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Transport Apps you need to know in Singapore

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Singapore can be an intimidating city for newcomers, especially for someone who is not familiar with the local transportation system in the city. If you are looking for ways to make your commute easy, let us introduce some apps that will change your life in Singapore. We have brought together a list of transport apps that you need to know in Singapore to travel easy and cheap.

Useful Transport Apps in Singapore

Be it commuting for work, to an event, or just visiting a recreational spot, these apps can get you where you want easily. So save yourself some time and trouble and download the following eight transport apps you need to know in Singapore.


grab transport app singapore

Started in 2012, Grab was originally known as GrabTaxi and provides various transportation services to its users. With new platforms such as JustGrab, GrabTaxi and GrabHitch, Grab has over 100,000 drivers and makes ride booking effortless. Apart from standard cabs, the app also offers private cars and drivers for those who are seeking a more personalised mode of transportation. Another great thing about Grab is that it works in Malaysia too.

Grab locates you and finds you the nearest cab along with the name of the driver, their phone number and license plate number. GrabFamily is the newest feature introduced in the app that allows you to travel safely with children from 4 to 6 years of age. Through this feature, you can choose seat boosters to adjust seat belts according to your child’s height.

This app will also show you estimated cab fares so that you are not tricked into paying inflated cab fares. If you want to save travel cost on cabs, choosing GrabShare and sharing your ride with another traveller is recommended. Though the journey to your destination will take a tad bit longer, it will save you a significant amount of money. You can download Grab from Google Play Store or Apple App Store.


Gojek was founded in 2010 with a purpose of problem-solving. What had started out as a ride-hailing app has now been transformed to solve day-to-day technology problems of users. Gojek offers more than 20 services today and is a leading app across Southeast Asia. With a band of millions on their team including drivers, merchants and service providers, Gojek is certainly an app that you can use to ease your travels across Singapore.

Eliminate your hassles with Gojek and book rides effortlessly. This app allows you to track real-time location of your cab drivers as well. Their cab tracking services have gotten better over time with the help of user experience and advance technology. Apart from that, Gojek offers food pickup from restaurants and delivery to your place to add to your convenience. 

This is a one-stop shop Super App with three platforms: consumer, driver, and merchant applications. The latest addition to the app, however, is the Gopay feature that allows you to make electronic payments and saves you the hassle of carrying cash. Among the 20 services provided by Gojek, some other popular ones are massages and loyalty program. You can download Gojek from Google Play Store or Apple App Store.


google map singapore

Google Maps is another app that has advanced as the years have passed since it was launched in 2005. This one app can simplify navigation for you no matter where you are in Singapore. It is definitely an app you must have on your phone, especially if you are new in the city. Be it a corporate office, hawker center or a tourist attraction, Google Maps will provide real-time GPS navigation, transit infoguide, traffic status and will get you to your destination using the shortest way possible. It is also a great way to explore your neighbourhoods if you want to see new places and socialize.

This app is also a great way to keep track of the local transportation system. You can find out the exact timings of busses and trains leaving from their respective stations to help you plan your travel itinerary. Google maps also factors in change of transportation medium in case you need to switch busses on the way to your destination.

It is also a great way to learn more about the city. In case you are looking for great places to visit, eat or simply places for entertainment near you, check it out on Google Maps. You can get satellite view of the place, check photos to find out how the ambience is and read comments to get the opinion of previous visitors.

You can download Google Maps from Google Play Store or Apple App Store.


apple map transport app singapore

Apple Maps another good app if you are an iPhone user and works almost similar to Google Maps. You can use this app to get the fastest way to your destination based on traffic, your location, time of the day and your schedule. You can also set up meetings in your calendar and get the best route to reach your destination on time.

Apple Maps also allows you to explore the nearby area, find spots to visit, restaurants to eat, etc. Everything on Apple Maps is marked with flags for you to distinguish different places while you are looking for directions. It also displays a numbered badge that you can tap on to see more options. Like Google Maps, it tells you real-time traffic information so that you can analyze how long it will take for you to arrive.

