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Local’s guide to SINGAPORE

local guide to singapore

We are back to Singapore and we’ve done South Africa, we’ve done South Korea, now we are back here in Singapore and we are kicking off an awesome few days with a guided after-dark tour with our man!

 I haven’t eaten for 4 days and it’s time for some food. Well, hat’s not true you’ve been living on Pocari Sweat so we are at La Pau Sat because we are waiting for 7 p.m. when they shut this street down. What they will do they will start to corner off this areaN  no more car traffic will come through this will be pedestrians only. They’re gonna set up all these tables and chairs you can get your street food.

They have closed the street here and La Pau Sat is in full swing. Vendors are screaming out ‘do you want satay?’ Yes we do! We have got a great selection of food here, we’ve got satay of course! and a delicious satay sauce. We’ve got two kinds of carrot cake we’ve got salted egg and we’ve got some barbecued stingray! These are some food I’ve never tried before yeah! and to wash all that down you guys you can go with a Tiger beer…

I’m a little bit tired and I have this theory that if I have a Tiger, I’m gonna want another one and then I’m gonna want a nap. Co instead I’m having day Tai Peng so other than Teh Peng, if you want to have some more adventurous style you can get it in two layers right? you get a Teh Chino which means the milk will be on the bottom and the tea will be on top…

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There’s a pizza ATM! is it 24 hours? yes, it’s over there, 24 hours this is the happiest day of my entire life. Singapore is known for having some amazing hidden bars and one of them is somewhere around here. Our guide has given us three chances to try and guess where the hidden bar is? I’ve used to  know two of them and I’m obviously wrong both times. How do you find a hidden bar? what does the mean? Normally, i’m at 7 Eleven buying slurpees then all of a sudden I’m in a hidden bar. This is our final stop on our tour we did it man!

We are in Clarke Quay now this area is home to loads of bars there’s loads of live music and great cocktails! Rishi has taken us to our first stop which s his favorite coffee shop – this is The Stamping Grounds here in Siglap stop number two. We’re in Hawker centre, food court area this is actually real Singaporean food starting with Youtiao. This is basically a fried dough stick people eat it different ways you can have it in your congee. We’ve seen people dipping it in coffee, you can do it straight up so I’m gonna go straight up and then I’m go the coffee dunk it’s crunchy it’s deep-fried and it’s delicious. It’s actually quite good.

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The reason I like coming here for my kaya toast is that the they slow toasts the bread. Iit normally takes less time to make kaya toast, but she takes more time. That’s why I think it’s much better last night. You would have seen Matt and I drinking Teh Peng so that’s iced milk tea made from condensed milk. This morning you guys it’s the AM I need iced coffee!

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We’re right here at Masjid Sultan which is one of the most beautiful mosques in Singapore and in the Arab Street area. We’re quite lucky to catch it during the Azan period – that’s the call to prayer in the afternoon. What’s going on is that we are just walking past the Kampong Glam Cafe this is actually got a lot of history for the comedy community in Singapore because what happens that we would perform our shows at the open mic at the Blue Jazz Cafe which is about 300 meters. After the show we will all come out here and discuss our sets and talk about the show and how shitty the audience was or how great they were and this place has a long history.

The reason the comics would go to this place is because it’s the cheapest place on the stretch and comedians have no money. I have been wanting to come to Haji Lane for ages and for some reason I just never ever seem to get around to it. But Rishi has brought us here today so it’s not far from Arab Street and it’s just a really cool area. There’s lots of bright shop fronts, lots of boutique stores around. There’s little cafes, lots of vegetarian food there’s even a really gorgeous Italian greyhound. If you’re a travel blogger like me. So it’s just a really cool place to come and just see a different side of Singapore’s culture.

We’re getting a kaya swiss roll from a bakery you would easily walk past so of course they were sold out. A lady walking out of the store said the mango is the next best thing so here’s a look about at about 11 o’clock tonight I’m gonna be wearing a bathrobe at Swissotel main-lining one of these.

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We’re at the Peranakan Museum and look, in lieu of an actual qualified guide we’ve decided to go with Luke hello Peranakan actually means ‘child of’ or ‘born of’ and is used to refer to people of mixed ethnic origins. So it’s our last night in Singapore and we are at the Tippling Club and this place is an awesome bar. It has a great menu unlike anything I’ve ever seen. So I have this bag full of gummy bears and I have this little map and you’re gonna match your gummy bears to your map. Just have a look and see which one takes your fancy.  The Knowledge you get edible paper because all knowledge begins on paper.

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It is our very last day on the trip and we are right here at the Fullerton Bay Hotel because the guys at Singapore Airlines and the Singapore Tourism Board have decided to end things in a very classy manner with a high tea. The squad we’re gonna get together right now have some high tea and enjoy this beautiful hotel.

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