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8 Top Manuka Honey Brands in Singapore in 2022

Top Manuka Honey Brands in Singapore

Do you want to know which manuka honey brand is best to buy? We have reviewed the top manuka honey brands in Singapore. Check it out!

We are what we consume and healthy foods impact your body positively in the long-term. One of the best addition that is good for your overall health is Manuka honey. With tons of great options in the market, it’s hard to choose which is the best one. That’s why we need to know the top manuka honey brands in Singapore.


Manuka honey has been a constant in many Singaporean homes over the years and today we cover the top Manuka honey brands in Singapore. These brands are some what listed on Lazada and they received some good reviews by those who purchased.

There are unique properties of Manuka honey that differentiate it from normal honey. Apart from that, there are factors that help you make an informed decision while purchasing Manuka honey.

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Buying Manuka Honey in Singapore – What You Need To Know

UMF Rating – Unique Manuka Factor is an independent organization that tests and rates the quality of Manuka honey.

MgO – Methylglyoxal is the anti-bacterial property in Manuka honey that makes it unique. The presence of MgO varies, but without it, it’s not Manuka honey.

Blend – Not pure Manuka, this is a mix of non manuka and manuka.

From New Zealand   – All Manuka honey can only be harvested in New Zealand. The Manuka shrub is indigenous to New Zealand and unavailable anywhere else.

Unprocessed – Good Manuka honey is unprocessed. It’s taken straight from the hive and packed. Most store-bought honey goes through so much processing, it isn’t honey anymore.

Price: Manuka honey is more expensive than processed honey because it can’t be produced in such large quantities. The process of filtering and production facilities are also much advanced to retain the purity of honey.

Expiry: We suggest you to check with seller on expiry dates.

All the products we cover below are pure Manuka honey straight from New Zealand.

Where to Buy Manuka Honey in Singapore

Honey BrandPrice
HNZ Manuka Honey$45.00
Manuka Doctor$56.00
Jade Valley Manuka Honey$39.00
Comvita Manuka$59.90
Manuka Health (MGO)$62.80
Sweet Nature UMF 10+ Manuka Honey – By Nature’s Nutrition$88.00
BeePower Australian Manuka Honey MGO 263+$68.00
Kaimai Gold UMF 20+ Raw Manuka Honey$129.90

How we tested the best manuka honey brand?

Before we tried these manuka honey, we decided on a few parameters to judge these brands. These are given below. After using it and with the help of our team, we then rated these brands on a scale of 1-5.

Taste: Not all manuka honey tastes the same, and this will determine the goodness of the honey’s quality

Price: It’s hard to buy cheaper manuka honey because of its quality, but it’s also hard to buy expensive.

UMF: UMF rating measures the quality and attributes of the manuka honey and assures its purity.

#1 – HNZ Manuka Honey

HNZ New Zealand 100% Pure Manuka Honey

One of the best Manuka honey producers in the world, HNZ Manuka have been a well-known brand worldwide that have made their foray into the Singapore market.

Straight from nature, HNZ Manuka owns the entire honey producing experience. They don’t rely on any third party suppliers. With stringent controls and a multitude of third-party tests, they produce the finest quality Manuka honey.

They have an R&D facility where they create innovative honey products for the world.

They also go a step further by conducting a scientific analysis of the honey and compare it to the geochemistry of the environment that it’s from. This certification ensures that the honey you consume is straight from the heart of New Zealand.

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  • Independently lab tested
  • Good taste
  • Multi-floral honey available
  • Also available in various grades

Our ratings:

Taste: 5/5
Price: 4/5
UMF: 5/5

#2 – Manuka Doctor

Manuka Doctor is a health and wellness brand from the United Kingdom. They harvest and pack their Manuka Honey in New Zealand. Their product line-up includes honey for consumption as well as skin care and body care products.

They sell Face Masks, Serums, Moisturizers, Facial Oils, Cleansers and Toners and more. All their skin care and body care products contain beeswax and bees venom that is known to have numerous benefits.

