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Sushiro Singapore Menu with Prices 2023

by Gelyn
Sushiro Singapore Menu

Sushiro Singapore is a branch of the Sushiro restaurant chain which originated in Japan. The restaurant specializes in sushi rice, a traditional Japanese dish made with rice vinegar, sugar and salt. Sushiro Singapore Menu uses an authentic Japanese recipe to make their sushi rice which gives it a distinct taste that you won’t find anywhere else.

The menu has a wide variety of options, from appetizers to desserts. Each item on the menu is carefully prepared by our chefs who use only fresh ingredients that are delivered daily from around the world.

The restaurant offers a wide range of sushi including nigiri, maki and California rolls. Nigiri is just slices of raw fish placed on top of rice while maki are rolled up inside seaweed sheets. California rolls are similar to nigiri but they are wrapped up in nori seaweed instead of being served on top of it like nigiri does traditionally.

Sushiro Singapore Menu Price

The menu at Sushiro Singapore is quite extensive. It offers a wide selection of different types of sushi, sashimi and other traditional Japanese dishes.

The prices for each item are listed below:

Sushiro Popular

D01. Sushiro Salmon Platter for 1 PortionS$ 14.60
D08. Sushiro Platter 10 for 1 PortionS$ 15.30
D02. Sushiro Salmon Platter for 2 PortionsS$ 29.20
DS02. Chicken KaraageS$ 5.00
D20 Recommended Mix 2 PortionsS$ 21.00
D21. Recommended Mix 3 PortionsS$ 31.50

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Sushiro Recommended Mix

D19 Recommended Mix 1 PortionS$ 10.50
D20 Recommended Mix 2 PortionsS$ 21.00
D21. Recommended Mix 3 PortionsS$ 31.50
D22 Recommended Mix 4 PortionsS$ 42.00

Sushiro Salmon Platters

D01. Sushiro Salmon Platter for 1 PortionS$ 14.60
D02. Sushiro Salmon Platter for 2 PortionsS$ 29.20
D03. Sushiro Salmon Platter for 3 PortionsS$ 43.80
D04. Sushiro Salmon Platter for 4 PortionsS$ 58.40

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Sushiro Platter 10

D08. Sushiro Platter 10 for 1 PortionS$ 15.30
D09. Sushiro Platter 10 for 2 PortionsS$ 30.60
D10. Sushiro Platter 10 for 3 PortionsS$ 45.90

Sushiro Kids Platter

D23. Kids Platter 1 PortionS$ 7.30
D24. Kids Platter 2 PortionsS$ 14.60
D25 Kids Platter (3 Portions)S$ 21.90
D26 Kids Platter (4 Portions)S$ 29.20

Sushiro Oshisushi

D27 Fatty Mackerel OshisushiS$ 12.80
D28 Broiled Fatty Mackerel OshisushiS$ 11.60

Sushiro Side Menu

DS01. EdamameS$ 3.80
DS02. Chicken KaraageS$ 5.00
DS03. Fried OctopusS$ 8.00

Top 5 Must Try Sushiro Menu Singapore

Sushiro is a Japanese restaurant that specializes in sushi and other Japanese dishes. The restaurant has been around for quite some time now and has established itself as a go-to place for sushi lovers all over.

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With so many eateries offering their take on sushi, it can be difficult to find one that offers something unique. But there’s one thing you can always count on at Sushiro: amazing food!

To help you save time scouring through the menu, we’ve put together a list of our top five must try Sushiro menu Singapore items.

Salmon Avocado Roll

Best Sushiro Singapore Menu
Image Credit: @Instagram

This salmon avocado roll is one of the best sushi rolls I’ve ever had. It’s covered in spicy mayo and wrapped in seaweed, which gives it a crunchy texture that complements the softness of the salmon and avocado. 

The fish is fresh, which is what you want when you’re eating raw fish. I also really like how they give you a little bit of wasabi on top so that you can add more spice as needed. This is a great choice for anyone who loves sushi but also wants something new and exciting.

The avocado adds a creamy texture and adds a little bit of creaminess to the dish as well. The cucumber adds a nice crunchy texture to the overall dish.The combination of all three ingredients makes for one delicious roll!

Tuna and Uni Sushi

Top Sushiro Singapore Menu
Image Credit: @Instagram

The tuna and uni sushi from Sushiro was a delight. The tuna was fresh, the uni was creamy, and the rice was just right.

The texture of the rice was great: not too soft or too hard, just al dente enough to really bring out the flavor in each ingredient without overpowering them. The sushi roll itself was very aesthetically pleasing; it definitely looked like something I’d want to order again.

