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Where to Bring Senior Citizens in Singapore 2023

Where to Bring Senior Citizens in Singapore

Know where to bring senior citizens in Singapore? We have the prefect list for you if you are planning for a trip with them!

When it comes to the elderlies, there’s this notion that taking them out to see places and go places will be tiresome for both you and your elderly loved ones.


But we don’t think that’s the situation. Our grandparents and parents were once young, and the thrill of visiting new places and learning? That’s something that never goes away, no matter what age you are. The thing is, we don’t think that the elderly don’t want to go out, we think they do.

It’s just that finding the right places to take them is key here. The beauty of Singapore is that there’s a place for everyone and anyone!

We’re all for finding the best places and exploring the Lion City, and along the way, discovering new favourites and visiting old ones.

Or you can bring them to a good affordable Singapore staycation!


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Top Elderly-Friendly Places in Singapore

We’ve come up with a guide for you on the best places to take your senior loved ones and have a good time with them. Don’t worry. All the places we’ve chosen are elder-friendly and wheelchair-friendly, too.

Take a Walk Around the Gardens

garden walk for elderly singapore

Who doesn’t love the Botanic Gardens? It’s an excellent place for that morning or evening stroll, at times when Singapore’s weather is calmer and more comfortable.

There’s also a lot to do there. In the early mornings, you can find locals practising tai chi which is great for those who love to keep their health in check.

A lot of seniors actually participate in these sessions, and we’re all for it! Health is wealth.

See the Supertrees at Gardens by the Bay

where to bring elderly singapore

Built on reclaimed land, Gardens by the Bay is a sight to see and a haven for those who love nature. It’s a whopping 250-acre park that has conservatories for you to explore and fauna to, well, fawn over.

But what we think you should really see there with your aunties and uncles?

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The supertrees! It’s a vertical garden made to look like really huge trees. And we’re talking really huge trees, massive! There’s also a daily show called the Garden Rhapsody where the trees light up to music.

It’s really quite a show and best seen during the evening.

A lot of people who see it leave with a giddy feeling after and happy smiles. We’re all for happy faces in pleasant places.

The best part is that admission is free to the supertree garden so there is no excuse you can’t visit the park. Again, head there early to get a good spot as a lot of people come to witness this fantastic show.

Gaze at the Stars

places for senior citizens

Every Friday, the Science Centre Singapore invites everyone to join in on their free stargazing. If the weather is good, this Friday Stargazing session happens between January and November.

We know the kids love it, but we also know that this is something the elderlies enjoy, too. Space/seats are limited though so make sure you get there early for a spot. Also, it pays to come early so you can get the best spot, too.

Go On a Singapore River Cruise

outing for elderly

There’s always the notion that going on a river cruise is reserved for couples, but we beg to differ. We think it’s great for families, including the grandparents, too! What do we recommend?

Doing this at night or just as the sunsets. The city transforms from historic buildings and skylines to laser lights at the bay. Clarke Quay and Esplanade Theater are common places to find good cruises.

Be in Awe of the Marine Life

places to visit for seniors

Discover the ocean without really getting into the sea. For many elderlies, a glimpse at the marine life at S.E.A. Aquarium is enough to make them smile. Imagine a full day there! Sure, it’s a bit touristy, but considering how big the place is, space isn’t that much of an issue because you’ll always find a spot for yourself to gape in awe of the fish and marine life.

And besides, how can you be in a bad mood when you’re too busy watching sharks and all sorts of fish swim by? We do recommend you plan ahead though, especially if you’re with the elderly. Weekends can be pretty crowded but planning a visit on a weekday is much more bearable. 

For a grander experience, the aquarium has an encounter program with the dolphins at great rates for seniors! You get to play with the dolphins right in the pool and learn a lot about these friendly creatures.

River Safari Singapore

river safari singapore for senior citizens

Both a zoo and an aquarium, River Safari Singapore is the only river-themed wildlife park that can be found in Asia. So it’s a must to have your parents and grandparents experience this! How can you not when it’s a must-try for tourists and locals alike?