If you have lines and wrinkles or oily skin, then Manuka Doctor can cure your problems.


  • Certified Origin
  • Natural
  • New Zealand government certified
  • Higher grades of honey


  • No option for lower grades

Our ratings:

Taste: 4.5/5
Price: 3.5/5
UMF: 4/5

#3 – Jade Valley Manuka Honey

Jade Valley Manuka Honey is 3rd on our Manuka honey list. Theirs is a 100% New Zealand Multifloral Manuka Honey. They offer Manuka honey with varying potencies. It features MGO35+ that can effectively help your body heal.

One of their USP’s is their price.


  • Tastes good
  • Affordable


  • A bit sweet

Our ratings:

Taste: 5/5
Price: 5/5
UMF: 4/5

#4 – Comvita Manuka

Comvita is a veteran in the Manuka honey business. Started by Claude Stratford and Alan Bougen in 1974, Comvita has been producing high-quality Manuka honey for over 44 years.

They are UMF certified and similar to HNZ Manuka, they control the entire experience. Their hives are located in the North Island volcanic plateau and the production of the honey is a truly natural process. The sun, wind and the rain play a very important role in the finish of the honey.

Apart from honey, they deal with Olive Leaf Extract and Toothpastes.


  • FIANZ approved halal
  • Beekeeping since 1974
  • Consistency is thick


  • Not rich tasting as other brands
  • Quite expensive

Our ratings:

Taste: 3.5/5
Price: 3/5
UMF: 3.5/5

#5 – Manuka Health MGO 400+

Manuka Health sells high-quality Manuka honey that has high doses of MGO such as 250+ and 400+.

The 400+ MGO Manuka honey is not suitable for children under two years and has to be consumed 1 tbsp at a time.


  • Tastes good


  • Not really effective for health or medicinal purposes
  • Quite expensive

Our ratings:

Taste: 5/5
Price: 3/5
UMF: 4/5

#6: Sweet Nature UMF 10+ Manuka Honey – By Nature’s Nutrition

Get only the purest manuka honey from Sweet Nature UMF 10+ Manuka Honey – By Nature’s Nutrition. As soon as you open the bottle, the distinctive aroma of manuka honey will welcome you immediately.

This honey is 100% pure and independently tested to ensure that the quality is always on top of the line. It has 10+ UMF too, and the company is known for their sustainable resource management on all their products.


  • Tastes good
  • Good value for money


  • A bit sweet
  • Texture is not good

Our ratings:

Taste: 4/5
Price: 4/5
UMF: 4/5

#7: BeePower Australian Manuka Honey MGO 263+

You must know that the BeePower company produces 100% Natural Australian Honey. The BeePower Australian Manuka Honey MGO 263+ is harvested from Australia’s lush bushlands. These bushlands and forests gives out the highest quality of manuka honey in every bottle.

If you want to boost your immune system, just a bottle of the BeePower Australian Manuka Honey MGO 263+ will surely help your body.


  • Helpful for immune system
  • Good for medical use


  • Tastes different
  • Quite expensive

Our ratings:

Taste: 3/5
Price: 2.5/5
UMF: 4/5

#8: Kaimai Gold UMF 20+ Raw Manuka Honey

Did you know that getting a UMF 20+ honey is extremely rare? The Kaimai Gold UMF 20+ Raw Manuka Honey comes with a very expensive price of S$129.90 because it is one of the top and rarest honey that you can get in the market.

This honey has been extracted from various remote areas and are seasonally harvested to ensure that only the purest form is obtained.


  • Expensive but good value for money
  • High quality


  • A bit watery

Our ratings:

Taste: 3.5/5
Price: 3.5/5
UMF: 4/5

Best Manuka Honey Singapore Review

There you have it, authentic Manuka honey has unique properties and certifications that cannot be obtained easily. If you have Manuka honey originating from other parts of the world apart from New Zealand, it’s inauthentic.