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The taste of this dish did not disappoint! It was very flavorful—the roll had just enough sauce on it to make it taste rich without being too salty or sweet. The freshness of the ingredients really shone through here; there were no weird tastes or smells coming from any part of this dish.

Overall, this is a very solid sushi roll that I would recommend to anyone looking for something new and different from their usual go-to rolls.

Shirako Sushi

Most Recommended Sushiro Singapore Menu
Image Credit: @Instagram

Shirako Sushi is one of the most beloved sushi restaurants in the area. The menu is simple, consisting of only four dishes: shirako, uni, ikura, and tamago. The restaurant has a cozy atmosphere with a rustic feel that makes you feel like you’re eating at your favorite local spot every time you go.

Shirako is a dish made from cod sperm sacs that are served raw or grilled. It can be prepared in many different ways, but at Shirako Sushi it’s served as sashimi with slices of lemon on top. The texture is like an egg white—very light and delicate—and it has a mild flavor with a hint of ocean-freshness to it. If you like seafood but want something more refined than raw fish on rice, then this dish is perfect for you!

If you haven’t tried shirako before, this is definitely the place to do it. This sushiro menu offers an adventure for every palate and an experience every time you come back.

Eel Sushi

Most Popular Sushiro Singapore Menu
Image Credit: @Instagram

Eel sushi has a rich, delicate flavor that you’re sure to love.

The eel itself is mild and sweet, with a texture that is soft and meaty, like flaky fish. The rice underneath it is cooked perfectly, so it’s warm and soft with no crunch or dryness in sight. The eel sushi is served with two sauces: a chili sauce that’s spicy but not overwhelming and a sweet sauce that brings the flavors together into one delicious bite.

Overall, this is a great choice if you’re looking for something light yet flavorful.

Salmon Cheese Sushi

Best Seller Sushiro Singapore Menu
Image Credit: @Instagram

The salmon cheese sushi at Sushiro is delicious! The salmon is fresh and delicious and the cheese is just the right amount of salty. The rice is also very high quality and has just the right amount of vinegar, which makes the whole thing taste so good!

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It’s a great option for vegetarians because it’s not too heavy, but still filling enough to be satisfying. The service was also excellent—the waiter was friendly and helpful with recommendations!

Understanding Sushi

Is sushi really raw fish?

Yes, some sushi is usually made with raw fish on top, though it can also be topped with cooked seafood, vegetables and other ingredients, like avocado and eggs.

Sushi comes in many forms and with a variety of toppings, like fish roe, wasabi, soy sauce and pickled ginger.

Eating raw fish, however, can be a risky business, as it may contain parasites, bacteria and salmonella, which can all make you sick.

If you choose to eat sushi, make sure to purchase it from a reputable sushi restaurant, buy it as fresh as possible, check the temperature and, if you have any doubts, heat it up before eating.

What sushi is best for beginners?

Sushi is a delicious and popular Japanese food that is generally served with fresh raw fish, rice, and seaweed.

For those looking to try sushi for the first time, the best sushi for beginners would likely be California roll, which consists of cooked crab, avocado, and cucumber rolled inside seaweed and rice.

This version of sushi has a subtle sweetness, and the ingredients are mild in flavor. It’s a good way to get a feel for sushi and to experience the combination of flavors and textures associated with the dish.

Sushiro Reservations

Everyone wants to enjoy a delicious sushi meal, but sometimes you just don’t have time to wait in line.The Sushiro App will be a great help!

With their app, you can make reservations at any of their locations without having to call or visit the business. You’ll know when seats are available and what time they’re open for walk-ins.In addition, you can learn about the status of their stores’ reservations as well as other useful information about how they operate.

Download now and get started making your reservations on the go!

Here’s how their reservation works in their apps:

Once you’ve downloaded and registered for the app, you’ll be able to reserve your time slot in advance so that you don’t have to worry about waiting around. You can also check in on the status of your reservation and find out more information about where your local Sushiro restaurant is located.

And if you’re looking forward to trying new things, don’t worry! They’ll let you know when it’s time for lunch or dinner so that you can get started right away.

Sushiro Outlets Singapore

Sushiro, the Japanese network of conveyor-belt sushi restaurants, has nine locations in Singapore. The first was opened at Tiong Bahru Plaza (302 Tiong Bahru Rd) in 2012 and has since expanded to include eight other outlets.

In Singapore, Sushiro serves a variety of sushi, including nigiri (sliced fish over rice), maki rolls (with seaweed on the outside), and temaki (with seaweed on the outside). The menu also features a number of cooked items such as chicken karaage (fried chicken) and agedashi tofu (deep-fried tofu with sauce).

Sushiro’s menu has been designed to appeal to both locals and tourists alike. It offers affordable prices for its wide selection of dishes and is open until 11pm on weekdays and 12am on weekends.

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