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The “Amazon River Quest” is a popular attraction there and perfect for you and your elderly loved ones. You get to discover 30 different wildlife species all from the comfort of your boat.

Aside from that, the park also exhibits another 5000 animals all under a sheltered roof! No need to worry about weather conditions there. Rain or shine, the show goes on comfortably.

Live for the Music

esplande singapore for seniors

If your elderlies love music and the performing arts, it’s time to take them to Esplanade. You get the chance to watch a variety of brilliant performances like jazz shows, ballets, classical concerts and more.

There are also a lot of offers for seniors that can be used for most programmes happening there and can even be used for annual festivals, too. The malls that you can visit there are a bonus, also. 

City Bus Tours

city bus tour seniors

Most seniors don’t even venture out to the city because they’re just not interested to see it. They’ve probably heard about all of the hustle and bustle, and they just don’t want to bother with it. Can you blame them? The way we talk about the city and city life can sound tiring to some even if that wasn’t our intention.

But that’s why City Bus tours exist. From your seat on a double-decker bus, you can get the chance to see the city in all its glory without the trouble of getting tired from walking and more. Plus, there are a lot of choices. This is an excellent way to have seniors see how truly amazing Singapore is, comfortably.


prawning for senior citizens

Prawning is a popular past time in Singapore and one that everyone loves especially our senior community. Basically, prawning is catching your own prawns and crayfish kampung style then dining on them grilled catches. Less struggle, easier, and yummier!

All you have to pay is the hourly fee for prawning, and you’re all set. That’s right, catch as many as you can in the time frame you’ve paid for and dine on it all! It’s that easy and that fun. Now, there are even best prawning places that are air-conditioned to make your experience an even better one.

Trishaw Tour

things to do for senior citizens in singapore

We’ve kind of established that were opting for places/tours that are less on the walking and more on the experience. Trishaw Tours are another great option for your senior loved ones. If you ever find yourself in n Little India, Kampong Glam, or Chinatown, a Trishaw tour is a must.

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Trishaw tours take the walking out of the trip while letting you discover heritage, explore food, and appreciate Singapore in a new light. The Trishaw uncles who handle the vehicle are also your tour guides and are very knowledgable. They’re great to talk to, and the whole affair is a lot of fun. You can also customize the tour that you take based on what you want.

Relax at Sembawang Hot Spring Park

Singapore has a natural hot spring park worth visiting. Take your elderly parents or grandparents to Sembawang Hot Spring Park. You can take a foot bath at the park’s foot bath, cook Japanese-style eggs next to the hot spring, and enjoy nature trails that lead you to things you might find in kampung settings.

Fun Doesn’t Stop There

There’s a saying that says that age is just a number and we couldn’t agree more. The suggestions above are just that; suggestions. It doesn’t mean that your choices stop at the end of this article, no.

There are still several places to go to with your elderly loved ones. But if you really want to bond with them on a different level, instead of taking them to new places they’ve never been to, go back to their favourite places with them. 

You might just discover new places you’ll fall in love with yourself and see a different side to the beauty of Singapore that only our elders know about. 

Remember: Experience is a two-way street, best shared with loved ones.

Where to Bring Senior Citizens in Singapore: FAQs

What do elderly like to do in Singapore?

Most elderly in Singapore love some fun indoor games, arts and crafts, visiting cultural places, gardening, and having a walk in nature. Senior citizens love simple activities that require little strength, like crafting some art, admiring places and nature, and cooking.

What can I do with my grandparents in Singapore?

You can take your grandparents to a museum or some nature trails since most elderly love admiring places, nature, and plants. Of course, they would surely love to eat in the best restaurants in Singapore.

Where can I bring my parents Singapore?

There are tons of places you can bring your parents to in Singapore. You may take them to a zoo, museum or catch some great movies. If your parents love nature walks and gardening, you can take them to Gardens by the Bay or go on a Singapore River cruise


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