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Top 10 Parenting Website and Blog in Singapore

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Every single child is unique, and we all know that. So, there is no fixed rule to parent a child in Singapore. But if you are a new parent and really want some expert advice on how to parent your child, there are some good parenting websites which could help you out in that matter. They will give you some of the most amazing ideas on art projects, kids events, and preschool issues. For your help, we present to you the complete list of 10 such websites from Singapore.

  1.    Serious About PreSchool: You will find the details of various preschools, child care centres, and enrichment classes on this website. To be precise, it has more than 8000 enrichment centres and preschools listed for the help of parents. Not only do they provide you with the name and details but the website also provides you with various discount offers on the fees if you are a member of the site. For making your search easier, they have a mobile app too.

serious about school

URL: https://www.seriousaboutpreschool.com/

  1.    The New Age Parents: On this website, you will found various useful articles, which will help you to understand the modern day parenting. There are different topics like raising the child as a single mother or father, how to raise a child with special needs, etc. You can find out the information about the best preschools. You will also come to know about various seminar reviews, parenting workshop, etc. from the website. Overall, they lead you in raising your child healthily and successfully.


URL: http://thenewageparents.com/

  1.    PreSchool Resources: This is a complete educational tool which is created by the parents for the establishment purpose of kids. It is a great place to wander for your kid. They will find here games merged with the study. There are certain downloadable resources in the website like flashcards, games, craft guide, art guide, and tracing templates. You will find them in different themes like farm animals, the weather, my neighbourhood, and money. There are certain skills to choose from too like music, motor skills, numeracy, literacy, and colours.

URL: http://preschoolresources.sg/

  1.    Smart parents.sg: The website has a great core team which consists of members from the BabyCare magazines and Mother & Baby Singapore. They provide expert advice from their expert teams. The real-life stories of several parents will also inspire you. They give information to parents on different topics like health, education, behaviour, nutrition, and discipline. You will even get information about various parenting seminars in Singapore.

smart parents

URL: http://www.smartparents.sg/  

  1.    The Asian Parent: This is a renowned website available in 9 different countries in 9 different languages. There are articles on the website on most talked topics like parenting, pregnancy, and trying to conceive. They also provide information on nutrition, PSLE preparation, child development, etc. There are unique sections in the website like ‘For Mums Only’ and ‘For Dads Only’.

asian parent singapore

URL: https://sg.theasianparent.com/

  1.    KiasuParents: This is a social network for the parents. You will get all your questions answered about parenting here. You will come to know the stories of different parents. You will also come to know about the importance of the needs of children. You will know more about home management and things which you should buy or sell. You can check out the ratings of various enrichment centres and preschools. The most important thing which you can get from here is the parent to parent support.

kiasu parents singapore

URL: http://www.kiasuparents.com/

  1.    Sassy Mama: Their service is available in Singapore, Dubai, and Hong Kong. They enjoy a wide range of followers. They guide the Singapore parents about the best preschools. The user-friendly design of the website made it pretty easy to use. There are some sections of the website which are very famous like the Giveaways section, Sassy Mama’s Little Black Book directory, and the fashion trend reports. There are different articles to enlighten your parenthood on the website.

sassymama sg

URL: https://www.sassymamasg.com/

  1.    Honey Kids Asia: The website is associated with the Honeycombs. You will get great parenting tips and tricks from the website. There are some cool features which help you to find out great holiday destinations with kids, books for children, etc.


URL: http://honeykidsasia.com/

  1.    Singapore Motherhood: The website is known as one of the best parenting guide websites in Singapore. Here you will found information about various areas which you could explore along with your child so that he can learn something but with immense fun. There are parenting forums, recipes for fertility, and many other valuable tips like that in the website.

URL: https://singaporemotherhood.com/

  1.    Young Parents: By the name itself, you can understand that the website especially focuses on the needs of young parents. To make you learn things more easily, they have bright visuals and great photo gallery. They will help you in getting the knowledge about the latest parenting trends in Singapore. The website clearly paves the way to become a better parent.

URL: http://www.youngparents.com.sg/  

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