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Maccha House Menu Singapore with Prices 2023

by Gelyn
Maccha House Menu Singapore

Maccha House Menu Singapore belongs to traditional Japanese restaurant in Singapore that serves a wide selection of green tea-based drinks and desserts.

The menu at Maccha House is focused on the purest form of the Maccha tea leaf, which has traditionally been used in the tea ceremony. Nowadays, Maccha House Menu Singapore is becoming increasingly popular outside of Japan as people discover its unique taste and health benefits.

Maccha House was established in Kyoto, Japan, where it has become famous for its selection of maccha-based beverages and desserts. The restaurant’s aim is to bring this authentic experience to customers all over the world—and we’re excited to bring them closer to Kyoto with their menu!

Maccha House Menu Price Singapore

At Maccha House, they believe you should be able to find the perfect dishes every time.With a wide selection of menu items from all over the world, and an expertly trained staff to guide you through it all, we’re sure you’ll find your new favorite food here.

The chain’s menu price list can be found in this section. The menu is updated regularly so it is always accurate and up-to-date. Customers can also use this page to order food online or make reservations at any branch of their choice.

Maccha House Popular

Chicken KaraageS$ 6.90
Teriyaki Chicken & Onsen Egg PlateS$ 15.50
Ginger Pork PlateS$ 15.50
Omelette Hayashi PlateS$ 19.50
Maccha TiramisuS$ 10.50
Beef Inaniwa Udon with Onsen EggS$ 17.90

Maccha House Savory Plates

Teriyaki Chicken & Onsen Egg Plate S$ 15.50
Unagi Toji PlateS$ 20.90
Omu Beef Steak PlateS$ 21.90
Omelette Hayashi PlateS$ 19.50
Yakiniku Beef PlateS$ 17.90
Ginger Pork PlateS$ 15.50
Grilled Salmon PlateS$ 20.50

Maccha House Donburi

Steak DonburiS$ 19.50
Spicy Pork DonburiS$ 16.90

Maccha House Ramen

Kimchi Ramen HotpotS$ 19.90
Tonkotsu Ramen SpecialS$ 19.90
Tonkotsu RamenS$ 17.90

Maccha House Soba

Chicken Yuzu Cha SobaS$ 16.90
Beef Cha Soba with Onsen EggS$ 17.90

Maccha House Udon

Mentaiko Carbonara Udon with Onsen EggS$ 17.90
Nabeyaki UdonS$ 17.90

Maccha House Inaniwa Udon

Beef Inaniwa Udon with Onsen EggS$ 17.90
Carbonara Inaniwa UdonS$ 17.90
Kitsune Inaniwa UdonS$ 16.90

Maccha House Side Dishes

Fries with Nacho Cheese & Okonomi SauceS$ 7.40
Takoyaki with Mentai MayoS$ 7.40
Chicken KaraageS$ 6.90
Shrimp GyozaS$ 7.90

Maccha House Desserts

Maccha TiramisuS$ 10.50

Maccha House Beverages

Maccha LatteS$ 4.90
CoffeeS$ 4.90
Hot CappuccinoS$ 5.90
LatteS$ 5.90
MacchaS$ 5.90
Maccha Kuromitsu LatteS$ 8.50
Maccha Choco LatteS$ 8.50
Maccha Cream LatteS$ 6.90
Maccha Shiratama & Azuki Beans LatteS$ 9.90

Top 5 Must Try Maccha House Menu Singapore

Maccha House is a popular Japanese restaurant in Singapore. They serve a wide variety of Japanese food and drinks. The menu consists of more than just sushi, but you can also order sushi from Maccha House. In this article, I will share with you my top 5 must try Maccha House menu Singapore. If you want to know more about the restaurant and its food, read on!

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Beef Cha Soba with Onsen Egg

Best Maccha House Menu Singapore
Image Credit: @Instagram

The Beef Cha Soba with Onsen Egg is the perfect dish. It’s savory and light, but still filling. The noodles are cooked just right—not too soft or hard. They’re also not too salty or bland; they have a perfect balance of flavor.

The beef is tender, juicy, and delicious—it’s my favorite part of this dish! The broth is made from beef bone marrow, which gives it a rich flavor that I love.The egg is cooked perfectly: just enough runniness so it melts in your mouth when you bite into it but not so much that it leaks everywhere when you pick up the bowl to drink from it (which can be annoying).

I highly recommend this dish!

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Mentaiko Carbonara Udon with Onsen Egg

Best Seller Maccha House Menu Singapore
Image Credit: @Instagram

The Mentaiko Carbonara Udon with Onsen Egg is a noodle dish that’s sure to delight your taste buds. It comes with mentaiko, a type of fish roe, which gives it a unique flavor that you won’t find anywhere else.

