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Top Dishwashers in Singapore 2020

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Having the dishes done after you have prepared the meal and table may be too much of a work sometimes, but with the help of a dishwasher, you can now put thinking about dirty dishes at rest. Dishwasher is an appliance that helps you wash, rinse and sometimes even dry your dishes in a short time. We have listed down some top quality dishwashers that you can buy online.

Dishwashers were first invented so that people can save time in hand washing their dishes. Using special equipment such as pressure hoses, steam cleaner, and disinfecting soap and chemicals – dishwashers are one of the most efficient ways in cleaning your dishes, glassware, utensils, and pots and pans. It also allows you to spend less time doing the dishes and more time for your family.

Best Dishwashers Review Singapore

Let us look into some of the best dishwashers in Singapore.

1. Toshiba DWS-22ASG Dishwasher

Best Portable Dishwasher

best portable dishwasher singapore


  • Has insulated water tank
  • Rapid wash option
  • Can wash even your fruits and vegetables


  • Can accommodate up to 22 pieces of tableware only

When you are too tired of cleaning up after a long day of work and cooking for your meals after, you can just have your plates and glasses have your dishwasher do the job. This Toshiba portable dishwasher has a 5L capacity that is compact enough to fit your kitchen countertop.

It has an insulated water tank that allows you to operate the washer using its stored water anytime and anywhere. You could also opt to have it installed directly connected to your sink’s water supply to avoid hassle.

This dishwasher from Toshiba features a 360o wash, with its top and bottom arms that releases pressurized water that effectively cleans your tableware. The rapid wash option gives you only 30 minutes to have them fully cleaned.

Technical Specifications:

5L maximum water consumption

1.5 meter external drain pipe

14 kg net weight

2. Electrolux ESF6010BW Dishwasher

Best Compact Dishwasher

best compact dishwasher singapore


  • Multi-washing program
  • Auto-off function
  • Sensor Control
  • Child lock function


  • Not suitable for wooden cutlery and tableware
  • Not plastic resistant
  • Control panel has no timer indicator

Save some time in handwashing your dishes when you use this compact dishwasher from Electrolux. You can choose from 6 different wash programs depending on your washing needs. From heavily soiled pots and pans to dishes that only need a bot of rinsing before use, this dishwasher will certainly be helpful in the kitchen.

It features an adjusting rinse aid dispenser that can be set in four different levels to prevent water from forming droplet stains on your dishes. It ensures that your dishes will have a spot and streak free drying process.

After the cleaning process, this dishwasher has an auto shut off function and a child lock feature that helps prevent kitchen accidents to happen. Some things to take note about this dishwasher is that it does not have a timer indicator and is not suitable for wooden and/or plastic tableware.

Technical Specifications:

8.4 Liters of water consumption

604mm x 550mm x 523 mm in dimensions

60dB noise level

Top shower

2 spray arms

3. Bosch SMS63L02EA Dishwasher

Best Spacious Dishwasher

quality dishwasher singapore


  • Flexible basket space
  • Quiet and efficient operation
  • Glass protection for glassware and delicate dishes


  • May take extra space in the kitchen

If you are tired of taking two or three loads in cleaning all your tableware and cookware, now would be a perfect time to invest in this Bosch freestanding dishwasher. Its flexible basket system includes an adjustable upper rack, eight foldable plate racks for the top and bottom basket, a cutlery rack, and a dedicated chopstick insert.

You can choose from 6 wash programs which includes intensive washing at 70oC, normal washing at 65oC, auto-wash at 45-65oC, eco wash at 50oC, and quick wash at 45oC. It has a time delay function that you can set up to 24 hours, which actually helps you save time and uses less water especially if you only use a few kitchen items every meal.

It also features a glass care system that washes delicate dishes and other glass items even when exposed to high temperature. The door latch and childproof control lock helps secure your dishwasher especially after the drying session.

