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11 Top Handheld Vacuum Cleaners in Singapore 2021

Top Handheld Vacuum Cleaners in Singapore

Searching for a handheld vacuum cleaner? Then, look no further, because we reviewed some of the top handheld vacuum cleaners in Singapore!

Our daily cleaning routine will never be complete without a vacuum cleaner. It’s the best way to get rid of stubborn dust to ensure every nook and corner is squeaky clean. Bulky and vacuum cleaners, however, are relatively difficult to use. Additionally, it cannot entirely clean hard to reach corners. Say hello to handheld and cordless vacuum cleaners


The best handheld cordless vacuum cleaners in Singapore make your chores easier and quicker. Aside from portability, these devices can easily reach even tight spaces to take away dust mites and specks.


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Singapore Handheld Vacuum Cleaners Review

No worries. We’ve curated 10 of the best handheld cordless vacuum cleaners in Singapore to help you out.

Handheld Vacuum Cleaners BrandPrice
Airbot Supersonics Handheld Vacuum Cleaner$95.90
Dyson V8 Fluffy Cordless Vacuum Cleaner$549.00
Dyson V11 Absolute$1,099.00
Xiaomi SWDK KC101 Wireless Handheld Vacuum Cleaner$129.90
Philips FC6813 Stick Vacuum Cleaner$417.98
Dibea D18 Cordless Vacuum Cleaner$115.00
Samsung Premium 2WAY Cordless Vacuum Cleaner VC-PS85$133.00
Karcher VC 5 Cordless Premium Parquet Handheld Vacuum Cleaner$398.00
Bosch GAS 18V-1 Cordless Handheld Vacuum Cleaner$85.00
Electrolux ZB5108 – Cordless Handheld Cleaner$94.88
Xiaomi Roidmi F8 Handheld Vacuum Cleaner$348.00

Airbot Supersonics 2.0 Upgraded Cordless Cyclone Boost Handheld Vacuum Cleaner

If you’re looking for a powerful and durable vacuum for everyday use, then you might want to consider this Airbot handheld vacuum cleaner. This is basically one of the strongest cleaners we’ve seen so far, along with the gaps and cavity feature that makes it easier to get rid of stubborn dust and food crumbs even in small cracks. The price is also quite a fair bargain for its numerous features. The 17kpa max suction power is good enough for daily use. It’s also lightweight at just 2.2kg.


  • Dual Speed
  • 2 in 1 storage
  • Cyclone Force Sytem
  • Sturdy and stable
  • Gaps and cavity brushing feature
  • Quick and deep cleaning


  • Mite brush not included

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Dyson V8 Fluffy Cordless Vacuum Cleaner

You may be quite overwhelmed by the price point of the Dyson cordless vacuum cleaner, but you’ll be more surprised by the jam packed features that it provides. You’ll definitely get the value of your money. With its premium features that include a HEPA filtration and fade-free suction system, this is a good investment as it’s relatively easy to use while being tough on dirt and grime. Enjoy up to 40 minutes of powerful and stress-free cleaning since it’s powered by Dyson digital motor V8.

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dyson handheld cordless vacuum cleaner singapore


  • HEPA Filtration system
  • Fade-free suction
  • Powered by Dyson digital motor V8
  • 2-tier Radial cyclones


  • Kind of heavy

Dyson V11 Absolute

With significant features especially when it comes to battery and design, the Dyson V11 is regardless as one of the best handheld cordless vacuum cleaners in Singapore, of course, provided that you have means to afford the quite expensive price tag. It is powered by the newest V11 motor technology that allows it to perform at its finest no matter what surface you’ll be using it on. It can adapt to different cleaning tools to help you reach difficult nooks and crevices. The 3 working modes – namely, Eco, Medium, and Boost – are conveniently displayed on its LCD screen to inform you how much battery power you have left.

review of dyson handheld cordless vacuum cleaner singapore


  • Powered by digital motor V11
  • Incredible suction ability
  • Highly adaptable
  • LCD screen
  • 3 working modes


