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Best Macaron Singapore 2022

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Best Macaron Singapore

Macarons are one of those things that Singaporeans love. It is not only a sweet delicacy but also a must-have when you are in Singapore. If you’re looking for the Best Macaron Singapore, you have come to the right page!

Macarons are made from almond powder, icing sugar, and egg whites. These ingredients are then mixed together to form a smooth batter, which is then piped into small circles which will be baked at a very high temperature to get its signature crunch. Finally, it is dusted with icing sugar and filled with different flavors.

Macarons are available in many flavors, such as chocolate, pistachio, lemon, strawberry, mango, and many other flavors. However, among all macarons in Singapore, perhaps the most popular and must-have is the green tea macaron. It is made of green tea powder, which gives the macaron that distinct green tea flavor.

But where can you buy the best macarons in Singapore that deserve your attention? Here is a list of the best macarons in Singapore that you can try the next time you have an overwhelming craving for these delightful treats.

Top 5 Macaron in Singapore

Macarons SG

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Macaron SG has the best tasting macarons in Singapore, and it’s not hesitant to make this claim as it proves itself in providing unique macarons. Not only is its product line dedicated to creating inventive macarons that appeal to a local palate, but it also proves that such flavors can be crafted with finesse.

As soon as you go into the shop, you will be drawn to the pretty macaron display; it is ‘yum’ in a box, a gift that is perfect for your loved ones. It is also lovingly hand-made by the team at Macaron SG, and it is the ultimate gift to bring to your loved ones.

Strawberry Chocolate Macarons is their Number one Best Selling Giant Macaron Cake. If you love the combination of chocolate and strawberry, then these cute-looking giant strawberry chocolate macarons are just right for you. The shells of the macarons are made with fresh strawberries, along with their signature chocolate ganache filling. This decadent flavor is just bursting out in every bite, and it’s definitely a great choice to share with a group of your friends.

It’s best to go and try Macaron SG Singapore and make your conclusion. Prices of giant macarons range from $45-$100. They’re definitely not cheap, but if you love macarons, then you will fly for them. It’s a must-try!

Address: 210 Syed Alwi Road, Singapore 207743

Website: www.macarons.sg

Opening Hours: Monday – Friday (10:00am to 5:00pm)

Contact Number: (+65) 98551531 / (+65) 87277883

Jaded Macarons

Jaded Macarons is the best macaron in singapore,
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With a passion for macarons and a passion for customer satisfaction, Jaded Macarons is here to challenge your perception of what a macaron should be. They use fresh ingredients as the canvas for their masterpieces, crafting innovative and intriguing flavors that you won’t find anywhere else.

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Jaded Macarons is a local macaron shop in Singapore that features creative flavors that bring together the best of the East and West. In search of a new and exciting taste, Jaded Macarons has carefully crafted a variety of flavors inspired by Asian desserts, such as Liu Sha Bao, White Rabbit Candy, and Kopi Gao.

For me, the best of their macarons is the Liu Sha Bao which is the most unique of all the famous egg puffs macarons. It consists of a crispy milk shell, a soft and fluffy salted egg yolk lava core, and a not-too-sweet buttercream. No matter what your preference for sweets maybe, this is one you will want to try!

It is also probably the best macarons in Singapore! If you want to buy macarons that taste really awesome, you should go and buy from them! Whether you like the ones with white rabbit buttercream or plain, they’re all really tasty. And they have a good variety of flavors too! See what I mean by visiting their website and placing your order now!

Address: 9 Yio Chu Kang Road, Space @ Kovan, #01-53, Singapore 545523

Website: https://www.jadedmacarons.com/

Opening Hours: Friday to Sunday ( 2:00 pm ~ 6:00 pm)

Annabella Patisserie

Annabella Patisserie is the best macaron singapore,
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AnnaBella is a carefully curated French-Japanese bakery that creates delicate, light-cream Japanese macarons. The founder spent over ten years traveling to the world’s best bakeries and chocolatiers, tasting and researching the best ingredients to create a top-quality product. The founder is passionate about beauty and will always do what it takes to ensure that everything AnnaBella produces is beautiful inside and out.

AnnaBella Patisserie’s macarons are an excellent combination of chewy and crunchy bites — the perfect texture for a delightful treat. And what really sets this bakery apart from other shops is the variety of colors it offers: no matter your favorite color, you’ll definitely find a delicious choice here. Priced at $10 a box, the macarons are very reasonably priced.

The best thing about this bakery is its customized prints on the macarons. They have very attractive designs and color combinations that you wouldn’t expect on a macaron! It’s also nice because it’s different from the other boring designs you see on the same macaron. I personally never like macarons because I find them too sweet. However, trying their customized macarons made me decide that not all macarons are that bad, so I suggest you visit their store and give it a try.

