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What you should know when buying Solid Wood Dining Table in Singapore?

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Zeroing in on a dining table for your home is always a tiring process as it needs to be done considering many factors in order to avoid constant spending on its maintenance. People want to buy the best quality furniture so that they can be devoid of the thought about replacing it at least for some years. But what are the factors that are needed to be considered before selecting a wooden dining table as artistic wood works demands care from their owners to serve them for a long run? Here are some of the key things one should consider before buying a solid wood dining table.

Type of Wood

The type of wood is the first thing one must consider before buying wooden furniture. Though there are a wide variety of woods available, we have listed you some of the most reliable and most bought wood types below,

Teak Wood
Teak wood is the best type of wood one can opt for their dining table. Teak is naturally very strong and does not require much maintenance when compared to other wood types. They have the temperament to withstand both summer and winter seasons and also resistant to termites. The only con of teak is it is quite expensive when compared to other wood types.

Oak Wood
Oak is also a strong and hard type of wood that is reliable for furniture. The wood has a lot of grains and texture which helps it look more appealing. The disadvantage of oak wood is a stain or any other damage to the wood will appear more exaggerated.

Suar Wood
The suar wood is recommended for people who want to buy dining tables at an affordable cost also balancing the quality. Though the wood is resistant to dents and termites, it needs to be maintained properly on a regular basis. The wood needs to be coated regularly with a certain type of wood oil to keep it away from wear and tear.

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Maple Wood
Maple also falls under the category of hardwoods and is known for making large types of furniture. The wood is highly reliable and also affordable. It has a high resistance to physical damage and looks young even after years of usage.

Walnut is yet another hardwood that comes with a range of colours. Walnut wood is known for making antique-style dining tables as its colour gives a classy look. The wood is very strong and reliable and the only negative trait of this wood is its cost.

Size and Shape
Most of the people who select their wood type perfectly fail to select the required size and shape of the dining table to fit within their dining room. Kindly consider the number of people living in your home before selecting the size of the table. Also, take into consideration the space available for your dining table inside your dining room. The shape of the table must depend on the size of the room and the number of family members the table needs to accommodate along with an appealing look to please your guests.

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