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Singapore Wedding Ang Bao Rates 2023

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Singapore Wedding Ang Bao Rates

Are you attending a wedding in Singapore? We have the ultimate guide for you about Singapore wedding ang bao rates.

While the notion of shower usually suggests that before the wedding, her buddies and household showers her with gifts and presents that she is going to need.

Yes, that is certainly a good approach to assist them, particularly if they are your loved ones but only as long as you’re able to afford to achieve that. 

In Singapore, what makes us different is that we shower the wedding couples with red packets for their wedding banquets in various hotels here.

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Wedding Ang Bao Rates in Singapore This Year

Many might know that you are expected to give a three-figure ang bao whenever you attend weddings in Singapore, even if you spend less than that on your meals. 

It’s not hard to see how Singaporeans have refashioned their traditions. In Singapore, no one wants to be the person who brought a cheap gift to a banquet. These Asian immigrants have found a good rule of thumb for what constitutes a respectable ang bao with a little pragmatism. They have a pretty philosophical approach: if your ang bao is not good enough to pay for the cost of the entire dinner just for yourself, then it’s probably not a respectable gift.

There are many types of relationships, but the closer you are to the couple, have more responsibilities. For example, if you are a former classmate or colleague, you are expected to give the couple a wedding ang bao. This is an act of respect. 

So, to help you figure out some ang bao rates, we have created a table for you to check out.

Wedding Venues

Wedding Lunch Rates

Wedding Dinner Rates

Ang Bao Rates

Amara Sanctuary Resort Sentosa

$1188++ (Mon-Thu)

$1288++ (Fri)

$1388++ (Sat-Sun, eve of PH, PH)

$1188++ (Mon-Thu)

$1388++ (Fri)

$1588++ (Sat-Sun, eve of PH, PH)

$$ – $$$

Amara Singapore

$1038++ (Mon-Thu)

$1138++ (Fri-Sun, eve of PH, PH)

$1138++ (Mon-Thu)

$1238++ (Fri-Sun, eve of PH, PH)


Capella Singapore


$1688++ (Mon-Thu)

$1988++ (Fri-Sun, eve of PH, PH)


Carlton Hotel


$1118++ (Mon-Thu)

$1228++ (Fri)

$1318++ (Sat-Sun, eve of PH, PH)


Concorde Hotel


$958++ (Mon-Thu)

$1088++ (Fri, Sun, eve of PH, PH)

$1188++ (Sat)


Conrad Centennial


$1488++ (Mon-Fri)

$1688++ (Sat-Sun, eve of PH, PH)


Copthorne Kings Hotel


$888++ (Mon-Thu)

$988++ (Fri-Sun, eve of PH, PH)


Crowne Plaza Changi Airport


$908++ (Mon-Thu, ex. PH)

$1108++ (Fri)

$1228++ (Sat-Sun)


Equarius Hotel, Resorts World Sentosa, Singapore




Fairmont Singapore & Swissotel The Stamford


$1088++ (Mon-Thu)

$1288++ (Fri)

$1388++ (Sun, eve of PH, PH)

$1388++ (Sat, Christmas Eve, Christmas Day, New Year’s Eve & New Year’s Day)


Four Points by Sheraton

$838++ (Mon-Thu)

$938++ (Fri-Sun, eve of PH, PH)

$988++ (Mon-Thu)

$1088++ (Fri-Sun, eve of PH, PH)


Four Seasons Hotel Singapore


$1540++ (Mon-Thu)

$1751++ (Fri, Sun)

$1810++ (Sat)


Furama City Centre Hotel


$958++ (Mon-Fri)

$1058++ (Sat-Sun, eve of PH, PH)


Furama Riverfront Singapore

$888++ (Sun-Fri)

$928++ (Sat)

$908++ (Mon-Thu)

$808++ (Fri)

$938++ (Sat)

$848 ++ (Sun)


Genting Hotel Jurong


$748++ (Mon-Thu)

$828++ (Fri-Sun, eve of PH, PH)


Goodwood Park Hotel


$1288++ (Mon-Thu)

$1518++ (Fri & Sun)

$1568++ (Sat, eve of PH, PH)


Grand Copthorne Waterfront Hotel


$1278++ (Mon-Fri)

$1438++ (Mon-Sun)


Grand Hyatt Singapore


$1538++ (Mon-Thu)

$1738++ (Fri, Sun, eve of PH, PH

$1838++ (Sat)


Grand Mercure Singapore Roxy

$738++ (Mon-Thu)

$788++ (Fri-Sun, eve of PH, PH)

$788++ (Mon-Thu)

$888++ (Fri-Sun, eve of PH, PH)


Hilton Singapore


$1238++ (Mon-Thu)

$1388++ (Fri-Sun, eve of PH, PH)


Holiday Inn Singapore Atrium

$968++ (Sat & Sun)

$1068++ (Mon-Fri)

$1068++ (Sat-Sun)


Holiday Inn Singapore Orchard City Centre


$1108++ (Mon-Thu)

$1268++ (Fri, Sun, PH)

$1338++ (Sat, eve of PH)


Hotel Jen Tanglin

$898++ (Mon-Sun, excluding eve of PH, PH)

$908++ (Mon-Thu)

$1138++ (Fri-Sun, 2017)

*Additional $50 per table applies on eve of PH and on PH.