  • Expensive

Xiaomi SWDK KC101 Wireless Handheld Vacuum Cleaner – Smart Dust Mite Controller

If you like having clean mattresses just as the next person, then this cordless vacuum cleaner is the best option for you. The Xiaomi cleaner effectively gets rid of both dust mites and allergens for that improved cleaning experience you’ve always wanted. The 6000kpa power can suck up all dirt along with the UV-C lamp that destroys home bacteria, too.

xiaomi handheld cordless vacuum cleaner singapore


  • With UV-C lamp
  • Mute motor operating system
  • Brushless suction head
  • Easy cleaning
  • 6000kpa suction power


  • A bit on the price side

Philips FC6813 Stick Vacuum Cleaner

philips handheld cordless vacuum cleaner singapore


Tired of stressfully cleaning uneven spaces? Then use the Philips SpeedPro cordless vacuum cleaner. It allows you to operate at a 45-minute capacity with unmatched airflow so you can finally get rid of stubborn dust and dirt once and for all. It is powered by PowerCyclone 8 technology, Philips’ most powerful bagless technology by far. With its built-in LED lights, you can easily spot fluff, dust, and hair. This cordless cleaner is versatile as you can also reach even low furniture. The unique dust bucket also lets you empty the cleaner without dust clouds hovering above. How great is that?

  • 360-degree nozzle suction
  • 1000L/min airflow
  • Unique dust bucket
  • Powered by PowerCyclone8 Technology
  • 18V Li-Ion batteries


  • A bit on the pricey side

Dibea D18 Cordless Vacuum Cleaner Handheld Stick LED Light

Enjoy spotless spaces with Dibea’s cordless vacuum cleaner that helps you get rid of dust completely even in its low power operating mode. For quick tidying up, you can rely on its 120w power. The battery can even last for a week! Set in an ergonomic design handle, you can easily clean everywhere without pressure. The wide floor brush with LED lights can spot dirt and dust on every corner, definitely flexible and practical for every homeowner. The device also comes with an indicator power supply light bar so you can clearly see how much power you have left.

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  • 120W Power
  • 5 hours maximum charging time
  • 2200mAh Li-ion battery
  • Ergonomic design handle
  • Multi-stage cyclone operating system


  • A bit on the pricey side

Samsung Premium 2WAY Cordless Vacuum Cleaner VC-PS85 ★Handheld Vacuum Cleaner

Samsung’s cordless handheld vacuum cleaner is simple, flexible, and versatile – something that every homeowner can appreciate. If you’re on the lookout for a decent cleaning device, then this one’s for you. It’s also lightweight, sparing you from arm aches after your daily cleaning routine.


  • Convenient and simple to use
  • High-speed charge
  • Lightweight


  • A bit on the pricey side

Karcher VC 5 Cordless Premium Parquet Handheld Vacuum Cleaner (White)

This device’s switchable floor nozzle has a flexible joint that can effectively pick up dirt and dust on both carpets and hard surfaces, without leaving scratch marks. It is also easy to maneuver even under furniture. It has a triple-telescopic suction tube that can suit whatever task is being performed, and can even be reduced to half its size for easy storage. When it comes to the filter system, you don’t have to buy filter bags anymore as it is equipped with a 3-stage bagless filter system for automatic filter cleaning. The HEPA hygiene filter also makes it safe for the user.


  • Triple Telescopic suction tube
  • Easy storage
  • Optimum adjustment
  • Switchable floor nozzle
  • 3-stage bagless filter system
  • Soft grip handle


  • A bit expensive

Bosch GAS 18V-1 Cordless Handheld Vacuum Cleaner

With its compact size and light weight, you’ll find it easy to clean every nook and corner of your home. The soft-grip also allows your hand to efficiently glide it through furniture. You’ve got the wrist strap for safe and convenient handling, too. Use the 2-speed control suction power for different applications. Don’t forget the LED lights, too, so you can see all the dirt and dust even in narrow and dark areas. Enjoy a safer cleaning experience with the device’s HEPA Filter technology that protects the user’s health by filtering out the allergens as you clean.


