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List of Indoor Basketball Courts in Singapore 2022

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Basketball is all the craze here in the Lion City; left and right, you can spot a slew of basketball courts in the different neighbourhoods where basketball fans of all ages flock to shoot some hoops and play a game.

Basketball, somehow, is a way for many to destress. It’s a favourite pastime. But for those who are looking into making basketball a serious thing in their life, it’s time to shy away from those outdoor courts and look into trying out and practising on an indoor basketball court.

Three Reasons to Play Ball at a Indoor Basketball Court

Many of you might wonder “isn’t an outdoor and indoor court basically the same except for where it’s located?”

Yes. And no. Ask any basketball player, and they’ll tell you there’s just something different about playing on an indoor basketball court compared to an outdoor basketball court. Not necessarily bad things, just differences that you’ll notice if you’ve ever played on either courts.

To make it easier for you to understand, we’ve come up with three primary reasons why you should play on an indoor basketball court and how it’s different from playing on your local outdoor court near to where you live.

Here are our three reasons why you should go for playing some basketball at an indoor basketball court.

You Can Never Predict the Weather


Playing on an outdoor court is great. You get to feel the breeze on a cool night playing with friends or enjoy the nighttime scenery that is going on around. There’s a lot to hear and see, and it’s even nice when the crowd gets into the game and cheers you on. But playing basketball outdoor isn’t without a problem. One problem that playing outdoor poses, though, is unpredictable weather. It might be beautiful weather one moment, then pouring rain the next. Aren’t you tired of unpredictable weather shooting down you basketball plans?

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Aside from that, heatstroke can also be a threat, especially to kids who want to shoot a few hoops, and we all know how hot it can get in Singapore. We’re also thinking about all those nasty sunburns you could get. Escape the heat and sun, opt to play at an indoor basketball court instead! Why do you think the pros play inside?

A Personal B-ball Haven


One perk that playing in an indoor court offers is the privacy that it affords you and your friends or team. No nosy passersby making you conscious. No need to fight or argue over who gets to play on the court. No need to figure out just how much wind is going to affect the shot you’re going to put it. Indoor basketball courts are both comfortable and private, and less crowded than an outdoor one. Another thing we like is the advance booking most indoor courts need.

Due to its popular demand and many people wanting to play indoors, booking ahead of time is usually needed. At least you’re sure you’ll have a court to play on. To be honest, we’re sort of sick of waiting for hours on end just to be able to play on a court. Sometimes you leave without even having played a full game or to your heart’s content. Breezing in to shoot hoops and breezing out is what it’s all about. Convenience is key.

Discipline in Training


When training for basketball, both discipline and a regular training schedule go hand in hand. Basketball skills don’t just appear out of nowhere; they are honed and instilled upon you. Booking indoor basketball courts allow you to create a regular program for your kid to practice as the booking date and time are both set. Practice makes perfect and it only makes sense that a routine will greatly help in the skills department. Hey. Who doesn’t love routine?

Where To Find an Indoor Basketball Court in Singapore

We’ve got a fine number of courts in Singapore to choose from. Here are some of our favourite indoor courts for you to start with:

Tampines West Community Club


A lot of bball fanatics love to play at the Tampines West Community Club, one of the two indoor basketball courts you can find in Tampines. We can’t blame them — the court has a high ceiling to make the place feel spacious as well as huge ceiling fans. One other thing we love? The fact that after a hard yet fun game, food and drinks are readily available.

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That’s right; this place has a McDonald’s, a Starbucks, even a karaoke place for you to go to after if you’re up for it. It’s a community club that hits all the right places.

Tampines Hub

rsz_our_tampines basketball

Indoor court number two in Tampines, Our Tampines Hub’s indoor basketball court is perfect if you’ve got a basketball competition in mind. This venue is the ideal place to host just those as it has nearly 1800 seats available for supporters and the crowd. It’s a superior court that is also great for volleyball games and floorball. But what we love the most about this place is how affordable their per hour rates are.

Our Tampines Hub in itself is already a great place to be. It’s got pools, soccer pitches, even a hawker centre and a humongous library. It’s anyone’s place, and we love that.

Macpherson Community Club

Macpherson Community Club

Macpherson Community Club is located in Singapore’s oldest public housing estates and boasts an indoor basketball court that is pretty popular amongst the teens and the younger generations. The community club had a 24-hour gym, study, rooms and a karaoke – places that any teen would love to go to. It’s a one-stop-shop. Did we mention that food centres are located nearby, too?

Meanwhile, the indoor basketball court itself has several water coolers to keep you hydrated and a giant ceiling fan to keep you cool during and after a long game.

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Shot Zone


Shot Zone is a hot spot, especially for those who want to hone their basketball skills down to a T. It’s an indoor court that’s endorsed by the Singapore Slingers team, making it both an indoor basketball court and training centre. It’s got equipment that helps you practice your positioning, your jumps, and other basketball-centric skills.

MOE Evans Sports Hall


Sports halls are also a great place if you want to play on an indoor basketball court and the MOE Evans Sports Hall is a renowned one to play at. The indoor court that is available after school hours and is easier to book as the indoor space can be converted into 3 different indoor basketball courts.

Singapore Sports Hub

Singapore Sports Hub
Singapore Sports Hub

A state-of-the-art sports hub, Singapore Sports Hub’s indoor basketball courts are available for booking from 7 AM to 10 PM, Mondays to Sundays. It’s a bit on the pricier side in terms of per hour fee, but the courts are pretty great to play on.

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Singapore Sports Hub is a pretty popular place for sports fanatics as well as concert goers. Major international concerts are usually held at the stadium.

MPC @ Khatib


Recently renovated, MPC @ Khatib’s indoor basketball courts are getting the much-needed love it deserves. There’s a total of four indoor basketball courts, and it’s located right across Khatib MRT Station. Talk about it being super accessible!

Double the amount of courts it used to have, MPC @ Khatib is an excellent place for you to shoot some hoops or find a pickup game with different players on different skill levels. Aside from that, we just have to harp on the fact that there are three different supermarkets, and food places to eat at or grab a drink after a game. Take note though, during peak hour, MPC @ Khatib gets pretty popular and crowded, so we recommend you head there early to secure a spot, game, or court.

Book That Indoor Court

The courts mentioned above are just the tip of the iceberg in terms of indoor basketball courts you can find here in Singapore. There are bound to be many more, especially if you factor in sheltered courts around town.

If you’re serious about upping your basketball skills, or crafting a regular practice session for your kids, booking an indoor court is the sure-fire way to go. Whether a coach or a player, we want you to get excited! Here are a few basketball drills you can plan on doing for yourself or for your kids or team once on the court.


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