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Address: 20 Bukit Batok Cres, #11-02 Enterprise Centre | ABP Central Kitchen,

Singapore 658080

Website: https://www.abp.sg/

Opening Hours: Monday to Sunday (8:00 am – 6:00 pm )

Contact Number: +65 8823 8808

Nanatang: Bake house and Studio

Nanatang: Bake house and studio is the best macaron in Singapore,
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Nanatang was created as an online bakery, born from the idea that everyone deserves to have the best cake in town. It started by delivering fresh cakes and desserts to customers’ doors. And, it is now a studio and bakehouse that caters to the current macaron trends, bringing you fascinating workshops and Instagram worthy macarons.

Moreover, Nanatang is so much more than a bakeshop — it’s an atelier where you can learn about and experience the craft of French macaron-making. In addition to having an amazing selection of flavored macarons, Nanatang also offers baking classes and fun birthday parties with a personalized touch.

With so many flavors to choose from, you can create the perfect palette of mouth-watering sweet treats with Nanatang. From classic flavors like strawberry shortmac and oreo cheesecake to more exotic tastes such as mango tango and chocolate rocher, you’ll love everything they have to offer.

Furthermore, their macarons are the perfect treat for a friend in need or for spoiling yourself when you want to indulge. With flavors ranging from the traditional French favorites to the exotic, there’s always a sweet to match your mood. Since they’re so small and easy to carry, you can take them anywhere!

Address: 41 Kampong Bahru Rd, Singapore 169358

Website: https://nanatang.com/

Opening Hours:

Monday (11:00 am ~ 5:00 pm)

Thursday to Sunday (10:00 am ~ 6:00 pm)

Contact Number: +65 9199 8928

Milleaville Macarons

Milleaville Macarons is the best macarons in singapore
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Where to get macarons in Singapore,
Where to buy cheap macarons in singapore,
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Milleaville Macarons was created by a group of foodies who wanted to spread their passion for baking to the rest of the world. After spending a year developing a wide variety of flavors and textures, they’ve achieved the perfect combination of taste and texture that makes Milleaville Macarons so distinctive! It’s no longer just another macaron — it’s an exceptional experience that you can’t put into words.

In addition, they offer a variety of flavors of macarons that are only second to its top-quality ingredients. Not only does it offer a collection of flavors like Amatika Chocolate, Nutella, and Thai Tea, it also has some seasonal faves. However, their best quality lies in the fact that they have no preservatives — making them the best sweet tooth treat for any occasion!

They have a variety of choices when it comes to their macarons, and if you want to give your special someone macarons, you can choose their round macarons where you can include simple wishes in characters which are made in fondant and attached to the macarons. What’s good about it is that you can choose different flavors of macarons to give to that special someone.

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Moreover, the unique thing about their macarons is their vegan macarons, which come in a 6 set of pieces, and it is also egg and dairy-free, the best of all in Singapore!

Address: 51 Lor 6 Toa Payoh, #01-84, Singapore 310051

Website: https://www.milleaville.com/

Opening Hours: Monday to Saturday (11:00 am – 7:00 pm )

Closed on Sundays

Contact Number:+65 9050 5780

Choosing the Best Macaron Singapore

The best macaron in Singapore can be found in bakeries, specialty shops, and patisseries. The most popular flavors range from traditional chocolate and rose to the more recent matcha and lavender. If you are looking for the best macaron in Singapore, here are some criteria that you can use to choose which ones best suit your taste.

Crumb of the Cookie

The crumb of the cookie can either be smooth, chewy, or crunchy. The best macaron in Singapore is never too dry or too hard. The texture should be crumbly, with a lot of delicate shards that crumble upon the slightest touch.

The Ingredients

While price is always a factor, the ingredients are also important to consider when choosing the best macaron in Singapore. The most popular ingredients used include chocolate, vanilla, caramel, tea, lychee, violet, and rose. The French traditionally use a buttercream made of egg whites and sugar as the filling, but there are now many variations. The quality and freshness of the ingredients are most important.

Aesthetics of the Macaron

There is more to macaron than just the taste. The appearance of the macaron can be important too; the best macaron in Singapore should have a neat and attractive appearance. There are many macaron makers who take pride in making their macarons attractive, with perfectly smooth surfaces and minimal bulges. These macarons should have glossy and smooth surfaces instead of a dull and patchy appearance.

Age of the Macaron

There is no definitive guide on how long a macaron will be able to stay fresh. A good rule of thumb is to buy the macarons shortly after it is made, especially if you are buying from a reputable baker. While the macarons may look and feel fresh after 3 days, they may not taste as sweet or as good as they should.

Now you know about the criteria, I must say that there are plenty of macarons in Singapore that can satisfy any palate and wallet. Regardless of the kind of macaron you’re looking for, there is a café or bakery out there to fit your taste. Your best bet is to shop around until you find the one that suits you perfectly. One thing’s for sure, though: You will never regret trying the best macarons in Singapore!

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