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Another aspect is the price. If it is too cheap, then you need to be wary of its authenticity. There are some blends type of Manuka honey and this kind of MANUKA BLEND are always cheaper. We do recommend 10+ and above Manuka honey to see its benefits.

If you are looking to treat acne, we shall suggest the 20+ ones.

Consuming Manuka Honey

Manuka honey is an amazing product with good health benefits like reducing inflammation, better oral care and improves digestion.

The Manuka honey brands that we have covered today are authentic and will give you the health benefits you and your family deserve.

What is special about Manuka honey?

One thing that you must know about manuka honey is that it is not raw, but it is specialized. This honey comes with powerful antibacterial properties that are known to cure wounds, burns, sore throat, and it can even clear up the blemishes on your skin.

How to choose the best manuka honey?

When choosing the best manuka honey, there are some factors one should look out for. Aside from finding it hard to determine what’s real manuka honey and not, there are also scores and medicinal factors a person needs to know and consider.

UMF Certification

UMF specifies the potency of manuka honey. This will prove and certify that the manuka honey you bought is real. So, make sure to look at its UMF certification label before choosing the manuka honey. Also, note that not all manuka honey has a similar UMF score. 

Grading System

This is somehow related to UMF certification. However, there is a high grade and low-grade manuka honey. Aside from that, manuka honey is also graded based on UMF, KFactor, and MGO. Choosing the right grade for your manuka honey depends on medicinal and non-medicinal use. Low-grade manuka honey is for non-medicinal use, while high-grade manuka honey will only be used if it is diluted. For medicinal use, make sure to buy manuka honey with a minimum of UMF 10+.

Uses: Medicinal or Non-medicinal

Know why you are buying manuka honey or purpose. Is it for medicinal purposes or non-medicinal use? In this way, you may know which grade of manuka honey you should buy.

How can you tell if Manuka honey is real?

There are two ways to determine if the manuka honey is real by checking the UMF certification label and if it is made in New Zealand. 

UMF certification refers to the manuka honey’s potency where you can determine whether or not it is fake or real. One may notice a different UMF score in every manuka honey, and this depends on its purposes, whether you need it for medicinal purposes or non-medicinal use.

When it comes to label and packaging, make sure that the manuka honey is from New Zealand. The manuka honey is more likely to be authentic if made in New Zealand. 

Below are some tips you can consider to know if the manuka honey is real.

#1 – Check the UMF certification

As mentioned above, UMF determines the authenticity of manuka honey.

#2 – The manuka honey is produced and packed in New Zealand

Manuka honey can’t be imported into New Zealand. Make sure it is solely from the said country.

#3 – Check the numbers, especially MGO strength

The higher the MGO number, the stronger its properties. 

#4 – Make sure it’s MPI approved

All manuka honey will be tested and approved by the MPI facility. This is to group the manuka honey into two: Monofloral Manuka Honey and Multifloral Manuka Honey.

Is Manuka honey better than normal honey?

Manuka honey is better than normal honey if you use it for medicinal purposes, though it can also be used for non-medicinal purposes. Normal honey is, of course, good, too, since it’s more natural and can be used for meals and recipes. Let’s determine the benefits and uses of manuka honey to find out what you think is better.

  1. Manuka honey has antibacterial properties, unlike traditional honey.
  2. It has the benefits of antibacterial, anti-inflammatory, antiviral, and antioxidants.
  3. This kind of honey can easily heal wounds and cuts.
  4. This helps ease stomach pain and aches.
  5. Manuka honey helps improve and boost the immune system.

Regular and commercial honey is usually filtered, and they are smooth in texture and consistent in colors. Raw honey is the type of honey that has been extracted from honeycombs, filtered, and pasteurized, which becomes the regular honey most people use. What makes it different from manuka honey is it comes from a specific type of plant, manuka, and the texture is darker and thicker than regular honey. What’s good about this is that manuka honey is more medicinal, especially since it has antibacterial properties.