The noodles are made up of udon, which is a type of thick wheat flour noodle; they’re cooked al dente for the perfect bite. The sauce is made from cream and butter, so it feels like you’re eating the most indulgent carbonara ever. The onsen egg—which means hot spring egg—is boiled in hot water until cooked through and then transferred to cold water for cooling before adding it to the dish for serving. The result is an egg that has a soft yolk but still maintains its shape when cut open. It’s truly delicious!

Delicious Maccha House Menu Singapore
Image Credit: @Instagram

If you want something different from your usual noodle dishes and are looking for something that will make you feel like royalty every time you eat it, then this is definitely something worth trying out!

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Tonkotsu Ramen

Famous Maccha House Menu Singapore
Image Credit: @Instagram

If you’re looking for a satisfying, flavorful ramen that won’t send you into a food coma, then look no further than Tonkotsu. The broth is rich and creamy, but not too heavy. The noodles are thin and perfectly cooked, so they don’t get mushy or fall apart when you bite into them. And the pork belly is tender and delicious!

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I came here after a long day at work, and I needed something to help me unwind. This ramen did the trick—it’s not too spicy or sour or salty, so it really lets the flavors of all its ingredients shine through. This is definitely going to be my go-to order from now on!

Maccha Tiramisu

Most Popular Maccha House Menu Singapore
Image Credit: @Instagram

Maccha Tiramisu is a unique dessert that combines the flavors of green tea and coffee. It is sweetened with honey and topped with whipped cream, but it does not have a lot of sugar. The texture of the dessert is soft, creamy, and light. It’s very refreshing and satisfying at the same time.

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Image Credit: @Instagram

The flavors of this dessert are amazing. The mocha and maccha go together so well and the tiramisu is so rich and creamy. The sponge cake is soft but not soggy, which I love. This dessert is just the right size for someone who wants to eat something sweet but not too heavy or filling.

Maccha Latte

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Image Credit: @Instagram

Maccha Latte is a creamy, sweet, and smooth drink. It has a strong maccha flavor with a hint of cocoa. The drink is very rich and satisfying—you can easily drink one cup in one sitting.

Maccha is green tea with cocoa, which sounds weird but tastes amazing—it’s basically like taking your favorite hot chocolate and throwing your favorite coffee into it (and then adding a little bit of cream). It’s sweet but not too sweet, and has just a hint of bitterness from the espresso that rounds out all those rich flavors and makes them taste even better.

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Image Credit: @Instagram

This drink is especially great when it’s cold outside—I know this because I tried it on a drive home from work recently when it was snowing outside…and now I’m going to add this drink to my list of favorite things about winter!

Story of Maccha House Singapore

When you think of desserts, you probably don’t think of green tea. But at Maccha House Singapore, they do.

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When they opened the doors to their first restaurant in Kyoto, Japan in 2007, they had a vision: to make all things dessert with an unmistakable green tea twist. And for over 10 years, they’ve been doing just that—from cakes and puddings to ice-creams and tiramisus.

In the past years, it  marks the opening of their third location in Southeast Asia—at Paya Lebar Quarter. And it’s not just any old dessert cafe. Maccha House also serves up ramen, udon and Japanese pasta dishes along with all those colorful treats we know and love from their previous offerings!

Maccha House Locations in Singapore

The Maccha House brand has three locations in Singapore, located in Orchard Central, Suntec City, and Paya Lebar Quarter.

In the heart of Orchard Road at No. 176, you’ll find Maccha House @ Orchard Central. This matcha cafe is conveniently located within the mall itself, so you can stop by for a bite to eat after shopping for new clothes or jewelry.

For those who enjoy shopping at Suntec City, you’ll find Maccha House @ Suntec City on level 3 of the mall near the food court. The matcha cafe offers both indoor and outdoor seating, so you can enjoy your green tea while looking out over the bustling city below.

Finally, if you’re looking for an authentic Japanese experience that is still close to home, then you can find it at Maccha House @ Paya Lebar Quarter on 10 Paya Lebar Road (near Paya Lebar MRT).

Here is the list of their detailed locations:

1. Maccha House Orchard Central

Address: 181 Orchard Road, #B1-44, Orchard Central, Singapore 238896

Opening Hours: Monday ~ Sunday (11:00 am ~10:00pm)

2. Maccha House PLQ Mall

Address: 10 Paya Lebar Road, #02-20, PLQ Mall, Singapore 409057

Opening Hours: Monday ~ Sunday (11:00am ~ 10:00 pm)

3. Maccha House Suntec City Mall

Address: 3 Temasek Boulevard, #B1-172, Fountain of Wealth, Suntec City Mall, Singapore 038983

Opening Hours: Monday-Sunday (11:30 am-9:30 pm)

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