You can also pull up timetables for local transportation system or ask Siri to give you step-by-step instructions to figure out a way to your destination. With Indoor Maps, you can also get detailed directions within the airport and shopping centres. So finding a restroom, a place to eat or lounge inside a mall or airport is simplified by Apple Maps.


best transport app singapore

SG Bus app was launched in 2014 and is operated by SMRT Buses, SBS Transit, Tower Transit Singapore and Go-Ahead Singapore. The app is designed to help commuters get bus timetables and arrival times in Singapore. This app is great to plan your journey in advance. Unlike most other apps that show one or two bus arrival timings, SG Bus shows three bus arrival times so that if you miss one, you plan just enough buffer time in order to get on the next bus without getting late. 

This app provides full route information of busses, number of stops and will tell you how far you are from the stop where you have to get down. The map feature in the app allows you to track the busses in real-time and you can figure out if the buss has really reached the stop from where you have to get on-board. This is a great advantage over Google Maps or Apple Maps as they will only give you the timetable of busses but will not be able to tell you the exact location of the bus on the route unless you are on the bus. So you can check SG Bus and see where the bus you are looking for has reached. You can download SG Bus app from Google Play Store or Apple App Store.

6. MyTransport

MyTransport is the official app provided by the Land Transport Authority of Singapore. This app is basically designed to provide brief information about bus timings, getting MRT/LRT journey fare, contacting taxi booking services, train breakdown information and real-time information about traffic. Although it is not as efficient as Google Maps or Apple Maps, it is a great source of information for functional issues in Singapore transportation.

It has a Snap and Send feature that allows you to report problems or crisis on the road. If any other user has posted something, you will get a notification briefing you about the situation. This personalization feature in this app makes it a unique source to get on road updates and stay away from roadblocks. You can download MyTransport app from Google Play Store or Apple App Store.

7. CityMapper

citimapper app

CityMapper app is available for most major cities including Singapore. It is an app that you must have on your phone if you are living in Singapore or just visiting for a short while. This is an incredibly smart and user-friendly mobile application that allows you to map out your commute using Singapore’s public transport system according to your preferences. 

For those of you who don’t like walking or prefer the convenience of busses, CityMapper can find you nearest bus stops to avoid walking. If that option is not available, it provides you a route that requires minimum walking. It also keeps you informed about trains, ferry and other modes of transports. Other than this, it also helps you in keeping a track of train breakdowns and traffic congestions. This app is available on both Apple App Store and Google Play Store.

Check it out

8. Comfort Del Gro

comfort taxi booking app

ComfortDelGro is an app that provides information about bus, rail, taxi, car rental and leasing, automotive engineering services, driving centres, inspection and testing services, non-emergency patient transport services, outdoor advertising and insurance broking services. Although the uses of this app are quite diverse, it is another one of the great apps to have if you are in Singapore and want to ease commutes.

The uniqueness of this app is that you can bookmark 20 favourite pick up addresses. It also has a location tracking feature of your approaching driver. ComfortDelGro has a presence in other Asian regions including 11 cities in China, Malaysia and Vietnam. It runs business in some non-Asian countries as well. This app can be downloaded from Apple App Store and Google Play Store.

Check out FAQs on using this app.

9. LocoMole

travel apps in singapore 2021

If you want to experience Singapore to its fullest, then you should not miss downloading the LocoMole app on your smartphone. This application gives you information on where to go, and what is the best thing to do at that destination. You can enjoy a hassle-free trip once you visit Singapore!

It also gives very detailed trail information, so you can go sight seeing and a self-guided walking tour on Singapore’s best destinations for just strolling and walking. It is highly recommended that you pair Locomole with other transportation applications above so you can quickly move across all the perfect places to visit in Singapore.

Download the LocoMole app on this link.

10. SG Buses

best application for traveling in singapore

There are some people who feel more comfortable traveling to a foreign country on a bus. One main reason is that it’s super nice to feel like a local riding a bus, right? So, if you’re traveling to Singapore and you are feeling like you want to see the country through bus trips, the SG Buses application would surely be your best friend!

Everything that you need to know about Singapore’s bus systems are here on this one application. You are able to see the seat availability, bus numbers, arrivals, bus stops, and routes are all here to help you travel all throughout the country like a pro!

Download this app on Google Playstore or Apple App Store.

Downloading transport apps in Singapore

You gotta make sure you only download the apps when you reached Singapore. There may have some country restrictions and you are not able to download this in your country. You would surely be needing all these transport applications above, because Singapore might be a small country, but it is indeed challenging to visit all the attractions all at once!

So, if you want to have a hassle-free and fun-filled vacation in Singapore, give yourself a favor and make sure to have these top applications above and welcome to Singapore!

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