Technical Specifications:

600mm x 845mm dimension

11.8-Liter water consumption

52dB noise level

190 cm outlet hose

175cm electrical supply cord

4. ELBA EBDW1351A Dishwasher

Best User Friendly Dishwasher

best user friendly dishwasher


  • 5 wash program
  • LED progress indicator
  • Removable cutlery basket
  • Rinse Aid Indicator


  • Does not operate quietly

If you are just starting out on a place of your own and does not want an appliance that has numerous buttons and complicated features to maintain, this Elba Dishwasher is suitable for you. It has 12 standard place settings and wash programs so that washing dishes after the meal will not be a bother.

It has a half load indication feature that prevents you from overloading your dishwasher and helps ensure that every item in it is full washed and dried. The LED progress indicator on the other hand keeps you monitored and updated if the washing cycle of the dishes is finished and is ready for safekeeping.

This dishwasher also comes with a rinse aid that helps increase its drying efficiency and prevents water and lime stains from appearing on your washed items. Unlike other models of dishwashers, this particular model from Elba is suitable for any type of powder, liquid, gel, and tablet detergents as long as those are dishwasher friendly.

Technical Specifications:

290kWh annual energy consumption

598mm x 614mm x 850mm in dimension

11.8-Liter water consumption

54dB noise level

220~240V power voltage

5. LG DFB325HS Dishwasher

Best Smart Dishwasher

best dishwasher for singapore home


  • Can be connected to home Wi-Fi
  • Stainless Steel
  • Has an adjustable 3rd rack
  • Operates quietly


  • High price point

Get a dishwasher that not only saves your time from tidying up your kitchen but also has a sleek and modern design that makes your interior look more sophisticated. The machine clean option lets you clean the inside of your washer, eliminating residual soils, odor, and dirt. It also has a stainless steel design that is easy to clean and maintain.

The micro LED display gives clear and digital icons that are hidden when not in use. It also has an auto shut off feature that automatically powers off the washer after each cycle. A delay start can be utilized to maximize the water and energy consumption.

Aside from this, the energy saver wash option allows you to save energy by reducing the wash and rinse temperature. Another good thing about this smart appliance is that it can be easily connected to your home internet settings which makes it easier to operate and monitor wherever you are at home.

Technical Specifications:

41dB noise level

598mm x 845mm x 600mm dimensions

9-Liter water consumption

14 place setting

1600-1800 W power consumption

52 kg product weight

6. Xiaomi Desktop Dishwasher

Best Dishwasher for Beginners

xiaomi dishwasher review


  • Compact Size
  • Has sterilization features
  • No complicated installation required


Limited place capacity

Never worry about thinking on where to place you dishwasher with this Xiaomi Desktop Dishwasher. Its small, compact size fits any kitchen counter and does not need complicated installation requirements. This dishwasher is perfect for people starting out in small apartment spaces.

Its disinfection and sterilization rate is at 99%, which ensures that your kitchen items are thoroughly clean and free from germs. Its 6D double spray systems help sticky substances easily removed from your dishes. Like most Xiaomi products, you can have it connected over the internet for seamless monitoring and operation.

Some of the washing operations that you can choose from includes standard washing, strong washing, energy saving washing, quick washing, and a dedicated washing program for your glassware. You can also use this dishwasher to disinfect and sterilize your baby’s feeding bottle and other items.

Technical Specifications:

5.3-Liter water consumption

900W power consumption

220V power voltage

45mm x 48mm x 42 mm in dimension

Contains male and female adapter

Water inlet pipe and drain pipe

Getting the best dishwasher for your kitchen

One of technology’s greatest gifts when it comes to making our kitchen life easier is a dishwasher. Dishwashers allow you to put your kitchen utensils in one wash which makes you save more time and use less water. It also uses high temperature that effectively cleanse and sterilizes your plates and pans eliminating germs and bacteria that may remain stuck on them.

Owning one for your home eliminates one household chore which means you can dedicate more time for your family or focusing on other things such as your work or hobby. It also helps prevent breakage of your precious bowls and glasses when hand washing them over the sink.

Keeping these in mind, isn’t it better to get one now for your kitchen? Avoid destroying your freshly manicured hands and protect your skin from strong chemicals brought by dishwashing soaps when you invest in one of the top quality, reliable dishwashers on the list.


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