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Oh Farms Singapore 2023

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Hydroponics farms are all the rage these days, and Oh Chin Huat Hydroponic Farms is one of Singapore’s most successful hydropyonics farm! You can enjoy vegetable like kai lan or Chinese spinach as well as xiao baicai cai on your tour.

There are also other options for $3-7 USD per person including guided tours through herb gardens in addition to plant planting classes where you get hands on experience with herbs; if that doesn’t suit what interests you then how about visiting their Butterfly Lodge which houses butterflies that pollinate crops?

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The hydroponic farm has been around for more than 50 years and it’s about to shut down. It started out as a coconut plantation in Yio Chu Kang, became pig farms during the 1970s when Punggol was developed into an industrial area with lots of factories – but finally transformed into veggies after 1990!

However on June 30th 2020, Oh Farms will be closing its doors because they can no longer afford rent prices nearby which were raised recently.

The farm has not just been a place for work, but also significant family moments such as weddings and Chinese New Year reunions. The business is managed by three of Mr Oh’s grandsons with their nephew on board; they estimate that it will cost at least S$5 million to set up this new location in order maintain its profitability due primarily because Singapore’s land prices have increased significantly over recent years

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In addition there are other factors including high labor costs which makes running an effective dairy farm here challenging nowadays

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