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Where to rent wheelchairs in Singapore

renting wheelchairs singapore

Travelling overseas can be a hassle, especially if you have to factor in travelling with a wheelchair which only adds to your check-in weight. Unless you or your loved ones have a specially outfitted wheelchair, the wiser decision would be to leave the wheelchair at home and rent one in in the country you are visiting (and it also saves on air travel hassle) but which service provider is the best for your needs?

Renting Wheelchairs in Singapore


Minimum Rental

1 Week Rental

1 Week Rental +
two way delivery

Delivery Cost

(Two Way)


$15 (7 days)




EZ Mobility

$20 (3 days)

















We understand: as busy travellers from overseas, you need the facts and you need them accurate and fast, so we did the work for you and not only did a quick comparison of the various wheelchair rental option in Singapore, but reviewed them too!

Delivery: All the service providers have delivery options for their wheelchairs. However, Habibi is the cheapest cost wise at $15 for two way delivery and collection, and potentially would make for a good option to have delivered and used straight at the airport.

Overall, Habibi is the cheapest option in the market factoring in two-way delivery costs.

But for more information to better inform your decision, you can read our reviews of the various wheelchair rental companies in Singapore and decide for yourself.

Bion Medical Group

Bion Medical Group has expanded from Singapore to offices in Malaysia and Indonesia and offers eight different models of wheelchairs from lightweight to heavy duty usage.

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While Bion boasts the lowest daily rental rate at $3/day, the minimum four day rental period sets its base cost at the same rates as most other companies for short rentals though it is still cheaper in the long run. Bion permits their wheelchairs to be used overseas but will charge a $35 cleaning/maintenance fee if the wheelchair is not returned in original conditions.

Picking up from their showroom is recommended, with the delivery costs at $35 each way (though at promotional rates, it can be reduced to $25 each way). Online bookings can only be collected from the PCI building but if you head down to their Ang Mo Kio location, you can rent and collect from Bion on the spot.

PCI Limited Building

35 Pioneer Road North #02-03

Singapore 628475

Email: info@bionmedicalgroup.com

AMK Store
625 Ang Mo Kio Avenue 9 #01-92

Singapore 560625

Tel: 6451 4116


EZ Mobility

EZ Mobility offers three models of wheelchairs. It should be noted that all wheelchairs are over 10kg in weight so do not make for the lightest of travel companions but all models support users of over 100kg. The Classic and Flex options supporting up to 120kg, with the Flex offering reclining options.

22 Sin Ming Lane,
Midview City #06-76
Singapore 573969

Mobile :+65 8853 5183
Email: sales@ezmobility.com.sg

Habibi Wheelchair Rental

Habibi Wheelchair Rental is a Singapore based service provider who aim to provide short term wheelchair rental to everyone. The business is family-run and consists of individuals with current or prior experience in the medical and healthcare industry. 

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The wheelchairs can be collected from three pick up locations in Pasir Ris, Punggol and Eunos if users do not wish to pay for the delivery fee, though its two way delivery costs are the cheapest on the island. Habibi also allows users to bring their wheelchairs overseas.

Habibi Wheelchair Rental has three wheelchair options available for rent: Habibi Mini, Habibi Lightweight and Habibi Prime. For those considering Habibi, since all the wheelchairs cost the same to rent, the Habibi Lightweight looks to be the best rental option factoring in wheelchair weight, maximum user weightage and the ability to self-wheel, although for larger users, the Prime is most secure option.

Note: Habibi does not take walk ins so they need to be contacted in advance, especially if the wheelchair is to be picked up from its three locations.

7 Kaki Bukit Road 2
Extra Space Eunos Link
Singapore 417840


Pharmex Healthcare

(Pharmex states its wheelchairs are walk in only but also state delivery charges so unknown)

A wholly locally owned enterprise, Pharmex has the widest range of wheelchairs available to users, with nine options to choose from based on various user needs. This might be because Pharmex offers more than just wheelchairs, with an aim to be “your one stop shop for all your medical supplies needs”, including adult diapers, hospital beds, medical nutrition, wound care supplies and other medical equipment, with decades of industry experience under their belts,

Pharmex will levy a $50 cleaning fee if the wheelchair is not returned in its original clean state.

Yishun Hub

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Yishun Industrial Street 1,

North Spring Bizhub

HOUSE NO. 11 #06-92,

Singapore 768089

Tel: (65) 6841 7494
Fax: (65) 6369 9664
Email: hq1@pharmex.com.sg


Vertex Mobility

Vertex Mobility believes that access to good quality mobility equipment is a right, not a privilege. Aside from being a wheelchair retailer, they offer free wheelchairs to needy Singaporean families.

Vertex offers three regular wheelchairs for rent, but its big differentiators are its options to rent a heavy duty wheelchair that supports users of up to 135kg or motorised wheelchairs which supports users of up to 100kg (although there is a $500 deposit fee).

1765 Geylang Bahru
Singapore 339701
Tel: +65-90283046


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