am only. This was applicable for the weekdays only, for the weekends, you can leverage the potential of the card and travel the country for free.

Check here for detailed explanation.

5. Take an UBER or Grab:

There can be a case when your destination is pretty far or out of the way, the only thing that comes to our mind is an UBER cab or Grab as well. Hiring a cab with Uber of Grab can be your best pick for the purpose of reaching your desired destination in the minimum possible time. You can also make your trip cost-effective, a commuter must always watch-out for coupons, different offers as well as promotional campaigns run by these cab giants. This habit of yours can help you save big on your ride bills; you can also get free rides on the same.

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In general, it is possible to obtain the best of the cab fares with Uber and Grab with added ease.
UberPool is always an advisable option for commuters, you can share your ride with others and can split the bill easily. Grab taxi also offers a similar scheme under GrabShare ride. You can also obtain cashback on your ride related travels, you must strive to make use of their coupon codes whenever you book a ride with Uber or Grab.

6. Bankcard as MRT card:

Using your banking card as an MRT card can help you save some money on your travel bills. Do you know that for every $10 refill, you can claim and enjoy the rebates, the rebates can be given through free rides. These rebates can be provided to you by the means of Add Value Machine plus feature available at various bus interchanges as well as train terminals. You just need a card with Nets FlashPa logo and you’re good to rock your travel related endeavours.

Well, it would be correct to say that transportation costs are higher, but different types of tips and tricks are always available at your disposal for the purpose of saving big on your travelling. The flexibility of this kind of tricks attracts the user and makes a travel journey a win-win for the user, save big now.

How to make public transport cheaper in Singapore?

If you know some ways to save on transport, we will give you some tips on how to make public transport cheaper in Singapore. 

There’s more than saving big in transportation. It is not that expensive to transport in Singapore, but saving or finding cheap alternatives is better. Aside from the six ways to save on transport in Singapore, there are some factors that you might want to consider when traveling anywhere in the country. Whether you are a commuter or you own a private car, you will save fare and gas fees on these ideas we will discuss for you.

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1. Ride a bike

Be environmentally friendly and exercise at the same time. Imagine the money you will save from fare and gas when you own a bike, plus it’s healthy, too.

2. Register your car under ROPC

If you plan to buy a car, then it’s better to register it under Revised Off-Peak Car or ROPC so you can enjoy benefits, plus get up to a $17,000 rebate. Another thing is the $500 discount on yearly road taxes.

3. Plan your route

To avoid any inconvenience, huge amounts of gas, and fare, make sure you know your route and plan. This is important if you ride a taxi, Grab, or own a car. 

4. Singapore Tourist Pass

For tourists, it’s great advice to get a Singapore Tourist Pass that offers unlimited travel on public transport. You may purchase these passes at TransitLink Ticket Office branches.

How much does transport cost in Singapore? 


DistanceBasic BusMRT / LRT (before 7:45am on Weekdays)DTL/NELExpress Services
0-over 40.2$0.92 to $2.17$0.42 to $1.67$0.92 to $2.17$1.52 to $2.77
DistanceBasic BusDTL/NELExpress Services
0-over 40.2$1.70 to $2.80$1.70 to $2.80$2.50 to $3.30


Children below 7 years oldBusTrain
Height below 0.9mNo Child Concession Card is requiredNo Child Concession Card is required
Height is between 0.9m and 1.2mChild Concession Card is required. If none, student cash fare applies.Child Concession Card is required. If none, a Standard Ticket or Adult fare card is required
Height is above 1.2mChild Concession Card is required. If none, adult cash fare applies.Child Concession Card is required. If none, a Standard Ticket or Adult fare card is required


DistanceMRT / LRT (before 7:45am on Weekdays)Basic Bus / LRT/DTL/NEL Express Services
0-Over 23.2km$0.00 to $0.13$0.42 to $0.63$0.72 to $0.93
DistanceBasic BusLRT/DTL/NELExpress Services
0-Over 23.2km$0.85 to $1.05$1.70 to $2.80$2.50 to $3.30


DistanceMRT / LRT (before 7:45am on Weekdays)Basic Bus / LRT/DTL/NEL Express Services
0-Over 23.2km$0.09 to $0.42$0.59 to $0.92$1.04 to $1.37
DistanceBasic BusLRT/DTL/NELExpress Services
0-Over 23.2km$1.20 to $1.50$1.70 to $2.80$2.50 to $3.30

Ways on How to Save on Transport in Singapore: FAQs

Is public transport in Singapore cheap?

A study found that Singapore has collected the least fare revenue per passenger in kilometers among 12 cities surveyed by Public Transport Council (PTC). Singapore ranked 2nd when it comes to cheap public transport.

Which is the cheapest mode of transport in Singapore?

Fares in MRTs, LRTs, and buses are cheaper when you pay with EZ-Link. The card costs $5, but it will save you a lot.

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