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Latest Xiaomi Products in Singapore 2023

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latest xiaomi product singapore

Xiaomi is a giant in the tech industry, and while they got their start by offering great-value consumer tech like high-performance smartphones and tablets, they’ve expanded and evolved into a global phenomenon. They’re into home appliances, gadgets, hygiene products, healthcare, and so much more. The Xiaomi brand is a China-based conglomerate that has launched products that shook entire markets and industries because of their ability to offer high-end goods at budget prices.

Although it’s based primarily in China, Xiaomi has had a steadily growing presence over the past decade, and now their products are sought after in all corners of the world – the United States, Europe, Africa, Russia, and the rest of Asia. The Xiaomi philosophy can be seen in all of their products. Take their upcoming smartphone – the flagship Mi 10T Pro – which is getting read to blow everything in the mid-range out of the water by offering the highest-end specs and performance for just barely mid-range prices.

Xiaomi has a lot going for it, and if you want to find great products that can match or even outperform leading brands, and pay a fraction of the price you normally would for that level of quality, then keep an eye out for Xiaomi.

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List of NEW Xiaomi Products in Singapore

For the latest Xiaomi products you can get right here in Singapore, check out the list below.

Xiaomi AirDots S

From S$12.49 on Shopee SG

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The new version of the AirDots is Xiaomi’s answer to Apple’s AirPods. Featuring True Wireless Stereo, Bluetooth 5.0, super fast connectivity, and slew of features you’d find in much more pricier earphone (and some that you won’t), the AirDots are a great, low-price alternative if you want to have high-quality pair of wireless earphones that can keep up with the best of them. Complete with Voice Controls and an incredible 12-hr battery life, the AirDots S is an absolute steal. Get yours at Shopee SG for just S$12.49.

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Xiaomi Smart Body Scale

From S$28.50 on Shopee SG

xiaomi smart scale 2 singapore

Xiaomi has successfully penetrated the market for health-related tech, and with the launch of their new Smart Body Scale, they’ve managed to combine simplicity and accessibility to bring a product that’s been around for centuries into the modern era of technology.

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The Xiaomi Smart Body Scale gives you 13 precise data points regarding your health – muscle mass, body mass index, bone mass, body fat percentage, protein rate, visceral fat, body size, age, health score, basal metabolism, body water percentage, total body mass, and it’ll even compute your ideal weight given all of this information. It connects seamlessly to the Mi Health app in your phone, too, so you can easily keep track of your health.

Xiaomi Deerma 2-in-1 Cordless Vacuum Cleaner

From S$59.90 on Shopee SG

xiaomi cordless vacuum cleaner singapore

Xiaomi has also been really into home appliances, offering up products like fans, air conditioners, cookers, and now, with the launch of the Deerma 2-in-1, vacuum cleaners.

The Xiaomi Deerma 2-in-1 Cordless Vacuum Cleaner features a staggering 99.9% sterilization rate, and can be used as both a mite cleaner and a vacuum cleaner. The built-in UV lamp helps make sure that areas are sterilized of germs and bacteria, and the powerful motor that runs it is capable of 8000 beats per minute. The cordless design also keeps the Deerma lightweight and portable, so it’s easy to store, easy to carry, and much easier to use.

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Xiaomi Electric Shaver 2

From S$21.99 on Shopee SG

xiaomi electric shaver singapore

In line with its attempt to revolutionize health and wellness with high-end devices at affordable prices, Xiaomi also recently launched the Xiaomi Electric Shaver 2 – an advanced take on personal grooming.

Featuring a sleek design and 360-degree rotary blades, the Xiaomi Electric Shaver 2 is made of a steel body and is rated IPX7 waterproof. It runs on a lithium ion battery that can hold up to 90 minutes on a single charge, with a charge time of just 2 hours.

Xiaomi MiBand 5 Smart Watch

From S$37.90 on Shopee SG

xiaomi mi band 5 singapore

If you’ve always wanted a high-end smartwatch like the Apple Watch or the Galaxy Watch from Samsung but found them too pricey for your budget, then the Xiaomi MiBand 5 was practically made for you.

Apart from a few proprietary features from Apple and Samsung, the Xiaomi MiBand 5 can do just about everything much more expensive smartwatches can do (plus a few extra things) but at a fraction of their price. The MiBand 5 is a complete activity tracker – heart rate, sleep, steps, distance, etc. – that has voice controls and Smart Home integrations. It even connects seamlessly to your smartphone to help you stay notified of any messages or calls, and can act as a remote camera trigger, too.