Hotel Re! Pearl’s Hill

$988++ (Mon-Thu)

$1088++ (Fri-Sun, eve of PH, PH)

$1088++ (Mon-Thu)

$1188++ (Fri-Sun, eve of PH, PH)


InterContinental Singapore


$1318++ (Mon-Thu)

$1688++ (Fri-Sun, eve of PH, PH)


Le Meridien Singapore, Sentosa

$1520++ (Fri-Sun)

$1520++ (Mon-Thu)

$1750++ (Fri-Sun)


M Hotel


$888++ (Mon-Thu)

$1008++ (Fri-Sun)


Mandarin Orchard Singapore

$1218++ (Mon-Sun)

$1208++ (Mon-Thurs)

$1468++ (Fri-Sun, eve of PH, PH)

$1538++ (Sat)


Marina Bay Sands

$1222++ (Mon-Sun)

$1516++ (Mon-Fri, Sun)

$1634++ (Sat)


Marina Mandarin Singapore

$1248++ (Mon-Sun)

$928++ (Mon-Fri)

$1468++ (Sat-Sun)

$$ – $$$

Novotel Singapore Clarke Quay

$968++ (Mon-Sun)

$988++ (Mon-Thurs)

$1128++ (Fri -Sun, PH)

$ – $$

One Farrer Hotel & Spa

$1138++ (Mon-Sun)

$1338++ (Mon-Sun)


ONE°15 Marina Club

$1092++ (Mon-Sun)

$1210++ (Mon-Fri)

$121o++ ( Sat-Sun, PH)


Orchard Hotel Singapore

$1038++ (Mon-Sun)

$1038++ (Mon-Thurs)

$1388++ (Fri & Sat, eve of PH, PH)

$1288++ (Sun)


Pan Pacific Orchard, Singapore

$1128++ (Mon-Fri)

$1188++ (Sat-Sun)

$1238++ (Mon-Fri)$1338 (Sat-Sun)


Pan Pacific Singapore

$1238++ (Sat & Sun, eve of PH, PH)

$1238++ (Mon-Thur)

$1438++ (Fri & Sun)

$1588++ (Sat, eve of PH, PH)


Park Hotel Alexandra

$810++ (Mon-Sun)

$927++ (Mon-Sun)


PARKROYAL on Beach Road

$1068++ (Mon-Sun)

$1088++ (Mon-Thu)

$1238++ (Fri & Sun)

$1338++ (Sat & PH)


PARKROYAL on Kitchener Road

$698++ (Mon-Sun)

$828++ (Mon-Thur)

$888++ (Fri-Sun, eve of PH, PH)


PARKROYAL on Pickering

$1188++ (Mon-Sun)

$1238++ (Mon-Thurs)

$1438++ (Fri & Sun)

$1538++ (Sat &PH)


Peninsula.Excelsior Hotel

$869 (Mon-Thurs)

$927 (Fri-Sun)

$927 (Mon-Thurs)

$1045 (Fri-Sun)


Raffles Hotel

$1288++ (Mon-Sun)

$1588++ (Mon-Sun)

$$ – $$$

Regent Singapore, A Four Seasons Hotel

$1088++ (Fri-Sun)

$1088++ (Mon-Thurs)

$1368++ (Fri &Sun)

$1438++ (Sat)

$$ – $$$

Rendezvous Hotel Singapore by Far East Hospitality

$988++ (Mon-Sun)

$1088++ (Mon-Sun)


Royal Plaza on Scotts

$1188++ (Mon-Sun)

$1188++ (Mon-Sun)


Shangri-La Hotel

$1488++ (Mon-Sun)

$1588++ (Mon-Thurs)

$1788++ (Fri-Sun)


Shangri-La’s Rasa Sentosa Resort & Spa

$998++ (Mon-Thurs)

$1198++ (Fri-Sun)

$1098++ (Mon-Thurs)

$1318++ (Fri-Sun)


Sheraton Towers Singapore

$1238++ (Mon -Sun)