  • Compact and lightweight
  • Soft-grip and ergonomic design
  • 2-speed control suction power
  • LED light
  • HEPA filter


  • A bit pricey

Electrolux ZB5108 – Cordless Handheld Cleaner

If you’re looking for a budget-friendly yet conveniently powerful cordless handheld vacuum cleaner, try checking this one out from Electrolux. You can easily keep your home in top shape with its non-scratch and soft nozzle glide to avoid furniture scratches. The multi-angled charging stand also makes it flexible when storing the device.

electrolux handheld cordless vacuum cleaner singapore


  • Soft and non-scratch nozzle
  • Multi-angled charging stand
  • 0.5L dust container
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  • Battery issues

Xiaomi Roidmi F8 Handheld Vacuum Cleaner

The Xiaomi Roidmi F8 Handheld Vacuum Cleaner is more than just a box on a stick. With its Whirling Dragon Duct technology and 18500kpa wind power, the cleaner can suck up all the dirt that’s been breathing on your floor. The cleaner can also be converted into a handheld vacuum or a stick vacuum, so you’ll never have to worry about the tidying situation again. We recommend this device for small apartments, dorms, or offices.


  • Apps smart connection
  • Built-in LED sensor light
  • With magnetic adsorption storage
  • Multiple noise reduction
  • Lightweight


  • The on/Off button is not so responsive
  • Plug details not specified

Which is the best handheld vacuum cleaner in Singapore?

We tested different brands to find the best handheld vacuum cleaner in Singapore. We found that Philips SpeedPro Max Stick FC6813 is the best handheld vacuum cleaner in Singapore. Here’s why:

The Philips SpeedPro Max Stick FC6813 has a feature of 45-minute operating time, so you can clean your space without stopping. The best handheld vacuum cleaner is lightweight, ergonomic, and easy to use. If you want to get your home clean in half the time, invest in this 2-in-1 vacuum and mop.

How do you pick the right vacuum cleaner?

Choosing the best handheld and cordless vacuum cleaner may seem like an easy task, but it’s actually not. There are several considerations you have to think about, such as the features and the price, more importantly. You also need to think about maintenance, versatility, and warranty.

When it comes to specifications, you have to consider the suction power since the higher the suction power, the better it will be able to suck up not just dust, but also debris, food residue, and hair, to name a few.

What are the benefits of handheld cordless vacuum cleaners?

Cleaning is made incredibly easy with the newest trend in vacuum cleaners today. Forget the cords. When it comes to thorough cleaning, you can always count on cordless and handheld devices to make everything easy, quick, and definitely spot-free.

Most handheld vacuum cleaners work on powerful operating systems so you can get rid of even the most stubborn dust mites from carpets and furniture. They are also compact and light weight for a stress-free and flexible cleaning experience. The LED lights also make it easier to see through dark corners.

With a handheld cordless vacuum cleaner, you can finish your daily cleaning routine in less time.

Now that you’re armed with the information you need for the best handheld cordless vacuum cleaners in Singapore, check out the products we’ve mentioned and give us your feedback.

Why buy handheld cordless vacuum cleaner online in Singapore

Reasons are simple. Online platform like Shopee

  1. offers cashback of up to 20%.
  2. allow credit card transactions.
  3. offer discount coupon during sales
  4. offers free delivery of products

Top Handheld Vacuum Cleaners in Singapore: FAQs

Are handheld vacuums worth it?

A handheld vacuum cleaner is worth it, especially because it is convenient to use. One important feature is its portability, where you can easily carry it anywhere around the house, even in the car.

How long does a handheld vacuum last?

Most handheld vacuum cleaners last for about two to three years, depending on usage and how well you maintain it. To make it last longer, make sure to store it properly and take care of it.


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