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Red White Mobile iPhone Repair Services

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red white monile repair services

Redwhitemobile offers the Best iPhone repair Singapore as the workers here are experienced, skilful and professional.

At this age, everyone most likely has a mobile phone in their hand. Starting from two-way radios to units with pulled-up antennas and now, touch screen smartphones, cell phones have significantly developed through the years. Currently, mobile phones offer so much more than easier communication from different locations.

A lot of innovative and convenient improvements are now added to mobile phones, like camera, GPS, and internet, letting you access everything you need at your fingertips. Considering all these modernities, the selling price would increase as well.

Good smartphones in Singapore now range from S$200 to S$1,790, depending on the specs of the chosen phone. At this price, a phone is considered to be an investment and should last you for years. Although, some practice changing their phones after a year or two, it is impractical and a waste of perfectly working phones.

Mobile phones should last you five years on average although you will notice wear and tear through time. If there are minimal problems occurring, you could get your iphone repaired and restore it in its glory without having to buy a new one.

What Are iPhone Repair Services in Singapore?

Not sure of the available services offered in a phone repair booth? Here are some of the issues you might encounter that could be fixed with a repair service.

iPhone LCD Replacement

Cracked LCD screen would render your phone useless if not replaced, especially for smartphones. If your phone has black lines after dropping, you may still hear sounds and it would still turn on, but you would not be able to see anything. Your LCD cannot be fixed once it is already damaged but you can have it replaced in the nearest phone repair service.

iPhone Battery Replacement

Easily drained batteries are a hassle. If your battery health is not in its best condition, you could have it replaced with a new one. It is best to get a new battery if your iphone constantly shuts down, if the battery gets hot when being used or charged, or when a complete charging cycle does not fully recharge the phone.

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iPhone Water Damage

Some mobile phones are now water-proof but for those that are not, water is a problem. Depending on the amount of water your phone absorbed, the damage would vary. Some may not turn on, some will not charge, and some phones may still work but will have static sounds when using audio. Fortunately, wet cell phones are still repairable by a trusted repair shop.

iPhone Data Retrieval

Your iphone definitely contains a lot of important data, regardless if it is used for business or personal purposes. If there is an instance where your data is wiped or your phone is already unresponsive, you can ask the repair store to retrieve your files including your contacts, media, messages, and call logs.

Operating Systems Repair

Some problems are caused by your OS and it could appear in different problems. This would include rapid battery drain, unresponsive phone when turned on, undetected SIM card, charging issues, bluetooth and WiFi connectivity problems, and performance issues.

Other Phone REPAIR Services

If you are unsure of the problem your phone has, it is best to have it diagnosed by a technician to properly address the issue. Services available are not limited to common issues, different service stores may offer different repairs as well.

What Devices Can I Bring for Phone Repair?

There are numerous phone brands and models available in the market. For this, most phone repair stores are knowledgeable and cater to different brands. They can handle both Android and iOS. Regardless if you have a basic phone, flip phone, or smartphone, you can bring it to your local phone repair store.

Benefits of iPhone Repair in Singapore

If you are torn between having your phone repaired or buying a new one, you may want to take the following factors into consideration.


The most obvious advantage of having your phone repaired is you get to save money instead of buying a new one. Using the full life span of your phone lets you save more for your next phone so you can invest in a high-quality one instead of rushing on a cheaper phone.


When it comes to practicality, it is favorable to address the specific issues your phone has instead of discarding the whole phone away when it would have worked for a few more years.

Faster Process

Compared to authorized repair shops like Apple Authorized Service Providers, phone repair stores could fix your phone in a day or few, depending on the level of issue, while authorized repair shops would ask you to leave your phone with them for weeks or even months.

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Phone repair shops are everywhere, making it accessible in times of emergency. There is usually an area where all repair shops are placed, making it easier for you to go from one store to another, hence, giving you more options where to entrust your mobile phone.


They also offer warranty on their repair services to ensure issues are properly fixed. Although the period covered may not be as long compared when buying a new phone, they would still give you enough time to test out the newly repaired phone and come back to them if any problem arises, free of charge.

Common iPhone Issues and Solutions for Singapore users

Perhaps the issue with your phone is a minor one and can actually get fixed at home. If you are not techy enough but want to try repairing it before heading to a technician, see if the issues you encounter are listed below and we will try to get it working again.

Slow Response

If your phone has been lagging and it’s not due to its age, it may be the updates from the OS or the running apps that are not used.

To get this fixed, clear your cache and delete apps that you do not use. Try moving media to a cloud storage as well. These eat up your RAM space which is important for fast responses. Also change your settings so unimportant apps will not automatically open in the background.

Rapid Battery Drain

Noticing faster battery drainage and longer charging time? It may come as your phone gets older but there are a few tricks you can try before buying a new battery.

If your concern is mostly on the charging time, check the compatibility of the charger you are using since it may not be optimized for your battery. Check if your phone has battery-saving mode and turn it on to save energy. Change your timeout settings as well so your phone would sleep faster when not in use.

Water Problems

Water problems are usually handled by technicians since you have to be certain no other parts are damaged. But before bringing it to the repair shop, try to do some remedy.

Immediately turn off your phone when it was submerged in water. Do not plug it or attempt to fix it on your own since it may cause more issues. If you have rice or other absorbent like silica gel or cat litter, you can leave your phone in there to suck out the moisture before bringing it to your technician.

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Frequent overheating of phones in use could cause more damage to your gadget. Especially when charging, you should always check its temperature since there are cases of overheated phones catching fire or exploding. If you are sure it still has a normal heat temperature and is not alarming enough to get it to a repair shop, you can try these ways to cool down your phone.

Always place your phone away from direct sunlight and make sure it is placed in an open area where it can cool down. If you are charging, try to unplug it first and turn off your phone to stop it from overheating. When outdoors, make it a hobby to store your phone in a pocket or shaded bag that will not absorb the sun’s heat. Lastly, close any running applications that are not in use.

Constant Crashing

Random shutdowns or restarts are highly inconvenient. If you have recently updated your OS, it may be from a bug and you should wait for the OS to fix this. However, if you have not downloaded anything, it may get a bit tricky to diagnose and it would be best to get it checked.

For the meantime, you can try restarting your phone when it lags to close any running app. If the phone freezes, you have to force shut down your phone and reopen it. Once open, free up some storage. If the problem still occurs, backup your files first and do a factory reset. This should do the trick if it is caused by storage issues, but if it is due to hardware aging, you would have to bring it to reliable and trusted repair shops in Singapore.

Where To Get iPhone Repair Services in Singapore?

Red White Mobile

Red White Mobile puts customers first by offering quality service and giving home solutions before asking them to come to their store. You can easily access their website and see the list of smartphones they repair along with the cost for LCD, battery, charging port, and mic.

They also put out common problems for every phone brand, and listed how these affect your iphone performance and how they fix it.

Address:420 North Bridge Road #01-20 North Bridge Centre, Singapore 188727

Contact: +65 6735 4811

iPhone Repair in Singapore

Smartphones are crucial for your daily activities so it is important that your phone is in its best state. Instead of buying a new mobile phone after a year, give your current phone a scheduled check up and practice healthy usage.

To keep your smartphone at its best condition, invest in a heavy duty phone case and a screen protector. Keep it away from moisture and direct sunlight. Also practice charging your phone properly for your battery health. Make it a habit to uninstall unnecessary apps, regularly update your OS, and do not download files from unreliable sources. With this, you can get the best from your investment and would only require minimal to no repairs.

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