$1238++ (Mon – Fri)

$1488++ (Sat , Sun, eve of PH, PH)

$$ – $$$

Singapore Marriott Tang Plaza Hotel

$1288++ (Mon-Sun)

$1288++ (Mon-Thurs)
$1488 ++ (Fri-Sun)


Sofitel Singapore Sentosa Resort & Spa

$1598++ (Mon-Sun)

$1788++ (Fri & Sun)

$1808++ (Sat)


Swissôtel Merchant Court Singapore

$1088++ (Mon-Sun)

$1008++ (Mon-Thurs)

$1328++(Fri & Sun, eve of PH, PH)

$1428++ (Sat)


The Chevrons

$788++ (Mon-Sun)

$888++ (Sun-Thurs)

$988++ (Sat-Mon, PH)


The Fullerton Hotel Singapore

$1088++ (Mon-Fri)

$1238++ (Sat, Sun, eve of PH, PH)

$1358++ (Mon-Fri)

$1608++ (Sat, Sun, PH)


The Ritz Carlton, Millenia Singapore

$1763++ (Mon-Sun)

$2210++ (Mon-Sun)


The St. Regis Singapore

$1480++ (Mon-Sun)

$1588++ (Mon-Fri)

$1888++ (Sun, PH)

$1988++ (Sat, eve of PH)


The Westin Singapore

$1388++ (Sat & Sun only)

$1488++ (Mon-Thurs)

$1588++ (Fri, Sun, PH)

$1688++ (Sat & eve of PH)


Village Hotel Changi by Far East Hospitality

$788++ (Mon-Sun)

$808++ (Mon-Fri)

$908++ (Sat, Sun, PH)


Village Hotel Katong by Far East Hospitality

$788++ (Mon-Sun)

$808++ (Mon-Fri)

$908++ (Sat-Sun, eve of PH, PH)


W Singapore – Sentosa Cove

$1428++ (Mon-Sun)

$1438++ (Mon-Thurs)

$1588++ (Fri)

$1818++ (Sat & eve of PH)

$1618++ (Sun & PH)


York Hotel

$1008++ (Mon-Sun)

$1008++ (Mon-Fri)

$1108++ (Sat-Sun)


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Wedding Ang Bao Etiquette in Singapore

After deciding on the amount to give in your wedding ang bao, follow these steps before giving it to the newlyweds.

  • Seal the red packet
  • Write your name
  • You may add a short congratulatory message
  • It’s best to give the ang bao as soon as you enter the venue
  • Express your blessings and congratulations to the receiver
  • Give the ang bao with both hands
  • Take note, never let children give ang bao

Singapore Wedding Ang Bao Rates: FAQs

How much do you give to Ang Bao?

There is actually no certain amount. Some have challenged the tradition of the wedding ang bao as it may come across as materialistic or an obligation. However, the rule of thumb for this tradition is to give an amount that covers the cost of inviting you to the wedding.

What are auspicious wedding ang bao amounts?

Eight or ‘8’ is considered an auspicious number in China because it symbolizes prosperity. Giving a wedding ang bao with this number to wish the newlyweds prosperity and happiness is very common.

Should you give a wedding ang bao if you can’t go?

It’s not about the amount of money, but the thought that counts. And while most couples won’t expect a gift, it’s always nice to give one in the spirit of celebration. A thoughtful gesture like sending a congratulatory gift establishes your relationship with the couple for years to come.

How much do you give for Ang Bao tea ceremony?

For guidance, two angbaos are required for each of the couple. Angbao usually contains $10 each. Otherwise, some senors may give gold jewelry to the couple. At the same time, do also offer the couple some guidance or good wishes as a way of expressing your blessings.

Is $200 a good wedding gift?

$200 is generally a good amount to spend on a wedding gift. It shows that you are making an effort to give a meaningful gift to the newlyweds.

While some couples opt for a smaller token of appreciation, $200 allows the recipient to select something more meaningful or luxurious.

This amount is also suitable if you are attending a hotel wedding, or want to add a little something extra to the gift you plan on bringing to the ceremony.

Ultimately, regardless of the price of the wedding gift, the gesture will always be greatly appreciated.

Is it rude to not buy a wedding gift in Singapore?

When it comes to wedding gifts in Singapore, it is considered important to give a gift to the bride and groom to show congratulations and support for the newlyweds.

However, if due to personal circumstances someone is unable to purchase a gift, it would not be considered rude as long as best wishes and heartfelt congratulations are still offered.

Friends and family can instead show the couple their love and fealty by giving the gift of time, by helping to prepare the wedding reception or helping to organise the events surrounding the wedding, or by writing a heartfelt card or letter.

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