Xiaomi A1 Home Security Camera

From S$58.00 on Shopee SG

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xiaomi home security cam singapore

Xiaomi’s cameras – the ones included in their smartphones – have always been a hot topic in the tech community. Combining hardware and software innovations to take pictures and capture video that rivals those taken by $1000+ smartphones, it’s pretty safe to say that Xiaomi knows how to make a good camera. The Xiaomi A1 Home Security Camera is a testament to that, and it’s one of the best security cameras for home, personal, and business use.

For just a fraction of the price you’d have to pay for leading brands, the Xiaomi A1 Home Security does it all – motion tracking and detection, 2K resolution, smartphone integration, nightvision, and more.

Xiaomi JIMMY High Pressure Washer

From S$155.00 on Shopee SG

xiaomi pressure washer singapore

Unlike the Xiaomi Deerma 2-in-1 Cordless Vacuum Cleaner that prided itself in being lightweight and compact, the JIMMY High Pressure Washer from Xiaomi is a heavy-duty cleaning tool that uses pressure to clean out even the longest-running stains in your home or office.

The Xiaomi JIMMY High Pressure Washer can be used to wash your car, too, and it can be used with any source of freshwater.

Xiaomi Mi 10 Lite 5G Smartphone

From S$419 on Shopee SG

mi 10 lite singapore

Of course, this list wouldn’t be complete without a flagship Xiaomi smartphone. We’re still waiting for the newest Xiaomi phones to be available here in Singapore, but now you can get your hands on the Xiaomi Mi 10 Lite 5G smartphone.

The base configuration is available at just S$419, but if you want to splurge and get 8GB of RAM and 256GB of high-speed storage, you still won’t have to pay as much as you would with a base iPhone, for example.

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Xiaomi Pad 4Plus Tablet

From S$365 on Shopee SG

xiaomi pad 4plus singapore

Granted, when it comes to tablets, it seems Apple has the market on-lock. But, when compared with other Android tablets, the Xiaomi Pad 4Plus is a top-performer that can rival other, more expensive devices in terms of power and functionality.

The Xiaomi Pad 4Plus is a great daily driver that will get you through work, school, play, and entertainment, and you can get yours right now for less than half of what an iPad costs.

Xiaomi Air Purifier 3

From S$199 on Shopee SG

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xiaomi air purifier 3 singapore

The Xiaomi Air Purifier 3 is a home appliance that we loved so much we bought several of them. It makes a lot of promises – purifies air, improves health, removes toxins and allergens, etc. – and so far it’s delivered. The Xiaomi Air Purifier 3 is the latest in the line of Xiaomi air purifiers, and with each iteration of the product, it just gets better and better.

Apart from how well it performs as an air purifier, the Xiaomi Air Purifier is also so easy to use and simple to operate. It integrates seamlessly with the Mi Home app and can track specific data points about the air quality where it’s operating. It can also be controlled remotely from anywhere just with your smartphone.

Xiaomi Gen 3 Pro Powerbank

From S$43.90 on Shopee SG

xiaomi gen 3 pro powerbank singapore

Arguably the most popular and widely-used Xiaomi products are their top-value power banks. There’s not a lot of innovation that can go into this kind of technology, but Xiaomi still managed to take the market by storm by offering larger batteries, better performance, and lower prices than the competition, all without sacrificing quality or safety.

The Xiaomi Gen 3 Pro is the latest power bank from Xiaomi, and comes with several new features and improvements over its predecessor. The Gen 3 Pro Powerbank has a power capacity of 20,000 mAh and is the only power bank at this price range that’s capable of providing steady power to a high-performance laptop thanks to its 45W two-way quick charge.

Xiaomi Wireless Charging Station 55W

From S56.99 on Shopee SG

xiaomi wireless charging station singapore

Wireless charging stations, even those from top brands, all suffer from one flaw or other. Some of them get too hot, others don’t last long, and others are just too expensive to be worth it. But the Xiaomi 55W Wireless Charging Station changed that.

Despite charging at an incredible 55W, the Xiaomi Wireless Charging Station manages to stay cool and power your devices efficiently via Qi. It’s also angled for maximum ergonomics so that you can comfortably view your device while it’s docked. Unlike other charging stations that get loud when their cooling systems go into overdrive, this one manages to stay quiet AND cool even through prolonged sessions.

Are Xiaomi Products Good?

Xiaomi products may cost less than other brands that offer similar specs and features, but they are by no means cheap or low-quality. The secret behind Xiaomi’s success and low-cost market offerings is simple: they’re able to effectively leverage economies of scale to mass-produce high-quality items at a fraction of the cost of their competitors. Xiaomi products aren’t perfect, but they offer incredible value for their price tag and if you haven’t tried them yet, your first Xiaomi product – your introduction to affordable, high-end goods – is just a few clicks away.


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