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Understanding the differences of LOCAL AND EXPORT Mobile Phone Sets in Singapore 2023

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There is no denying of the fact that the discovery of mobile phones has been the biggest highlight in regard to electronics and telecommunication. It can be fairly said that a mobile is no more a luxury for people of any section, rather a necessity for each and everyone in this fast growing digital world.

But are we really aware of how the mobile phones gets manufactured and sold in the due process. We as the consumers must treat this as our duty to be well aware of how the selling procedures are carried out.

In this article, we are going to guide you in a simple manner so as to make you understand the key and basic differences between a local set and an export set

What exactly is a LOCAL SET?

A local set is nothing but refers to the mobile set that the agents sell directly to the respective buyers. It is pretty much a direct process. So what are the key features possessed by the local set? Well, we see that the local sets possess mostly a warranty of one year, and it can be 2 years at some times.

These are always available in the local market, irrespective of any company or brand. The basic duty of the agents those who are allotted to carry out the selling process is to offer free services. Some of the agents also offer lifetime warranties regarding all the hardware components. Companies like OPPO and HUAWEI provide direct warranty of 2 years.

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As the name suggests, export sets refer to those parallel PSPs that the brands import and then they sell to their respective consumers. An export set doesn’t provide you with official warranty. The factor of authentication comes into the bigger picture while opting for export sets. They possess their own rules and regulations, for which people are not guaranteed proper authentication.

By means of marks and stickers in the sets, people come to know about the authenticity. For all these reasons, it is no rocket science that these sets are comparatively cheaper than the local ones. The most common companies that offer us the export sets are XIAOMI and ONE PLUS.

If you buy phones from Aliexpress for example, this is called EXPORT SET.

You can check out this article on Xiaomi Phones to see the prices and their specification.

They call this as GLOBAL VERSION sets.

Here are more examples on export phone sets: List of Chinese Smartphones

So we are now acquainted with that these two forms of sets mean. So we move onto understanding the key differences amongst the two.


Warranty and authenticity are the two major issues when it comes to differentiate between the local and export set. We see that both these factors are at a greater level in case of a local set, but in the case of export set, we do not get proper warranty and authenticity.

The prices of local sets are costlier than the export ones due to the above mentioned points. You can always rely upon any issues if you opt for local sets.

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As the name pretty much suggests, international warranty is the mode of warranty that offers the consumers to avail the warranty even if they migrate to a different nation. But in case of local warranty, the set’s warranty is limited and confined to a single country. It is seen that the retailers tend to charge a higher rate in case of local warranty. And the concept of international warranty is a marketing scheme.

Local vs Export Phone Set Singapore

So it is crystal clear that there exist key differences between local set and export set in terms of warranty, services and authenticity. Taking in consideration all these factors, we see a vivid difference in the prices amongst the two.

How do I know if my phone is local or export set?

The easiest way to tell if your phone is a local or export set is to compare the model number to the list of accepted models in your country. In most cases, export sets are marked with an additional letter or two at the end of the model number, usually indicating its origin.

Moreover, export sets usually contain additional features not found in locally sold sets, such as custom home screens, alternate language settings and support for foreign networks. If you have difficulty determining if your phone is a local or export set, your best bet is to contact your phone’s manufacturer for assistance.

How do you check what country my phone is set to?

To check what country your phone is set to, you will need to look at your phone’s settings. First, you will need to access the “Settings” menu on your device.

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Depending on your device, this could be done by selecting the “Settings” icon from your home screen, swiping down from the top of the screen and tapping the settings gear icon, or some other way.

Once in the settings menu, try looking for a section called “Language & Region” or “Language & Input”, which should give you the options to choose what language and country your device is set to.

If it’s already set to the country you desire, then no further changes are necessary. If not, select the proper country, then confirm the selection to save your changes.

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