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How to recycle old phones & gadgets in Singapore 2023?

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When it comes to electronic waste, it is increasing day by day. It’d be evident to say that electronic gadgets are not made to last much these days.

People generally throw their electronic gadgets in their cupboards and never dispose of them. Obviously, we’re worried about the data loss, but what comes as a sad fact is that your old tech can cause chemical leaks as well as fire, batteries are inflammable too.

When it comes to recycling of phones, privacy, as well as safety, goes hand in hand. Also, environmental problems have risen from scratch when it comes to disposing of the electronics.

Terms like electronic graveyards & electronic waste land continue to haunt the viability of our environment.

How to recycle old phones & gadgets in Singapore?

So, how to tackle the problem and need of recycling old phones and gadgets? Well, in this article, we’ll list three points that can be your best pick to achieve data safety as well as tackling the pollution.

1. Ink cartridge recycles bins: Talking about ink or toner printer cartridge recycling, the bin can be found at around 21 different libraries around the region. People can dump their waste printer cartridges and toners here without worrying about the brand of the cartridges. Well, you can also contact Dell as well as Hewlett-Packard to collect the used cartridges and replace those with the fresh ones. These companies recycle the printer cartridges in the best possible way.

2. Singtel’s recycling binds for electronic waste: If you’re looking forward to disposing of your old electronic gadgets like phones etc., you can visit these recycling bins 24*7. You can found these types of recycling bins at Singtel outlets/shops at 31 Exter Road, 63 Jurong Point in western central three. You can also find a Singtel shop at Central 5 at 4 Tampines malls. What comes as a great fact is that, these types of bins collect & accepts electronic accessories like phablets, tablets, laptops, phones and even hard drives. You can also leverage the services to dispose of your old routers, modems and even cables.

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3. StartHub Recycle trash bins: With over 235 plus recycling bins at over 185 locations around the country, StartHub recycling trash bins are breaking the stereotypes with out of the box service. When it comes to finding them, a user can easily locate these amidst malls, clubs, schools and more. You can make use of StartHub recycling bins for the purpose of disposing of old electronic items. With a supported product intake dimension of 470mm X 120 mm, a user can drop the products here that fall in the range. The company further dismantle and shred the electronic items for making sure that not a bit of data is traceable as well as recoverable.

Recycle Old Phones

For making sure that nobody fetches your data when you think of dumping your electronic items, you can always leverage the services of electronic recycling bins throughout the country.

These type of electronic item dismantlers and recycler can assure 100% wipe-out of the item. Hence, we are not required to worry about our data.

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