Top Manuka Honey Brands in Singapore: FAQs

What is the highest grade of Manuka honey?

A manuka honey grade is based on the UMF. UMF rating usually ranges from UMF 5+ to UMF 20+, and the higher its rating, the stronger its antibacterial benefits.

What is UMF and MGO?

UMF and MGO are two of the grading systems you can find in selecting a manuka, honey. Unique Manuka Factor, or what we call UMF, determines if the manuka honey is real, while MGO or methylglyoxal determines the manuka honey’s quality and uniqueness.

What number of Manuka honey is best?

The number of manuka honey that is best to select has at least a score of UMF 10+. Higher scores mean higher qualities. Also, consider the manuka honey’s KFactor, which indicates it came from a manuka plant, and the amount of bee pollen on the product.

Is it good to eat Manuka honey everyday?

1 to 2 tablespoons of manuka honey is good to eat every day, or you can add it to your meals if you like. If manuka honey is for medicinal purposes, you can eat it if you have a sore throat.

What strength of Manuka honey is best?

The best potency for manuka honey has a UMF rating of 10 to 18. The higher the rating or score, the stronger the manuka honey is.

What is the most expensive Manuka honey?

The most expensive manuka honey recorded is the Rare Harvest New Zealand Manuka Honey, amounting to $1,780.00 or 2,437.67SGD.

Who should not take Manuka honey?

People with diabetes need to be careful with their blood sugar levels, so it is best to look out for manuka honey intake. It is also not advised to give manuka honey to children under 1 year old.

Is Manuka honey good for the lungs?

According to research done at Swansea University, manuka honey could be helpful in treating lung infections. Manuka honey has antibacterial and antiviral properties, which is good for the respiratory system.

What is the best MGO for manuka honey?

The best MGO for manuka honey depends on the purpose of why you are taking it. Lower-grade manuka honey with MGO 83+ is best for daily intake. Middle-grade to higher-grade manuka honey is mostly for skin care and health benefits.

What is MGO 250 Manuka honey?

Manuka honey with a score of MGO 250 is in middle-grade, which is best for skincare and health purposes. This is also suggested for general well-being and digestive health. Mostly, this grade is a monofloral type of manuka.

What does 70 MGO mean in Manuka honey?

MGO stands for methylglyoxal, indicating the manuka honey’s uniqueness, making it special. Manuka honey with an MGO 70+ rating is considered low-grade, a perfect choice for daily intake, or as an everyday sweetener.

What is 40 mg Manuka honey?

Manuka honey with 40 MGO is the best quality of low-grade honey and is good for everyday consumption. This is the highly recommended manuka honey.

Which Manuka Honey is best for the immune system?

The recommended manuka honey that is best for the immune system is the Kiva Raw Manuka Honey. It has a high UMF and MGO rating, which has a good strength of antibacterial properties.

Can I mix Manuka Honey with water?

You can mix manuka honey with warm water or lemon juice. Most people who are experiencing sore throat take manuka honey as a natural remedy. Simply swirl it into warm water and enjoy.

Is MGO 30+ Manuka honey good?

Manuka honey with MGO 30+ is low-grade. An MGO 30+ manuka honey is good and is a great choice as an everyday sweeter or for daily consumption.

Is 50 mg of manuka honey good?

50 MGO of manuka honey is good, especially for daily consumption and everyday sweetener. Manuka honey with MGO 30+ and below 100+ is considered low-grade manuka honey.

Do you refrigerate manuka honey?

Do not refrigerate manuka honey. It is best to keep it in cool and dry storage like a pantry. Manuka honey tends to crystallize when kept in places with cool temperatures, though it is still good to eat.

Does Manuka honey expire?

Manuka honey will stay good as the day it was extracted, and it does not really expire. Just make sure to store manuka honey properly and avoid it in direct sunlight.

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